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  1. In my experience people who say “bet you’re fun at parties” aren’t particularly engaging company at social occasions.
  2. Without wishing to piss on any chips, that’s not really “confirmed” is it!
  3. Point is, Salford are still in the pyramid. They’ve worked they way up. They have to earn the right to play in a higher division. And every team’s success and position in the pyramid is largely dependent on their financial means - where would we be without Lansdown’s investment? A super league with teams entering without earning it and immune from relegation, is a very different prospect. I don’t see any hypocrisy in Neville’s position.
  4. Absolutely superb from Neville. Can’t see how anyone who genuinely loves the game can disagree with a word of what he says. He’d make a great FIFA or UEFA president.
  5. So you’d already made your mind up how this was going to play out. Delighted to see you’ve already been proven wrong on the Ashton front. Now let’s hope you’re also wrong about Pearson.
  6. There goes Nigel Pearson. I must remember to thank him.
  7. The psychology of situations like this fascinates me. It always amazes me how the same players, with the same physical ability, preparing in the same way, can produce such an enormous swing in performance level on basically nothing more than the knowledge that they have a new boss.
  8. First time I’ve regretted not spending the tenner.
  9. I’m glad they specified the intention to reassess in the summer with a view to a more long term contract. They wouldn’t have said that if Pearson wasn’t interested beyond this season.
  10. I still get great entertainment from re-reading some of the truly awful predictions on the first page of this thread.
  11. Might it not be the other way around - maybe the club don’t want to be tied to an expensive manager in the event of relegation? With continuing Covid uncertainty, I could understand that from a financial perspective. Pearson could just resign at the end of the season if he didn’t fancy L1.
  12. Imagine it. Two absolute nutters in charge of the Bristol clubs. Tremendous stuff.
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