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  1. Seeing the same clubs yo-yo up and down every season is boring, quite frankly. How can FFP be fair when teams like Fulham and West Brom are being given massive handouts every other year?
  2. Because they usually do if they're any good?
  3. It shouldn't have felt like that, considering Preston, Derby and Sheff United have all got results against Fulham recently
  4. Totally. There generally needs to be much more positive influences in these communities.
  5. I think that goes some way to explaining why youths gather in groups (and in some cases get involved in crime). A lot of us did that when we were teenagers. But there's still a fairly large leap from that to stabbing someone.
  6. Yeah. I mean, it's not entirely the government's fault, but more does need to be done.
  7. Interests don't have to be uncool though: football, video games, making music... The kids of today have more options than any of the previous generations had. The government and Sadiq Khan could be doing a lot more, of course. Certainly in helping those communities in the first place, but also with tougher sentencing. It doesn't exactly help when the England football team appear to endorse music that makes light of street violence.
  8. Oh I thought you were suggesting that there was nothing to do in terms of interests
  9. Well it certainly can't do any harm, and fair play to those charities for trying to help. Still think there needs to be a lot more done though.
  10. So do I, and that's why I think he's wasted at Arsenal. I would have advised him to move to another Championship side on loan, in the same way that Tammy Abraham did. I still don't think he's ready for Premier League football. Obviously I don't know what's happening behind the scenes, and if he has been looking for a move, then I stand corrected.
  11. Well how do you think it'll make a difference?
  12. I dunno. I don't have much respect for someone who's happy to sit on the bench while picking up in one week what most people earn in 1-2 years
  13. Saw him doing his arrogant goal celebrations after scoring those goals. Not much humility for a guy who spends most of his career on the bench
  14. True, but I'm not even sure it'll do that. Much more needs to be done to make a real difference
  15. Not going to make much difference is it
  16. Oh don't get me wrong, Holden was always the wrong appointment and one that the club should never have made. I just don't think it's fair to make out that Pearson's done a better job than Holden did, because Pearson has had longer to improve things, and even then we've only seen intermittent improvements
  17. A bit harsh on Holden, considering he was given much less time than Pearson has had
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