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  1. He manages to repeat himself 3 times in every sentence he says.
  2. Andy Davies, next Tues, Gavin ward this Saturday @Davefevsis gonna be having kittens!
  3. I'm sure Pearson has got some kind of vendetta against him. His reactions are mental when HNM makes a error compared to others.
  4. Ref was just looking the other way running up the pitch. Sums him up
  5. Happened a few years ago too when we played them twice in a week after playing them in the league cup
  6. Like going to a brothel, and asking for a hug
  7. No, a different one. This one get smashed by George Santos in the battle of Bramall Lane
  8. I thought the same, but wouldn't like to see Baker up against Johnson, who is lightning
  9. Qpr had a shittu and a doudou in the same team
  10. For those who haven't watched the first video, there should be a sweepstake at the amount of times the guy videoing says 'shit'. And those last 30 seconds are amazing.
  11. Absolutely changed the game, showed the aggression and directness I remember from his Wigan days. Might need to work on his scoop pass though. The one he tried came down with snow in it.
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