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  1. Who will be first to declare they’ve always had a soft spot for Newcastle from the days of Shearer and the days of playing the champions league and beating Barca
  2. I read the same thing
  3. The pie who ****** me
  4. The man with the swollen gut
  5. What happened Lee? ****
  6. Did Greggs in Cardiff shit down or something? im aware he might have mental health, as do I, but he took the piss outta me on Instagram so I’m gonna give it back Manually manipulatestain
  7. Anyway Andrew Cole, great player for us
  8. Is that the one the police lady on here said was made up?
  9. Still gets me how the drivers got away with it yet sack the passenger(Keogh) wonder who the other 2 were in the back with him
  10. Here’s a question for us all, do you reckon they will ever be in the same league as us ever again?
  11. Better ground than the sags
  12. Doing better than we thought
  13. I know he’s ex City, but seems to be really doing well at Swindle.. just been called up for Ghana for the first time, massive congratulations to him
  14. No keeper on the bench, who’s in goal?
  15. I read they haven’t signed on for it this year electing to only play friendlies and the Gloucestershire cup
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