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  1. The damage a late defeat will do here….. doesn’t bear thinking about.
  2. Where’s Jimmy Hill when you need him?
  3. Absolutely dreading this second half now. 1-0 up vs ten men.. We should see this out but this is Bristol City.
  4. I really wish we weren’t playing. I know it’s going to ruin my Saturday and I hate that I care so much.
  5. A third of the season gone and we have 19 points from 16 games, 10 points off relegation and having beaten the teams below us that we’ve played. Over the course of the season, that would see us with 57 points. Given how poor the bottom few teams are, something like 48 will probably keep us up. A relegation battle is surely on the cards, but it appears unlikely that we actually will succumb to the drop. A bit of bed wetting going on?
  6. This football club is out of it’s depth at this level. This is our seventh championship season and we’ve been utter crap for all but one and a half seasons.
  7. Shades of about 10 years ago with the post GJ decline eventually leading to relegation.
  8. We haven’t played well for about three years.
  9. 1000 up there midweek is reasonable considering many can’t afford two away days in a week and Coventry is going to be a bumper following.
  10. Around 15 years ago, I posted a thread before a game with Brighton urging our fans to refrain from homophobic chanting towards their fans and players. From my memory, the majority of the responses were hostile, calling me a snowflake and that it was just “banter”… One or two people even said that homosexuals deserved to be the target of abuse. It’s amazing how we’ve progressed in such a short space of time and that unanimously on this thread, people would have no issues with a gay player at the City and encourage them to speak out and feel comfortable.
  11. Be that as it may, when the term “holocaust” is mentioned, the genocide of the Jewish people is the first thing that comes to the mind of the vast majority of us surely? And he should know that. Nevertheless, I’d put this down to being a senseless and ill informed remark rather than him trying to be out right offensive. An apology should suffice, then we should draw a line under it. I think Wendy has really let herself down here though. Usually a very well mannered and pleasant poster, but that was a nightmare..
  12. What an utterly miserable week it’s been… chucked away a victory to lose in the dying seconds on Tuesday, now a comprehensive stuffing today. Just a typical week in the life of this complete turd of a football club.
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