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  1. Athough there have been worse squads ability wise, in terms of fitness, application and desire, this is the worst Bristol City team I've ever seen. I've never known a season where we've been so consistantly appauling in our performances and I can literally count on one hand, the number of times I haven't shut down the stream thinking "what a load of rubbish". We deserve to be relegated, but we aren't going to be thanks to those very iffy early season away wins, two other teams promoted on PPG last year that were never going to be good enough for this league, and Sheff Wed with their points deduction. MASSIVE overhaul required in the summer. We need new strikers, a new captain, new fitness staff, a new recruitment director and a whole new philosophy. Things are rotten to the core.
  2. Seven accurate passes in twelve minutes of football... jesus wept.
  3. Of course I am very happy with this appointment. But it's the until the end of the season part that bothers me. Knowing Ashton, he's probably planning some other hipster bullshit for next season, like appointing the catering manager (who's vision for the club and relationship with the players impresses him) with a team of wizards to work under him as coaches... or something. Hopefully Pearson rallies us and he's allowed to build a team over the summer.
  4. Wouldn't wish bankrupcy on them, but I'll never forget their complete lack of class at that game in 2014. There's a picture somewhere of Harry Toffolo punching the air with delight as Wade Elliott is shown a red card... then their lap of honour at the end of the game. Idiots.
  5. Wow, I remember that name. Can't believe that so many years later, he's still there spouting the same garbage. Very happy to hear that he's salty.
  6. Suffering from chronic insomnia after an arm break here in Shanghai. So glad this is on, Holden's crap football should help me doze off in no time! COYR
  7. We are having exactly the same discussions and arguments as we were under LJ. Let's face it, nothing has changed. The football is bland at best, almost unwatchable at worst. Home form is still a major problem. Results are streaky Injury list is much higher than what can reasonably be expected. We can go two or three games in a row of barely creating a shot on target. Games we do win are often fortunate and/or the result of one moment of class. These are all reasons why we needed to move on from LJ and have a fresh approach.Instead, we appointed a man who was a big part of the problem, and sure enough, it's still the same old story.
  8. Yep. I think that may have been the game that got Joe Jordan the boot?
  9. The bending the knee gesture sends out a very powerful message but takes all of 10 seconds in a 90 minute game of football. Why on earth somebody would have a problem with that is beyond me. It doesn't "bring politics into sport" either, racial equality is not about politics. Too many people seem to be looking for reasons to be offended by progressive movements. Maybe they need to ask themselves why?
  10. In hospital recovering from surgery. Could really have done with a nice performance and result to brighten up my day but just like almost every home perfomance for 2 and a half years, it's been utter dross. **** LJ, Holden and this perpetual garbage.
  11. Winning ugly and grinding out results with half the squad injured was a common theme under LJ too. The team picked itself and we wereable to get some consistency going. Then when those players returned from injury, he ovethought things, the tombola began and we fell to bits. Hopefully DH has a little more about him!
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