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  1. COD replaced him on the bench according to City’s Twitter
  2. Agree - but it could have been a psychological - wasn’t Callum’s best game
  3. And the drop goal conversion for the try in extra time
  4. Should have taken the drop goal @ 75 mins - lesson to be learnt by there. But that high tackle at the end just took the absolute piss Wayne Barnes
  5. You can change it in Account Setttings -
  6. So a draw against Wednesday on Saturday means they can’t finish above us. Rotherham need a miracle and they are playing Coventry on Thursday.
  7. What. A. Result. Going to enjoy this week living in Chiefs territory
  8. Northampton had 4 player sin binned at the end - sounds absolutely mental. But as you say, huge 5 points with Newcastle winning & Worcester running Chiefs close. A long way to go, that last game of the season looms large!
  9. Locked the official thread for now until the clever bods get back from the match & fix the forum
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