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  1. Oh Joey www.thesun.co.uk/sport/15682876/football-manager-joey-barton-charged-attacking-wife/amp/
  2. Jet looks great in red
  3. The Roni Size pic upset me cuz I like Roni Sizep
  4. Ledley’s gotta stop coughing though
  5. What’s the Celtic line up?
  6. Was he on City’s books as a youngster? what’s his story?
  7. Yeah I thought he’d end up a bit lower, no disrespect n that, but like someone else said Luke Williams knows him so must’ve thought very highly of him
  8. Joins MK Dons https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57826975
  9. I said this to Richard in a Facebook comment, having known him, as a parent our biggest fear is to bury it children before us is real. Very sad day for the Gould’s, rest easy young red, fly high
  10. Try telling that to Walsh last year
  11. Is that last years shorts? disappointed in that tbh
  12. Was saying during the game not many footballers kids are as good or equal as their dads, but Kasper certainly comes close
  13. They’ll find a way they always do
  14. I was thinking back to 1982, we go out of business, they take over Ashton Gate, would our supporters started supporting them? what would’ve become of our ground, would they of made the improvements we have? what league would they be in? anyway who cares, screw rag ass Roverz
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