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  1. Yes most most of the goals conceded have come down our right side apologies for any confusion
  2. Theres several issues/ observations for me. A lot of work needs to be done on the training ground over the next few days 1)whilst Bentley is a great shot stopper he does not command his box enough for me. This puts additional pressure on the defence dealing with crosses (before anyone says I still think he’s been our best player the last year). 2) This season RB is our weak spot and teams are definitely targeting us this season. Personally I’d like to see us bring in Andre Wisdom experienced right back at this level, 28 a good age and would probably be relatively cheap given he was training with Derby to get a contract. Finances permitting of course. Otherwise Fleming/ simpson as experienced right backs whom have played at the highest level should be giving Vyner some additional coaching. 3) most of the goals have been low crosses from the right. I think playing Baker at right centre back wont help as a left footer he wont have the positioning (understandable as I doubt he’s played there before) or be as confident/ likely to hook the ball away with his right foot allowing the ball to come across the net. 4) Weiman has offered little support to Vyner defensively often leaving him 1-1 if this area is being targeted the right winger needs to offer more protection to the right back.
  3. https://the72.co.uk/239866/bristol-city-ready-to-pay-1-6m-asking-price-for-oxford-uniteds-rob-atkinson/
  4. you should see this guys post on the Barton court case thread!! https://gaschat.co.uk/thread/18106/joeys-court-case-matchday-thread?page=8
  5. It's not condoning it, the people who go to games to cause trouble are idiots the lot of them and if guilty will get their cummupence however I do feel the police could of done more to prevent this from happening which as their job is to ensure public safety should of been their main concern. Prevention is always better than reacting to the problem
  6. Completely agree with this the police were pathetic that night. I know that after the game when you lot were being let out despite putting a wall of police between the two sets of fans they were still letting city fans through. Now however wrong it is you know there are going to be people at the game looking for a fight. Still it looks good for there arrest figures which is all they care about.
  7. If you think that you could be in for a nasty shock we didn't think it would get this far with ours but here we are a couple of years down the line. It is amusing though how smug you lot were about all this I said to a gashead mate of mine that don't believe your through it all until the diggers have moved in and I got called jealous. No building work goes through smoothly in Bristol even you lot should know this. Oh and we're playing tomorrow thought you know that with your little obsession with us
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