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  1. Got used as a scapegoat I reckon, if I remember correctly he even wanted to stay
  2. Identify theft is no joke! Nice try though
  3. Wael Al Qadi: “As a club we stand firmly against any form of violence. Any individual that is found guilty of any such offences will be dismissed immediately... However, in line with the basic principles of British law, it is my view that you are innocent until proven guilty” Stand against any form violence? Is that why you hired a manager who assasults other managers?
  4. I’m the opposite I’m seriously worried we’ll continue the form that we had the 2nd half of last season. It was truly awful. I’m hoping NP has worked his magic and the new additions turn things around. I hope we don’t put too much weight onto the younger players that seem to be making a breakthrough, we have some great talent coming through the ranks! I feel like a mid table finish would be good, imo that would show very good progression
  5. I genuinely believe if we didn't have a GK as good as Bentley last season we would've gone down. I recall a couple of last minute saves to keep 3 points in the first half of the season.
  6. I want to like KP, we've all seen the flashes of talent that he has that will excuse the next 2-3 games of doing absolutely zero. I don't totally buy into it not being down to effort, during his loan spell where the possiblity of joining and getting a contract was at stake he definitely played better from what I saw. If NP cannot motivate him this season I wouldn't be too fussed if KP was sold. But if NP can motivate him and put his mindset in the right place to get those consistent performances, then boy what a player we have on our hands...
  7. My expectations this season are very low, if we simply just stay up, it’s been a good season. We absolutely cannot carry on with anything similar to the form we were playing the 2nd half of last season…
  8. Nice Razer keyboard, I have the same, comfy wrist padding
  9. Fair enough, I'm hoping NP can work on COD. I've never been a huge fan really
  10. I'd prefer to see Weimann on the wings than O'Dowda
  11. I really don't understand them running out of gas so easily to be honest, it was very sudden, it was like they celebrated after their goal so hard it knackered them out haha
  12. Rewatched the highlights on my lunchbreak and I totally forgot how many chances we actually had, we were all over them and looking back at the "England robbed Denmark" comments are just pure bullshite. Our midfield really does kill the game and tones it down, something I'm not sure how the Italians will handle. Germany tried similar fast paced football Vs us and look how that turned out...
  13. I agree with you now. It was definitely a soft penalty, it could've been given either way but at the end of the day it has the foundations for a penalty. There's certainly some camera angles which appear "Contactless"
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