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  1. You worked that out all by yourself did you? Well done.
  2. I don't think we'll ever see the best of Sick note
  3. It just feels a lot longer than 16 games, as that was in an empty stadium. I'm trying to think of the last time I was actually in the ground and saw them win.
  4. All players have strengths and weaknesses A player who is quick on the ground may not be good in the air. A player who is good in the air may be slow and cumbersome. A player that has it all ........... wouldn't be playing for us.
  5. He gives us something different but I'd still like to see us sign another striker though
  6. Martin had a chance in the 2nd half similar to the one Wells put away at QPR Only Martin didn't even manage to get a shot away
  7. Rugby. Isn't that the game where winning the league means sweet FA? Just a little tournament in the spring. No thank you.
  8. Since our last decent home performance?
  9. It was our good start last season that ultimately saved us from the drop Think we'll need a good finish this season to avoid it Maybe when he finds his best 11 we'll be more competitive
  10. Without stating the obvious, if we scored more goals, conceding one in injury time would mean absolutely naff all
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