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  1. I think what separates the top managers from the rest is the ability to move with the times and have more then just plan a. When plan a works, like it did with Brown at Hull, it works very well but it won't work forever and that's when they get found out. The top managers have the ability to change to plan b or c or even d. Moving with the times requires you now to play possession football and also have a 'sweeper keeper'. This is why there are very few top managers.
  2. I'm going to go for a more recent one, Man City at the Etihad in the Carbao Cup. The atmosphere was amazing all game but when we went 1 nil up just before half time the roof came off. I think this will always stick in my mind because it's not often in my lifetime we've be 1 nil up away against the Champions and also it's not often we reach that stage of a competition.
  3. Fight hard mate, wishing you all the luck.
  4. I also worked there and that's where I met John. We worked on the same shift and we spent many days talking City, him telling me about the home and away trips you went on. Good Times. He will definitely be missed.
  5. Yes Taunton John Jensen
  6. I'm sad to announce the passing of fellow red John Jensen who today lost his battle with cancer, John was 66.
  7. As per the title, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said it this morning in an interview on the BBC. No evidence of vaccination status will be needed to enter large events (football stadiums) or nightclubs. I know there's other threads on this but I thought this was a quite important update.
  8. Going on last nights game we're a long way off that. It's true that women can play football to a decent level but physically they can't compete.
  9. Yes, a few. We had Harriett Pavlou playing for England who's apparently a freestyler (never heard of her before), the commentators were raving about how good she was but in truth she couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo. I did feel sorry for her though because at one point she got absolutely flattened which highlighted why men and women shouldn't be on the same pitch together. Of the women that played she probably had the best game though. The rest were largely anonymous due to being too slow, being outmuscled etc.
  10. I'm sure I read an article this year that either FIFA or the FA were suggesting bringing in 30 minute halves, with a the clock stopping when out of play or time wasting occurs. I don't think it got off the ground though because there were too many complaints.
  11. I agree with everything you've said, but Foden wasn't available for the final, he had a foot injury.
  12. Are trains stopping there both before and after the game? Is it a replacement bus service? I know the trains have been a bit of a mess recently and I've been stranded there before because of a cancelled train. I'm travelling from Taunton btw.
  13. Good news, my ticket showed up today
  14. My post has been today and I still don't have it. Anyone else's not turned up? Problem is my post usually comes quite late and it's unlikely to have come before I have to leave for the game tomorrow.
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