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  1. I agree. We can’t blame him for taking the job and I for one will get behind him. I hope he does really well although I’m not confident. Like others I lost interest weeks ago. The club seems to be doing it’s best to become a laughing stock.
  2. Benkovic!!! Would imagine there’s no chance of getting him permanently but what a player he is.
  3. This grinds my gears too. If they’re duty bound to say something then just have a warning before the match that you may hear offensive language but so unnecessary to harp on about it over and over. Also that guy saying “AND IT’S LIVE!” does my head right in. I like Jonathan Pierce but knowing he’s a City fan probably helps.
  4. Couldn’t agree more with this. A supporter is a supporter regardless of their occupation and it’s a travesty in my opinion if the likes of Ole are effectively discriminated against due to occupation.
  5. I’ve got nothing against Callum and I think he’s capable of being a good player. As far as the interview goes I’m afraid I lost interest when he started talking about “our identity” and “the manager’s philosophy” It seems to me at the moment that players are being sent out to sort of back up/protect the manager. Shame that some players then get thrown under the bus by the manager in his post match interview.
  6. Hate VAR. Mistakes happen obviously but part of going to football is moaning about the “wrong” decisions after the game. I want to celebrate a goal as soon as it goes in not five minutes later. Imagine if Korey Smith’s goal v Man United had gone to VAR. Would have really spoilt the celebration. They sometimes take so long to make a decision. Can see a 90 minute match finishing really late if there’s a lot of VAR decisions.
  7. I’m sure you’re right. I don’t know much about the background at Ipswich I was referring to the fans wanting McCarthy sacked and didn’t realise the lack of financial support Definitely agree about Steve Lansdown. We’re lucky to have him.
  8. He certainly sounded very downbeat. I’ve not till now been too much of a Johnson out as I keep thinking be careful what you wish for as in the case of Ipswich. However I really think Lee has done as much as he can and it’s time to say thanks and goodbye and wish him well for the future. Would love to see an exit now similar to how Gary Johnson left but can’t see it happening.
  9. I’m a nan so I’m happy to give it a go. I’ll do it for half of whatever Johnson is on!
  10. Football is live though so I think it would be more appropriate to compare ticket prices with what you would pay for a theatre or concert ticket. Football is pretty reasonable in comparison to those.
  11. Not making out I’m a superfan but I will always support Bristol City. Doesn’t matter who’s in charge or who’s on the pitch. Supporting them is what I do. So I will sign up for another season of hope, expectation and (probably) disappointment as long as I can afford it. I get what people say about the quality of football at home but if I didn’t renew then I know I’d regret it as soon as the first match kicked off.
  12. Always rated him. He’s not always the best player on the pitch but he always puts in 100% effort and I’m happy with that.
  13. Looking forward to this one but £40 is expensive! I’m always pessimistic but would love to beat them at Elland Road.
  14. Got my two tickets through the app. Maybe I’m just lucky but I’ve never experienced any issues with the buying process. Really looking forward to this. Missed going to Fulham last season.
  15. It appears that the helicopter pilot saved many lives by steering the helicopter away from crowds. It’s people like this and the owner who did so much for the Leicester community who should be recognised in the New Years honours. Thoughts to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.
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