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  1. There were probably more mooching around Wimbledon than at wembley
  2. https://m.facebook.com/LiamShepherdSportMemorabiliaAuction/photos/a.103632371928029/104992208458712/?type=3&source=48 Please bid away! My partners son, Liam, unexpectedly passed away in his sleep in March, aged just 11. The guys from WSM FC have organised a charity auction, receiving signed memorabilia from clubs around the country. The money will go towards the Liam shepherd foundation. I know we don't hold last seasons players in the highest regard, but the guys have done a great job at organising this, going towards keeping Liams memory alive. Please look at the group for other items currently up for auction. Thank you
  3. More entertainment in that than our entire season
  4. Makes a difference when you got a manager who believes in you and not subbed at half time every other game
  5. Yep, and Thomas Frank chews his gum like a pig.
  6. The same bunch of celebrities are also playing at weston FC on July 4th, a match dedicated to the memory of my partners son, Liam Shepherd, who sadly passed away, unexpectedly in his sleep aged 11, in March
  7. Had a similar experience with Richie Richardson and same as you with curtley too, though I did manage to get Courtney Walsh, and duress from him and that he was saying to get out of his way! The South Africans too were great, most of them getting everyone to form a queue for each autograph, with Shaun Pollock being the instigator of it.
  8. I did 2 weeks of work experience in the community department at city back in the 90s,when Dave Bell was running it. Part of the experience was going out to schools and doing coaching sessions. Was given the training kit of the time when we went to these schools, so as not disappoint the kids, who think they were being coached by someone at Bristol City, not some work experience kid. They all obviously fell for it, had to sign hundreds of autographs over that fortnight. Kids shirts, team photos, the lot! When asked who I was in the team photo, I pretended I was Darren Barnard, as I had middle parting curtains too!
  9. Looks like it's his first game in the championship he's reffed. Definitely trying to get noticed
  10. Sat in the dolman with me old man. I'm those days, he always wanted to walk down to the front of the dolman (that little standing area that was there) with 5 minutes to go. The original dolman shuffle. Was an 11 year old short arse at the time. That area at front of dolman was rammed. Me or me old man couldn't see a thing for those last 5 mins, except the goal city were defending. Thanks dad! When the place erupted for city's goal, dad asked the woman next to him who scored. The reply was "CITY!!" Guessed that answered that question!
  11. We've had some god awful right backs over the years. Brian Mitchell, Marvin harriott, Ricky Foster, Gerard lavin, plus the famous Nicky Hunt. I'm sure there's many more. Good job we've had some bloomin good left backs to balance it out.
  12. Remember Jamie Mac scoring direct from a corner v Sheff Utd. But more memorable that day was meeting Charlotte Jackson (now Coleman)
  13. Was wearing the jacki t-shirt in Germany during the 2006 World Cup. Couple of polish guys came up and wanted to buy it off me. Was priceless at the time. Probably won't fit on one arm nowadays!
  14. You'll be missing out on the rene gilmartin propaganda machine!
  15. It is one of the things i cant get my head around, the fact that we offer next to nothing attcking wise all game, yet remain so open at the back and concede a number of chances each game. Its got to be one or the other. A recipe for disaster
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