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  1. Can’t make it tonight, but why has Austin gone so overboard there? Nobody really giving him any serious stick?
  2. Ah I forgot we dominated that game from start to finish. My apologies.
  3. We get outplayed every game though. Can’t keep saying ‘on to the next one’.
  4. You’ve missed my sarcasm. He wouldn’t put in a shift for this team. He’d be in the same camp as Bakinson.
  5. Very cosy. ‘Average player come in and earn £25k a week, do **** all and then leave after 3 years. We wish you very success in the future and thank you for your time draining money from the club’.
  6. Bristol city are a ******* disgrace. If anyone thinks we are mid table and not in a relegation battle, they are sadly mistaken. Absolute pitiful display. Nothing about what I’ve seen today makes me think we have the quality or ideas to do anything with this crop of players.
  7. McGoldrick is what 34? And he’s absolutely dominated this game.
  8. Not seen such a dreadful Bristol City side for some time. Dominated in every game.
  9. We got lucky on Wednesday against stoke. Who could and should have scored 3 or 4 in the first half. Sheffield united could have scored 3 or 4 in this first half as well. We cannot keep letting them in behind. We don’t seem to have any game plan, any organisation and just hoping we scrape a half chance from somewhere.
  10. 3 yellow cards for kicking the ball away. What a mess. It happens 50 times a game and yet this ref pulls everything up.
  11. The ref has blown everything up. No physicality in the game because the ref won’t allow it. That suits Bakinson as he bottles every tackle.
  12. Optimistic for this one, so I’ll go: City 0-2 Blackburn HT City 0-2 Blackburn FT Improvement all round.
  13. I look at those fixtures and it concerns me. You could put 6 league 2 sides up there and I would be concerned. This team are so battered confidence wise, I don’t think they have it in them to dismantle anyone. I would love us to win a few and draw a few, but where do those wins come from? We haven’t got the correct tactics to win games. We look so fragile as a club at the moment. The Barnsley game was 5 minutes of quality, and we managed to hang in there against an arguably worse side than us. Not negative, not a defeatist, just realistic.
  14. Genuinely, if Warnock was here, we wouldn’t go down. I don’t know how he does it, but he keeps sides in this league. Not a long term appointment, but are there ever long term appointments these days? 4 or 5 defeats and the pressure is on. Right now we look like a completely broken team. No creativity, no quality, no idea. Warnock would get us back to basics and get us out the dogfight we are most certainly in.
  15. Do we have any other options at all? At best we can change 2 or 3 players. We don’t have the squad depth or quality to make more changes than that per game.
  16. Why? Like he would even be remotely bothered about another implosion.
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