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  1. Fair point - I meant the top tier events. That was a WTA 125 (second tier) event.
  2. Love how you felt the need to clarify that Boris Johnson hasn’t won Wimbledon!
  3. Raducanu’s achievement definitely has the edge. She hasn’t even played a WTA tour match yet!
  4. Exactly this. She was 338 before Wimbledon began and also sat her A-levels this year - and got two As! Not only that, she absolutely smashed the tournament without losing a set. It’s just astonishing.
  5. Leicester winning the PL springs to mind of course, but I think this is greater still. Certainly in an individual sport, I can’t think of anything that comes close.
  6. Morgan blocked me for this tweet:-
  7. It’s also incredibly un-British!
  8. Is this the greatest underdog victory in the history of sport? I genuinely can’t think of anything better but I’m open to suggestions! Just remarkable
  9. City gave me and my boy some spare Dominos pizzas after a game at Stoke a couple of years back, after we’d had a nice little chat with LJ. Nice touch and it made my son’s day.
  10. It’s for charity and as an event clearly aimed primarily at families and kids. My 10 year old is enjoying it and it has a nice light-hearted vibe, so I think it succeeds in what it tries to be. If your interest is primarily as a football event, you’re always going to be disappointed.
  11. Flint was good for us, but I always suspected that his likeability and cult status after the “no no no” interview probably elevated his reputation here beyond his actually ability.
  12. I think the Wolves game in December 2017 was probably the defining game of our current time in the Championship, a pivotal game from which we’ve never truly recovered since. At some point there will be a game where we start to pivot back in the right direction, but we might not know it for sure at the time. Hopefully this was it.
  13. My view is that we are at the beginning of a very promising new era, finally with a manager with proven success at the higher end of the English game, and we are now starting to see some very promising signs after an almost inevitably difficult start. This is far from Pearson’s team at this point, but we should start to see some of the positive impacts of his coaching coming through, and I think that’s what we’re seeing now. Managers need time, especially managers that inherit a disjointed and bang-average squad in a notoriously competitive division with very fine lines between success and failure. We can probably expect to lose a few more than we win this season, but I’m willing to be patient and give a good manager time to build something special. There are countless examples of managers who struggled at first but went on to achieve great success - from our own Gary Johnson all the way to Sir Alex Ferguson. Only teams with huge cash advantages tend to get away with succeeding while constantly chopping and changing their manager. Anyone incapable of taking a long term view on our position as a club right now probably isn’t worth listening to. And as we enter a 7th successive season in the second tier, those same people probably need reminding that things have been an awful lot worse. This is a time for optimism, but also realism and patience.
  14. Good performances will reap rewards over a 46 game campaign but won’t always prevent unlucky defeats. A far preferable situation to our status quo for too long: poor performances being propped up with lucky wins. Last few games certainly give cause for optimism.
  15. Do you live in Austria? Is it a Championship snobbery thing? Do they look for players in the top divisions?
  16. Surprised he only has 14 caps for Austria. They’re really average!
  17. Would love it if we can close this out for the win and a few on here might settle down a bit. I don’t actually think we’re as bad as all that.
  18. “Should I dig myself out of this hole by making the hole deeper and harder to get out of?” No.
  19. Interesting one this. All about context and perspective. Personally I think it’s acceptable shorthand within the context of a thread that’s very clearly about Spurs v Man City. And like it or not, in the wider football world they’ve achieved a hell of a lot more than us to earn the right to the “City” shorthand - in the same way that football fans talk about “United”, we understand they don’t usually mean Dundee or Rotherham. Similarly for us when we talk about “Rovers” we know that doesn’t mean Blackburn, because of our local perspective.
  20. Mate have you been to Blackpool?! They made it to the Premier League a few years ago. If they can attract players good enough to that shithole, then that really isn’t an excuse in a city like Bristol.
  21. I took a 15 month break from the forum during the pandemic. Reading bollocks like this I’m tempted to take another 15 months off.
  22. Remarkable really. Burger vans take cards these days but a former Premier League club with a modern stadium can’t manage it. Mental!
  23. Cash only! Who does that in 2021?!
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