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  1. Thought he could have killed the game in injury time today by using the 2 subs at his disposal. What ever happened to taking off the player furthest player away from the dugout and let them canter off.
  2. Thought Klose was going to take that penalty the way he ran in
  3. City are the only team not to have scored on my Both Teams To Score accumulator I need a consolation goal come on City, this was a nailed on both teams to score.
  4. Tuesday night sweepstake How many kids will be running on the pitch at the final whistle?
  5. If it's not stopped the players will just run off the pitch at the final whistle and we won't be able to applaud them round.
  6. Benefit of the doubt should always go to the attacker
  7. What have we got the greater chance of getting, a clean sheet or a penalty? Both are rarer than rocking horse shite
  8. Just went to buy the game on Robins TV and it's not available Radio and the forum it is then. Come on you little red fellas
  9. I think for Semenyo we could resurrect the old Hey Jonesy song Hey hey Semenyo oh ah I wanna know ooooooooooooooo But obviously change the next line, to something more appropiate.
  10. I've got this game down as both teams to score, so I'll allow LJ a consolation goal.
  11. Just watched Semenyo's goals. Two powerful shots, one with his left, one with his right. Nice to have a striker who can score with both feet Just a header now for the perfect hat-trick
  12. Didn't it used to be a standard yellow card for taking your shirt off celebrating a goal?
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