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  1. So you give us zero credit for seeing the game out relatively comfortably and maintaining a clean sheet despite playing 25 minutes a man down? Weird opinion, and a weird thing to focus on after one of the most spirited performances and enjoyable games in a very long time.
  2. I’m 39 and I can remember that happening about twice in my lifetime.
  3. Greetings from the poolside in Porec, Croatia. Lovely here but gutted to be missing this one!
  4. No one said anything about crime. Those are your words. Your inability to find joy in great collective moments of national sporting achievement doesn’t make you a criminal. It just makes you seem a bit boring. But don’t worry, they won’t put you in prison for that.
  5. Well aren’t you just an absolute delight. You’ve really captured the mood. Bore off and let the rest of us just enjoy a rare moment of international success for our national sport.
  6. I wonder if these people obsessed with comparisons would be here on the day we won the play off final pointing out that the standard is nowhere near as good as the Champions League?!
  7. I really don’t think tonight is the night for this. Can we not just enjoy a wonderful occasion and a fantastic achievement without this constant need to compare it with the men’s game? Today is a day to celebrate victory for a team that represents our country. End of.
  8. What an absolutely bloody brilliant evening!
  9. So looking forward to this today!
  10. Do you think Germany are favourites? Not sure about that. Bookies slightly favour England. I quite fancy us, but I am worried because it’s Germany and they’re just so German. I can see them shutting us down.
  11. This is doing so much for the women’s game. Last two Lionesses matches have been fantastic entertainment. Absolute breath of fresh air.
  12. Struck by the pace of the game. First 20 especially was breathless end to end stuff. So open! It’s very entertaining.
  13. Anyone who isn’t watching this purely because it’s a women’s game is an idiot. Terrific game.
  14. It works both ways though. We’ve been given reduced allocations on many occasions when we could have sold more tickets. Much better for football fans overall to have more bums on seats when they’re available, across the game, rather than tit-for-tat allocations that stop people watching the football they want to watch. I also think a big away allocation brings out the best in our own fans and makes for a much greater sense of occasion.
  15. Have a night off. Plenty of us are able to enjoy the women’s game without this bizarre need to drag it down all the time. And, yes, when that winner hit the back of the net I really cared, and so did my son who was enjoying the game by my side.
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