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  1. Wtf, so Steve Gray knew better than Ritson's corner?! What a nause.
  2. I can't believe how good Ponce was in that fight. Incredibly skillful, fearless fighter and only 24! Respect to Ritson for taking it, but he was ludicrously far out of his depth.
  3. He could blow UK level fighers away before he couldn't make Lightweight any more. Hyped up remorselessly by Matchroom to tap into the Geordie market, but blatantly not good enough. edit- Wtf is going on here hahaha, never seen a ref chuck the towel back out before, even if only he can stop the fight according to the rules, it's madness. Still trying to process that. Wtf was Steve Gray doing? Trying to think of a ref ever ignoring a towel before? Take nothing away from Ponce though, fantastic, courageous performance.
  4. This is great fun. I've given Ponce every round so far though. Edit, can't see how Ritson wins this, he's being dominated. He's the epitome of the flat track bully at the lower weight who can't translate it to a higher weight when you can't dive at the weight then rehydrate anymore. He's being outboxed and beaten up decisively.
  5. Ooh this is good! Proper telephone box fight. Ponce looks better technically and stronger thus far.
  6. He looks to have become loads worse haha! An absolute sucker for body shots again.
  7. Evening Tom, end of an era eh! Sounds great to have them back in. I enjoyed Babic's mindless walloping earlier too haha.
  8. Hi mate, hope you and your family are well! Hearn says it'll be £1.99 for the summer at least- I can see it going up to £4.99 or £5.99 for the rest of the year. It's great that Sky have picked up Top Rank's international shows too. Let's see about Ritson now then, I don't massively rate him tbh. Evening @B1ackbird
  9. Dubois comes from a pretty uncoventional family, he has 10 siblings all looked after by his multi millionaire father without their mothers. They're all either boxers or musicians and tough from an early age. His sister Caroline, who was the lady you could see, is expected to win an Olympic gold at boxing herself should Tokyo go ahead. Solomon, his youngest brother who also attended has been boxing for years and is said to already have the most natural ability of all of the siblings. So although you may find it distasteful, it certainly isn't if you are aware of the context and I think calling them attending a fight as 'disturbing' is a bit over the top. As you say, each to their own, but you're projecting your own squeamishness really. It's a shame you don't like women boxing too, because there have been some great fights lately. Incidently, there was more chance of Elvis being the ref than of Dubois even being hurt by Dinu, let alone beaten up!
  10. They were all his siblings. No idea why you'd find it disturbing even if it was his partner/ son? Fighters often have their family at fights, especially in the US.
  11. No surprise is it. 16 exclusive UK shows plus the international cards so more than 30 per year. I must say I like DAZN now I'm an old git, with their subscription model you can watch entire cards of major fights as live when you get up on a Sunday rather than schlepping through until 6 then dealing with the kids for the rest of the Sunday after a few hours of sleep. Also no more Adam Smith on comms, so bonus!
  12. See it the same JJT, this would have been an excellent fight v the Linares of 5 years ago, but there's not much left of him now beyong instinctive counterpunching imo, tough as he is. Will catch this in the morning. Did you see John Fury"s interview mate? Not happy is he!
  13. Top 5 pound for poind in the world now imo. A great performance from Josh against a very game Ramirez. Wonderful uppercut to knock him down in the 7th, aided by Bayless's comedic officiating- why on Earth was he tapping Taylor's arm as they worked out of the clinch? It was almost like he then realised that he'd messed up and gave Ramirez ages to recover to even things up- there was an extra 10 seconds of recovery time at least. Naive from Ramirez to get stiffed on the inside like that too- protect yourself at all times Jose! Also, Ben Davison was lucky not to throw that fight away for Taylor in the last few rounds- repeatedly telling your man to stay out of trouble to ensure a points decision against a Mexican in Vegas is really trusting far more than you should in the judges. Top stuff from Taylor though, surely major bouts now await him.
  14. Fair play Eggington, that's the most polished boxing I've ever seen from him. 116-112 for me.
  15. Still trying to work out how we get to watch bloody Eggington v the ghost of Molina on network TV, but not Josh Taylor going for undisputed? Rubbish.
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