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  1. I wish we kept JP but instead we're stuck with O'Dowda ffs JP is far more an exciting player.
  2. Still not a fan of the badge in the middle, hope that goes next year
  3. At best I can see him going to a desperate lower champ team sometime around Jan or after. If not then L1! I remember when he signed perm and I thought he was one of the last pieces of the jigsaw
  4. I always found there was a group of people ready to die on a hill defending him on here for some reason. I think they've bought into what managers have said in how good he is in training or whatever. His 17/18 season was the only one I can remember feeling positive about him being on the teamsheet, not far off from being 5 years ago... Anyway, watch him score now..
  5. Maybe Bakinson off for Wells? We're getting the ball in the area loads just nothing much is really coming from it.
  6. Not much quality from either team so far tbh, a few poor passes. I think this game may end 0-1 to somone or 0-0. I think KP should come on when the times right, probably for Bakinson.
  7. I agree, plenty of the goals we’ve conceded have looked easy and not very hard worked. Wouldn’t surprise me if we’ve had our post saved us more times than any other team this season so far.
  8. Hard to play that counter attacking game now when you're 0-1 down at home..
  9. I think if he didnt get the ball he would've been. He's got lucky twice
  10. Brilliant first half. Could've done better in some crucial postions but we've created a fair bit which is great. Chalobah is lucky as he should've had a second yellow. If we keep playing like that I think we'll win.
  11. That looks like the best form we've had in a long long time
  12. I swear I've seen they did that at one point and have now stopped
  13. Bath? Edit: i just googled the answer, would've never guessed tbh
  14. Love that it was Wells, they must hate that haha
  15. Massengo has so much burst pace now compared to other seasons. Seriously quick for a midfielder
  16. Yeah I think after the turn he didn't even think about shooting, likely Martin was shouting to pass it. Fair play to him.
  17. I think we can hold onto him through till the summer, get a very decent fee that should keep us afloat.
  18. Deserved. We have been all over them this half
  19. Normally requires far up attacking wingbacks though doesn't it, Dasilva could do it but who could be on the right?
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