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  1. Nope, I'm still waiting on the rest of mine!
  2. After taking the refund option on my season ticket, was I supposed to watch every game after lockdown for free on Robins TV?
  3. Bet you never shook his hand as a 10 year old at the tropicana on weston seafront. First time I was proper star-struck! Left for Turkey soon after!
  4. Loving the guy in the blue coat milking the applause
  5. Did notice that when pato scored the second goal, we had 6 players, including Paterson, inside the 18 yard box. Can't recall that happening to many times recently, except on attacking set pieces.
  6. Sure he scored against Blackburn with a header?
  7. Don't have to waste any money..... Your time though is a different matter
  8. Although having just seen garners, think that one was harsh. Makes up for all the times he should have gone
  9. Who ironically, also got sent off today. Should happen more often, he really is a horrible git
  10. We'll have to wait for it to be next season thats saved in this case
  11. Too much flair to start him. But if he did, and got booked, he'd sub him at half time
  12. I managed to get the test on tonight after paying me tenner - and was pretty simple to do to
  13. I'm guessing you can use the credit against purchasing a 21/22 season ticket?
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