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  1. Dire 2nd half from the Lions. No plan, no attack, too many penalties conceded. Fair play SA but my god, the Lions have to do better than that.
  2. Not entirely sure what the game plan is for this 2nd half......
  3. Saved by never taking his eyes off the ball.
  4. Kevin (no) Friend (s).......apart from PL footballers, living in their pockets.....
  5. Just about to post the very same! Given how crucial the explosive power from the hamstrings.....she should've pulled out way before. Question is, would she have pulled out of the 200m if she'd made the 100m final, albeit as a fastest loser?
  6. What with Rassie Erasmus' outburst on video and Siya Kolisi saying that he didn't feel 'respected' by the ref last week.......classic sour grapes from the 1st Test and taking the heat off the SA players.
  7. Hopefully drowning in their own bile....
  8. Swindoin? Blue Nemesis? Is that their latest favourite vaping flavour? Or the colour of their aforementioned Ford Escort, prior to crashing into a lamppost or 3..? Or Irene's favourite pulling perfume?
  9. Good work in midfield there by Adam.
  10. I know he's just scored and been subbed, probably planned, but Nahki never looks happy....?
  11. What the holy mother of **** is that?!??!?! Is there no low they won't stoop to, to embarrass themselves? Belters.
  12. The Denis Smith derby?
  13. Psycho, 'We've got a Polish International'....Smudger
  14. That's properly made me laugh out loud, top man!
  15. Can someone change the hashtag to #MyRoversAreShit...?
  16. Should really still be the badge IMO...
  17. But it's OK, the Met Police have said that they did an excellent job for this game and without their involvement, the game would've been abandoned..... .....that's Cressida Dick's job safe then!
  18. I wouldn't go holding your breath for that one Dave - she's untouchable! If Priti Patel had anything about her, she'd have made it clear from last night that she expected a resignation this morning or face being sacked.
  19. I'd agree about Kane and Sterling, for as good as Sterling was in the previous games, he seemed to save his worst performance for the Final. Never seemed able to trouble the Italian duo of Bonucci and Chiellini, in fairness the midfield never had the ball for long enough to give him any service. And not sure if I heard Gary Lineker right on the BBC coverage after the game last night, but Kane didn't have a single touch in the Italian penalty area during the match - is that right? If so, that's absolutely scandalous.
  20. Sadly, classic England just falling short at the last. It's disappointing beyond belief that racist abuse has been aimed at Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka & Jadon Sancho, but equally sadly, utterly predictable. The sooner the owners of these social media platforms name and shame these individuals the better. And employers should be calling them out once identified and sacking them. Southgate has some questions to answer for his penalty selection, I see Jack Grealish has responded to SSN tweet, saying that he put himself forward as a pen taker. During the last mins of ET, it looked like Sancho and Rashford might not make it onto the pitch, if that had happened, which 2 remaining individuals would've put themselves forward? Henderson and Walker both been in CL finals in recent years, hell even Pickford to take one. With Rashford and Sancho barely on the pitch long enough to get warm, then allowing them to step forward into the pressure cauldron seems like madness, then the unbearable pressure on young Saka's shoulders as he steps forward needing to score - utter folly. We'll never have a better opportunity to win a tournament in many of our lifetimes, and although the majority of his decisions seemed to bear fruit during the tournament, on this occasion Southgate got it badly wrong. (reading now that the Marcus Rashford mural in Manchester has been defaced - not sure I could more sad and embarrassed right now). The strength of character that these young men are going to have to rely on, along with support from family and friends, is beyond my wildest comprehension.
  21. Yep, got my dates wrong there, LB, thanks for the nudge!
  22. Southgate not committing himself to the WC in 2024 when interviewed on ITV...
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