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  1. I fail to see why it's so hard to not just put the ball in the quadrant and get on with it, all the nonsense about overhanging by the minimum amount. What next? Doing the same with ball on centre spot or pen spot?
  2. Stuart Hooper must be on borrowed time as DoR..?
  3. In terms of attitude, commitment and desire, Antoine is everything that Tyreeq isn't.....
  4. It's like a budget Tardis from Poundland..... ..............and 50p change.
  5. Having just watched the highlights.......absolutely lost for words
  6. Apparently, they can play on the pitch to an empty stadium (Welsh rules) but beam the game to a large screen in the car park (English rules).....
  7. Harry McKirdy - 'who's your barber, boy?'
  8. Oh Geno by Dexy's Midnight Runners on the tannoy at half time, is that still no1 in Wiltshire?
  9. It's like a library......although none of them can read.
  10. Bet he milks the applause if he comes on.....
  11. You've just about covered everything there, @Lanterne Rouge. Like SL said, the counties need to decide if they're developing players and themselves to win the County Championship, or developing players for the England team. I also thought he made an interesting point about the groundstaff, instead of making pitches to suit the respective county teams who play directly on them, making them more representative of pitches they might expect to encounter at test level, which was a point I'd never thought of before, effectively having groundstaff being centrally contracted to the ECB. Like you say LR, very much a long shot. He also made the point that it's nonsense to suggest England came to Australia underprepared, given the amount of test cricket they had already played. More like underprepared when they arrived, with no effective contingency once Australia XI warm up games weren't available due to COVID etc.
  12. I heard him last night and thought he was excellent!
  13. Did he 'pawn' lots of gold?!
  14. The averages would say otherwise, but Smith lost his big 180 hitting and he just missed too many doubles.
  15. Not the night for your doubles to desert you.
  16. FFS! All Smith tomorrow then...!
  17. No-one else been in court recently? No? Just me then....flying the flag for the city of Bristol. Scouse tawt.
  18. Game on again! Gary just plays darts in the right spirit.....break maybe come at the wrong time here?
  19. Isn't that Alan Warriner-Little? More so than Emma Paton?
  20. Rydz threw his worst darts in the 5th leg of the deciding set, cost him.
  21. How long before Wright changes his darts?
  22. Way too easy that for Wade, King threw a literal bag of spanners. Looking forward to Humphries vs Anderson.....
  23. Clayton showing all the class in defeat that Price will never have. Superb game.
  24. Cross has always been a grade A knob.
  25. I think this image tells you all you need to know about what Jimmy Anderson thinks.......
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