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  1. How do we know the fans asked for his autograph? I imagine he goes around autographing whether invited to or not.
  2. Not that I agree but I think triple T is saying that you are lying about your first hand stuff to cover for the hating Bakinson comment and also to show off by being all cryptic about insider knowledge. He likens you to a a schoolboy who makes outrageous claims: "I can fly" "Go on then" "No, I don't feel like it at the moment" Unfortunately the only way you can change his mind is by revealing in detail your reasons for hating Bakinson. I understand that you are not willing to do this, most likely for honourable reasons, so this one will remain a stalemate.
  3. Great song. What about Lord of the dance though?
  4. Hmmm not sure about that. He's self aware enough to take the piss out of himself. I quite like him these days. Noel's the more annoying one for me.
  5. Bale to Cardiff's Cardiff fc
  6. Drilly Rucksack - Ocean Wisdom
  7. Brings it out of deeefence, oh lookout going downtown.. and it's Chad Rawlings the third with his patented head flick into the goal zone.
  8. Root's an absolute legend. You could see it right from his early days. Pure class.
  9. Yeah man, this thread's got no business being on a football forum. Mods, can you just shut the whole site down please?
  10. QPR away in the sunshine please
  11. I once knew a man who put mint Source on his porridge every morning. He also used to carry spare vests in his bag and hoist them up flagpoles when he came across one. Rather unconventional fellow. I wonder what became of him. I'm always on the lookout for a hoisted vest flapping in the breeze, or a figure hunched over a bowl in a caff with Source satchets all around. Could you do the same and let me know if you meet him? A good lad he was. S a u c e obvs
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