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  1. Firstly I'd start off and say I think Kalas is a good player for us. However, as fans I think we get too bogged down with captains and their roles. For many people, The captain has to be on the pitch shouting at others and organizing. The role of the club captain has changed in my view, I agree you need leaders on the pitch but they don't have to wear the armband. In the modern game the captain is charge of fines and discipline usually outside of match days, Things like tardiness, commitment and general etiquette. I would say that the captain usually has both the managers and players trust. Kalas could be exceptionally good at pulling people up on their punctuality etc. We will never find out. The armband has always been very much a ceremonial gesture, even more so in todays game. He might be the captain but that doesn't stop us having 11 "leaders" on the pitch.
  2. Reported that UEFA are to scrap FFP rules and replace with a system that will allow clubs more freedom over spending. Take it this won’t effect us in the championship? Thoughts?
  3. Perhaps this is a task for @Davefevs has anyone got a break down of the goals he has scored for us. Penalty, header, inside/outside the box, one on one, clear cut chance things like that etc Would be much appreciated.
  4. Might be wrong here and correct me if I am. You base considerable contributions solely on points then?
  5. Football is a team game is it not? Feel it is very unfair to single out and judge a player based on points a team have achieved collectively. Not to quote our old manager SOD here but sometimes it is about performance over results, well when talking about individuals it is. A player can have either a good or bad game but not have an impact on the overall result. I appreciate you have your opinion on the player and I respect that. Having said that I have the right to disagree with you. Which is what I’m going to do. From what I have seen of him, the boy can play. Just needs some direction and proper instruction. I hope NP is the man to get the best out of him.
  6. Easy. In my opinion Walsh and Massengo. Miles ahead of the rest, just need game time and to be used/instructed correctly. Super excited to see these two develop under NP. Palmer is also looking good of late however I argue a fully fighting Walsh has more to his game. For the first time in a while I am excited about our midfield options going into next season. I just hope the coach who will get the best out of it signs a longer contract soon.
  7. With NP coming in, we might actually start to utilise Simpson and Downing a lot more on the training ground in my opinion. Might start seeing some improvements in the quality of training compared to the hours of head tennis games we saw under Holden. I was unsure about the two staying on after Dean went but hopefully they get their chance. I know they got a bit of stick on here (myself included) but they were never bad coaches just used in the wrong way. With improved pitches, facilities and what looks like coaching I am optimistic going forward.
  8. I won’t be judging him on last nights performance to a certain extent. Everyone gets a clean slate so to speak. What I will judge him on however is, throwing himself to the ground holding his face after being lightly pushed from behind. Then rolling around for a little while. Pathetic! Hate to see it from anyone opposite or not. That **** annoys me!
  9. SL who gets its wrong from time to time but in the main keeps the club secure and operational or Some billionaire from somewhere nobody has heard of with the attention span of a 2 year old Easy decision really. He might not be the greatest owner in the world but I'm glad we have him. How many owners would of done that interview? I'd rather the headline "SL addresses fan's concerns" than "SL crashes $150m yacht"
  10. Nice touch not making him do the press. Not sure I could listen to the words "response" and "reaction" again.
  11. @Portland Bill is 100% spot on couldn't agree more. The issue is that the referees are not applying the laws of the game consistently (Aston Villa's Matty Cash a few weeks back) and they are not being pulled up on it by the relevant authorities. That is the real issue imo. VAR was used correctly, laws of the game applied correctly therefore punishment handed out correctly. No complaints from me. An appeal would be an absolute waste of time, we suck it up and move on.
  12. Gmac


    VAR was brought in to eliminate clear and obvious errors by referees and allows them to view contentious incidents. But the trouble is, what constitutes as a clear and obvious error? It's a judgement call. VAR is great for "objective" decisions only. For example the offside rule; the rule is there to stop forwwards from gaining an unfair advantage. VAR, with it's objective view completely ignores this. Objectively speaking, yes a player's toe might be offside and is technically an infringement but there is no advantage to being a toe offside surely?. VAR is great but it cannot replace human judgement which it is currently doing. Well it is the way it's being used at the moment. Context matters in football. You have to look at the situation and add some context to it. You don't get this when VAR views everything objectively. Our handball and resulting red card had nothing to do with the miss use of VAR. It was the correct decision to award the pen. Nothing contentious about that, the issue was in the actual rule book of the game. I can see them bringing in two separate handball rules, Deliberate and accidental handball. Otherwise, as others have said what is stopping teams just aiming to kick the ball at the opposition's hands.
  13. The truth is we play better football with Fam OUT of the team. However, he scores goals and that’s hard not to like. But on last nights viewing he is unlikely to score many more. The lack of effort last night was telling. There was a moment last night were he just walked away from marking one of their players leaving us overrun. That brought a comment from the commentator that made me laugh. Something like “guess he has decided he doesn’t want to mark anymore”
  14. Might get a bit of stick for saying this but Wells hasn't been on it ever since Fam came back into the squad. From memory Wells and Martin started the season okay together. Might have something to do with him being played out on the wing or the two just don't work together? The absence of Pato certainly hasn't help him either. I know Wells is getting ripped a new one tonight but Fam(who is getting a easy ride tonight) certainly isn't showing his value on the pitch since the window closed. But I am sure two ex England coaches and a defensive coach in Holden can sort it out.
  15. Clearly not used to playing with a midfield player like pato making a run into the box. Didn't even look for him. Well that is my excuse anyway.
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