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  1. We didnt comfortably beat them, come on!!
  2. You clearly havent seen his latest managerial efforts in Germany!!)
  3. Pmsl at this, hilarious. Was funny about 10 years ago.
  4. Absolutely he has to go he is the main problem. We will never progress with this Bellend calling the shots.
  5. Couldnt really give a toss anymore, look out for the results and thats about it tbh.
  6. Couldnt have happened to a better club!!
  7. The fact that you have called him 'Houghton' along with so many people on here shows that you really dont know anything about football.. so please just go away.
  8. If you dont mind me asking, what is the level of Ashtons power at AG? Are you in the know?
  9. Keanes eyes!! He genuinely looked like he wanted to kill someone!!
  10. 20,000 cut outs of Colin Daniel!! Imagine that
  11. If theres one thing that comes out of all this is how is how much i despair at not being able to watch my 2 boys, 7 and 10 years old play the grasroots game. Sorry but the pro game can do one for now!! Start again next season.
  12. Who cares ffs, the season should be scrapped end of. More important things in life atm
  13. I hope the whole season is scrapped tbh. Just start again next year ffs.
  14. Cant disagree with that fella!! massive achievment for Swindon town.
  15. Have you now been converted to LJ out??
  16. Absolutely, Its a good job none of us were in the trenches during ww1!! What a bizarre comment!!
  17. Tbf we are overdue one of his 7 or 8 game losing streaks!
  18. 24022 according to official website.
  19. That smug little face knowing he has a job for life..safest job in British football.
  20. Absolutely, a plastic club who have been bankrolled by multi billionaires. I shed no tears for them at all. Fxck them.
  21. Just heard they are launching legal action against Wycombe over the referees performance today.
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