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  1. If it offers some comfort, I too had a meniscus problem some years ago and surgery did wonders for it. I was still absolutely sh*** at football post op however
  2. I believe we have a divine right. It was post numerous cheddar valleys and I saw a bright white light and I just knew at that moment it was going to happen
  3. I’ll take staying in the division next year, no more.
  4. 50-1 with skybet the 0-5. Just saying
  5. You’re disappointed if that’s not happening at junior football level....in a championship club, it’s a f***** joke
  6. Yeah , followed by a sizable city vs city punch up in the Wetherspoons by temple meads as I recall. I think I was on a three quid win out the quizzer when that erupted and never got it out . Bad times
  7. No issue, if it means getting back to the gate with a crowd close to the normal numbers I’d go for it for sure
  8. Lockdown haircut casualties
  9. So poor today, can’t wait to get the season done with. Pearson if he stays has a massive job to turn the club round
  10. Just play positive football until the end of the season and finish on a high to take us into next season. We’ll finish where we finish but no expectation of playoffs. As Pearson said yesterday we could have been 3 nil down at ht yesterday.
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