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  1. No, but I use tw_at sometimes too sorry but you walked into that one haha
  2. Also I will take my comment back about strawman, fair enough
  3. nobody can bring success to a club in 40-50 games?! Not sure about that.
  4. Didn’t know that tbh, fair doo’s
  5. But on the other side of the argument let’s say he’s worth 5m and it pushes them to 8m? I see your point though and fair enough, I won’t send my CV over
  6. To make sure we get enough dough if we sell
  7. Totally, it's been dragged out for so long.
  8. Sure, but I think the picture and problem is bigger than that. We're in the champ because of SL which I see as a good and a bad thing, we have potential but never reach it but we're also afloat in the champ.
  9. I don't. Took the job and it would be his fault to not understand what he's in for. Even signed the contract extension so he absolutely knew his work was cut out for him.
  10. I hope we put on a release clause. Reckon he's gonna play in the prem someday. Feels like it's been aaaaages since we've had a right back with high potential.
  11. Yeah sure he was given a short amount of time, it does tell a story. Maybe they didn't buy into his long project plan, but then you have to ask why hire him? And why did NP take the job? The question I'm wondering is if those clubs failed NP or NP failed at those clubs? I think the Derby job can be negated from that list because he left on mutual consent over the drones at training camps. And anyway you're making a strawman argument, so we're special because we're going to give him longer? 8 months already and cant sort out the home form. Maybe we're just the biggest fools out of those clubs. I just want to go the gate again with high hopes of a fun game.
  12. I don’t feel like the owners care what we think as much as we think, DH is an example of that IMO. I agree he is the “biggest” name we could pull out of the hat, but the best for us? Idk anymore. I would say “time will tell” but looking back it’s sorta telling us something. I was completely sold on the NP project but similar to the OP I’m not as confidence as I was!
  13. I suppose they don’t need a really good record, on the rise is enough. If it was just a good record appointment then yes NP was as good as it gets for us.
  14. He couldn’t do that at the past 3 clubs so why are we any special/different ?
  15. I’d would really like to believe this, I’ve hated not liking the managers at our club for a while and want Pearson to kick on well. But idk
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