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  1. Could easily surpass 20 this season. That’s a proper striker’s total.
  2. That’s different. But you can’t look at the table and describe the game as a “must win” when we’re 11 points clear of relegation, with 8 teams below us, with 20 games and 60 points still to play for.
  3. Flint is both overrated and past his best. A cult hero for us, yes, but because of this his reputation was elevated beyond his ability.
  4. Sorry but this is absolutely nowhere near a “must win”. Overused phrase.
  5. Been wondering about this. Lot of chat last week about Fulham’s parachute payments and the unfair advantage it gives them (which I agree with), but it hasn’t helped Cardiff.
  6. We had one of those. It didn’t work out particularly well in the end and the consensus was we needed an experienced manager with a proven record in the second tier. Now we have one of those and we want a young coach again! Plenty of signs recently that we are gradually turning the corner. Today is a bit of an outlier given the quality of the opposition, but performances have been improving. Dispensing with the manager now - a hugely expensive exercise at a time when the last thing the club can afford is another pay-off - would be madness. Whoever is in charge, we are simply not in a position to throw money at it and surge up the league. We have to recognise the improvement is going to be slow in the current climate.
  7. Very late to this conversation so apologies if I’m going over old ground. But I’m really surprised to hear that the situation could get anywhere near a points deduction. My impression since our last relegation in 2013 is that Lansdown and the club has generally tried to operate within its means, to at least some extent. That’s not to say profitable, of course. We haven’t spent extravagantly in the transfer market and have generally taken a pragmatic approach to player sales - losing players we would rather have kept from a footballing point of view, but made financial sense to sell. Many criticisms have been thrown at Lansdown, but financial recklessness isn’t normally one of them. Obviously Covid has had a massive impact on our finances and, while acknowledging generally that football outside the Prem lives on the edge financially, I’m not sure many clubs could reasonably be expected to financially plan to cope with such an unprecedented event. So is it Covid that’s predominantly to blame for our woes - and if so, should clubs be given some leniency with regard to FFP in light of the pandemic? Hesitate to post this as I’m acutely aware it might be rather naive, but I simply don’t have the in-depth knowledge or understanding of our financial operations that others do. But I just don’t perceive us as financially reckless in the same way as other clubs, so I don’t quite understand how we’ve ended up here.
  8. Was watching Max closely in the warm up before Millwall. His volleyed kicks into the hands of the coach, over a long range, were phenomenally accurate.
  9. The problem for Holden was that he didn’t have the reputation, experience or track record - and was far too closely associated with the ultimate failure of the Johnson reign - to ever warrant being given the same amount of time Pearson does.
  10. I hope we look back on this time as a lesson in patience, and the need to give a proven manager the time he requires to gradually turn things around. We have a very long way to go, but the green shoots of recovery and now very much evident.
  11. I was 10 and I can very vividly remember Allison’s header.
  12. Surely we didn’t?! The first game wasn’t completed so we didn’t get what we paid for. I would assume tickets were just reissued for the rearranged game. Don’t know mind - I was only 10 and went with my grandad because my dad was at work!
  13. You’re right, it was only a tenner in the SS! https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/shrewsbury-town-fixture-go-on-general-sale/
  14. 9,700 actually and it was against Shrewsbury. So we got a substantially bigger crowd for an even less attractive fixture. Reasonable to suggest if we’d charged a tenner today we could have doubled the crowd and had twice as many people spending money in the concourses. Plus we would have avoided pissing off our own supporters. And had more people cheering on the team, enhancing our chances of winning.
  15. Great shout! Must admit I don’t remember it though. It was 2004. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/league_cup/3656016.stm
  16. When was the last time we had a penalty shoot out at Ashton Gate? I can’t think of one.
  17. Anyone notice the goal graphic played in the corner for that shot.
  18. It’s just starting to come in here but I normally pay for petrol with carrots.
  19. Absolute madness from the Swindon slugs.
  20. I’ve made the point before but as a member I can pay the same price for a league game, and my member son only pays a fiver. So there is basically zero incentive for me to pick this game over a league fixture.
  21. I was thinking about this. If we were just a touch safer - maybe 4 or 5 points - I’d love to see us have a proper go in the cup. But I guess we’re not quite certain enough of our survival yet.
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