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  1. Agree - but it could have been a psychological - wasn’t Callum’s best game
  2. And the drop goal conversion for the try in extra time
  3. Should have taken the drop goal @ 75 mins - lesson to be learnt by there. But that high tackle at the end just took the absolute piss Wayne Barnes
  4. You can change it in Account Setttings -
  5. So a draw against Wednesday on Saturday means they can’t finish above us. Rotherham need a miracle and they are playing Coventry on Thursday.
  6. Decent effort that. Time for one more twist though?
  7. And another one missed. Blatant handball in the box by West Brom.
  8. I’m at the game. Leeds high press was very effective first half as Arsenal couldn’t cope. Very reminiscent of our league cup run. 2nd half so far, Arsenal have pushed up & nullified Leeds
  9. What. A. Result. Going to enjoy this week living in Chiefs territory
  10. No 1 rule should be to pick players in form. Far too many players in that squad from teams who are in bad form. Bring Webster in for the next qualifiers
  11. It’s now being reported that Keogh is out for the season with the knee injury! What were they thinking?
  12. Got all but one game I applied for. Ended up with Last 16 @ Wembley, QF @ Rome, then somehow the Final too
  13. Northampton had 4 player sin binned at the end - sounds absolutely mental. But as you say, huge 5 points with Newcastle winning & Worcester running Chiefs close. A long way to go, that last game of the season looms large!
  14. But the attendances during our last season in League one are skewed because of the redevelopment. If we had the full stadium, I'm sure it would have been a 15k average or more.
  15. There’s an article in the local paper in Cornwall today with the chairman of Argyle talking about their ground improvements. They are looking to replace the old grandstand and it’s going to planning soon. His comments on ground capacity were quite revealing & refreshing compared to our friends north of the river. He said that there was absolutely no point in looking to improve on the 18k they would have unless they were in the Premier League, which is not something they consider even possible at the current time or are even looking towards in the immediate future. He then went on to say that if they ever did get to the Premier League, which is very unlikely, they MAY look to increase to 21k if necessary, but it would need a sustained period in the Premier League for them to ever consider more than that. He seems far more down to earth & realistic than the Gas. I think Dodgy Darrel could do worse than end up there.
  16. Every single interview I’ve read with him, there’s been a massive elephant in the room.
  17. My favourite poster of my weekend in London.
  18. Probably locked out with the majority of Gasheads
  19. According to my Plymuff supporting chums down here, they've sold out their allocation
  20. Follow on not enforced. Not sure if that's a good thing or not?
  21. Usual sending off of an away player at the Mem tip
  22. I've often wondered if Stoke obsess about Port Vale & vice versa. It's a similar relationship to us & the Gas as they haven't been in the same league for 15 years or so. Anyone know?
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