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  1. It’s daft to think that there’s some kind of conspiracy against BCFC and NP and that referees are deliberately trying to not give us penalties. Why us? And why Pearson? There are far more controversial clubs/managers out there. It sounds like something Joey Barton or one of the blue few would come up with. “The refereeing association are all teds funded by pantsdown to stop the ascent of the mighty gas” or some nonsense. I agree that it’s simply down to us having very little attacking threat in the last few years. At the back end of 2020-21, we went several games without even mustering an attempt on goal. So naturally we weren’t going to get awarded any penalties. We’re slowly improving so hopefully they will come.
  2. Perhaps they could reduce their ground capacity down to 350. Then they could truly claim that there are thousands locked out and that their away support is even better than their home support!
  3. That was a more complete and controlled performance than anything we’ve seen in the last two years. The fact that the sending off didn’t phase us was massive. Definitely a reason to be optimistic of better times ahead.
  4. Wow… this is Bristol City we’re talking about right?
  5. Crap decision but it’s up to us how we react. No excuses if we throw this game away from here.
  6. As soon as they play a decent side, they are shown up for the shite they are.
  7. Is it just me that’s thinking “please don’t mess it up!” rather than “what a great first half?” I guess it’s what we’ve become accustomed to.
  8. I really really hate it on match threads when we concede and there are about 30 messages consisting only of “balls” “ffs” and “bollox” There’s no need for it, we all know what’s happened and it clogs up the thread, making it more difficult to read the actual discussion. Score updates from other games also annoy me, unless it’s one that’s particularly relevant and accompanied by an actual discussion.
  9. This is going to be another season where conceding last minute goals and throwing away leads will be the norm. We should celebrate our first point of the season, and be grateful that we held on till the end. If people want to see regular wins then Bristol City aren’t the team to support. That’s not what we do.
  10. Accept where we are and who we are. Our first point on the board is a positive.
  11. Not conceding in the last minute is a big boost in terms of confidence. Small victories but we need to cling to something. Hopefully a win soon! Yes !
  12. No idea what game those Sunderland fans were watching.. perhaps they were trying to be diplomatic? We are so so weak mentally. We got our noses deservedly in front then immediately imploded by giving away a soft goal. As soon as they scored their second, it was pretty much guaranteed that we’d go on to lose the game wasn’t it? Predictable, sloppy, poor, pedestrian, lacklustre, weak, lacking in leadership… all words that have described this team over the last 2 seasons and early signs are that it’s going to be the same story, with lots of late goals conceded and leads thrown away. Let’s hope there are three teams worse than us.
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