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  1. I think what separates the top managers from the rest is the ability to move with the times and have more then just plan a. When plan a works, like it did with Brown at Hull, it works very well but it won't work forever and that's when they get found out. The top managers have the ability to change to plan b or c or even d. Moving with the times requires you now to play possession football and also have a 'sweeper keeper'. This is why there are very few top managers.
  2. I'm going to go for a more recent one, Man City at the Etihad in the Carbao Cup. The atmosphere was amazing all game but when we went 1 nil up just before half time the roof came off. I think this will always stick in my mind because it's not often in my lifetime we've be 1 nil up away against the Champions and also it's not often we reach that stage of a competition.
  3. Fight hard mate, wishing you all the luck.
  4. I also worked there and that's where I met John. We worked on the same shift and we spent many days talking City, him telling me about the home and away trips you went on. Good Times. He will definitely be missed.
  5. Yes Taunton John Jensen
  6. I'm sad to announce the passing of fellow red John Jensen who today lost his battle with cancer, John was 66.
  7. As per the title, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said it this morning in an interview on the BBC. No evidence of vaccination status will be needed to enter large events (football stadiums) or nightclubs. I know there's other threads on this but I thought this was a quite important update.
  8. Going on last nights game we're a long way off that. It's true that women can play football to a decent level but physically they can't compete.
  9. Yes, a few. We had Harriett Pavlou playing for England who's apparently a freestyler (never heard of her before), the commentators were raving about how good she was but in truth she couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo. I did feel sorry for her though because at one point she got absolutely flattened which highlighted why men and women shouldn't be on the same pitch together. Of the women that played she probably had the best game though. The rest were largely anonymous due to being too slow, being outmuscled etc.
  10. I'm sure I read an article this year that either FIFA or the FA were suggesting bringing in 30 minute halves, with a the clock stopping when out of play or time wasting occurs. I don't think it got off the ground though because there were too many complaints.
  11. I agree with everything you've said, but Foden wasn't available for the final, he had a foot injury.
  12. Are trains stopping there both before and after the game? Is it a replacement bus service? I know the trains have been a bit of a mess recently and I've been stranded there before because of a cancelled train. I'm travelling from Taunton btw.
  13. Good news, my ticket showed up today
  14. My post has been today and I still don't have it. Anyone else's not turned up? Problem is my post usually comes quite late and it's unlikely to have come before I have to leave for the game tomorrow.
  15. I didn't say it wasn't a foul, but he did go down easily with minimal contact. Yes I have played a lot of football and yes I have been in that situation and guess what? I managed to stay on my feet.
  16. The blame shouldn't really lie with Sterling, yes he went down easily but players are encouraged to do that if they feel contact or even anticipate contact. The blame should really lie with the rules and refereeing. If you stay on your feet you don't get those decision, also it's the job of the VAR official to have a look and overturn the decision. Until these issues are dealt with players like Sterling will continue to dive like that. And as plenty of other people have said other nations players do it, so why can't we?
  17. I'm not too concerned by this. I think it's guaranteed we will lose Kalas and we should be able to get a good price for him, plus there are a lot of free agents. Weather the free agents will be of the standard we are looking for is a different matter, but there is always an unknown gem to find. I have every faith in Nigel and his contacts that the right players can be signed.
  18. This might also expose who the agents are who don't really have their players careers as their priority but are more interested in lining their pockets. It's also likely to expose the players with a big ego who won't accept an offer on the table because they see themselves as being better or worth more then what is being offered. Interesting times ahead.
  19. I'm predicting this to be a very interesting window and I expect a lot of deals to be done at the last minute. A lot of teams have released numerous players and will be looking to reduce their wage bills. While on the other hand you have players agents undoubtedly telling their players (and the clubs who are interested in them) that you are worth x amount a week and we won't settle for less. This could cause a very interesting stand off between the two parties and lead to things becoming very last minute, a matter of who blinks first. This could be the perfect time for clubs to stand their ground against greedy agents and will hopefully lead to a decrease in players wages too.
  20. Yes but as previously said football and rugby are different due to the alcohol in the stands. It will be interesting to see if this has any affect.
  21. According to that link the 8-2 between Man United and Arsenal is the only time that score line has ever happened. Wow. I remember watching that live.
  22. It will be interesting to see how today goes (National League Final). Do they have 6,000 tickets each or is it 6,000 total? It will give us a good indication what to expect and also if it is possible to have any away fans.
  23. People saying we want to avoid topping the group but I think that will be the easiest route to the final. Ok our next game will be tougher but from then I think it gets easier. I've plotted both routes based on my predictions; Win the group: round of 16 Portugal, QF Spain, Semi Holland finish 2nd: round of 16 Sweden, QF France, Semi Belgium or Italy. Note I'm not entirely convinced Spain will top the group so Spain and Sweden could be switched around in my prediction. Based on what I've seen so far Portugal don't look as strong as when they won it last time, just the small problem of Ronaldo. Both Spain and Holland look weaker then pervious years too. To answer the OP the problem is Southgate. I heard that Kane has only had 6 touches in the opposition box so far in 2 games, we've only had 3 shots on target in those 2 games too. We seem to be set up to defend rather then trying to attack and win games. No creativity, no passion, no closing down. Possession football will the sole purpose of trying to prevent the opposition from scoring while we try to nick a 1 nil. Boring negative football.
  24. Back when I was at school we played in a inter school tournament. We took two teams, our A team and our B team (made up of the players who never got picked to represent the school in the A team). I was in the B team. Both of our teams were rubbish and finished bottom of their leagues so we had to playoff against each other for the wooden spoon. The B team beat the A team 1 nil, thanks to a perfect cross from myself. I know we don't see professional matches between teams in this country, but they do it in other countries like Spain. I remember a few years ago Real Madrid played their B team in the cup final and hammered them.
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