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  1. Trundle? They definitely do not have the squad for relegation. But I think with Swansea they miss that 20 goal a season striker and this is what has stopped them going up the last few years.
  2. He really is dragging Rovers already horrible reputation through the mud. That takes some skill.
  3. According to one of the Sagheads on Gachat the club have known about it for 7 weeks..
  4. I think, I think the point I’m making is their shirt looks like tacky trash, as it does every single year. and yeah ours is always red, your point being??
  5. How do sagheads get excited for a kit launch when all their kits look the exact same every single year?? this one is particularly trash, but no different then the other trash they’ve worn in previous years.
  6. Nerves at an all time high, almost feels like sickness. Not use to these massive pressured games supporting city and England constantly underachieving. Not enjoyable
  7. Since a large portion of their fans love to mock us about 1982.. hahaha isn’t karma a bitch
  8. The lowest points tally in the football league
  9. For the stat nerds out there, is this one of the seasons with the highest amount of losses without being relegated? It wouldn't surprise me. 24 defeats is embarrassing.
  10. I would rather play Derby next year then the likes of Rotherham
  11. Our rivals are much worse then we are. That's genuinely the only reason to be cheerful.
  12. In such a crucial game in our season too. Fair play to them.
  13. My god, he questions how some of their players even made it professional. Incredible.
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