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  1. I always went for the physical ticket option - sadly less and less nowadays!!
  2. That last sentence is so right!!! Bit off topic but I loved physical gig tickets as mementos!! I so lament the loss of Bristol Ticket Shop - it's all bland barcodes email rubbish now!!
  3. This brought a massive nostalgia based grin from me! It wasn't so great when you went back after lunch and the damn thing had crashed though!!
  4. Joey Jordison, Slipknot founder and drummer. Only 46!! Sheesh!!
  5. Really looking forward to WBA at home on the 19th March in the Emirates Cup quarter final - fantastic chance to make the semis of a major cup again......and who knows, the FINAL!!!!!
  6. Drew England in the office Euro sweepstake today........Sorry everyone!!!
  7. I know exactly where you're coming from as after a chat about World Cups with a friend and me talking about having this book at the time he tracked down a copy and got it for my 50th so I don't want to sell. However, I believe it was from EBay so worth a look there.
  8. Lincoln for me purely because the last time I earnestly played a football manager game (Football Manager 2016) I took Lincoln from the Conference to the Prem and ended up winning loads of trophies with them!
  9. HPC - High Percolation Centre? Good to know we are at the forefront of developing the next generation of tea ladies, baristas and the like!
  10. Thanks for the reply Dolman. You're right in why the clubs are doing what they are doing, to get that income and you're probably right that the slimy 12 would become a new corrupt power. I think in my clunky way I was wondering if there is so much opposition to this purely due to the manner it has been done rather than a European League per se, and, if a "fair" European League was set up would the impact this might have on domestic football particularly on clubs beneath the top leagues be looked at or would it just plough on regardless? Hmm, not sure I've really explained myself but there we go!
  11. Ha Ha, don't get me started on the "Champions" League!!!! Clue is in the name for me! I just wondered if the ESL would seem to be more palatable if promotion/relegation was possible as the 2 big issues against it are seemingly closed shop and greed (greed in football, who knew!)
  12. Completely agree and the FA and Prem League aren't entirely bastions of integrity in all this either - it's like being kicked in the nads by one guy and twice by another and first guy expecting you to be grateful! Um, I'd rather not be kicked in the nads at all thank you very much! Would love this to happen!
  13. I wonder what the reaction would've have been like had the ESL actually had a feasible promotion/relegation system? Would there have been such an outcry - after all it would still be the rich getting richer for the most part.
  14. It's a crazy idea of course but I have to confess to finding all the indignation from certain quarters a bit funny! The likes of the Prem League, Fifa, UEFA setting themselves up as paragons of virtue and protecting the true value of football. Football whored itself out years ago and has continued to do so especially at the top end: CL place for finishing 4th, bloated competitions, cups devalued, parachute payments, corruption...I reckon Fifa and UEFA are only p****d as they've been beaten to it!
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