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  1. Like the holy grail. Maybe we’ll never know.
  2. Wasn’t there a mythical photo of Sir Colin Daniel receiving a trophy or bottle of champagne from super scotty Murray years ago? I seem to remember that we weren’t allowed to see at the time it as it might upset the blue few. Surely enough time has now passed?
  3. He’s a very good keeper at this level and to be honest the least of our problems right now. We were repeatedly carved open by Luton which is why Bentley had so much to do. Wouldn’t even be a discussion if we could defend properly.
  4. Very sad to hear this. Match day threads won’t be the same again
  5. Yeah Im also not sure the actual figure is correct but it’s more the trend over time and the percentage relative to the rest of the division I was interested in. It seems a strange direction to take your team assuming it is deliberate especially as LJ previously praised possession focussed teams like Man City.
  6. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/ballbesitz/wettbewerb/GB2 https://www.fctables.com/england/championship/2018_2019/ had to use 2 different sites for the different seasons so that introduces some error but the trend is significant I think. Also it’s not a case of playing differently just in away games, we’re well down the table for possession at home too.
  7. It feels like a massive change this season in our playing style away from possession based football. I checked and the stats bear this out perhaps even more than I was expecting. Is such a huge difference that you’d think it must be a deliberate strategy by LJ? 19/20 possession table so far 18/19 season possession table
  8. Everything about this article screams non-league. Getting all excited about losing in front of less than 3k fans in some backwater. The gas would be much better off back in the Vanarama where they feel like some sort of big fish.
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