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  1. 'Clearing out the dead wood' - which usually involves selling most of the squad that the previous manager has spent the past four years building
  2. I'm not sure Pochettino is all that really
  3. We know he's capable though as he's had very good games. So is it the way he's being coached (or not being coached)?
  4. I think the powers that be will give him the chop if things don't change before Christmas. But that's still a long way away
  5. They should've put an old episode of Going for Gold on after the finale, just for old time's sake
  6. Was that 10 million at 1.30 and then the same 10 million watching it again at 5.30?
  7. Han-Noah and his sisters. I can feel a Woody Allen film coming on...
  8. I don't think it's entirely accurate to say that Man City buy the Premier League title
  9. He's probably not the only one who's fallen asleep at AG
  10. Isn't that largely the same as last season's team?
  11. Potentially in the future. The poster mentioned a centre mid though?
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