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  1. Awwighhhh saaan I'm off daan the rubber dub dub... be luckeeeeahhh. Then run.
  2. Shepherds Bush is in West London, Shoreditch is in East London. I understand your joke but in terms of London the two places are far apart. As a side note my contact in Shoreditch called me this morning to tell me that massive turn-ups on huge baggy jeans are poised to become must haves this Autumn season. Also bermuda shorts worn over leggings, although that does seem a bit out there if you ask me.
  3. Well, I suppose sometime has to be too early for breakfast otherwise it would be served 24 hours a day. Although if I was the server in McDonalds I would've told you it was too late for breakfast and given you an ultimatum: burger or sling your hook. I used to work in McDonalds and the amount of abuse the staff get is incredible. I used to take great pleasure in taking "customers" down a peg or two and that's exactly what I would've done if someone came asking for breakfast in the middle of the night. You'll get what you're given.
  4. Well I wouldn't go to Shoreditch if I were you, unless you like being laughed at. Not that I agree with it but apparently the trend setters really have it in for beards now. My friend who lives there said he had to shave his beard off after too much unwanted attention. The last straw was when he was refused service at an independent cafe on account of his beard. Personally I think that men should be able to wear whatever they like, within reason of course.
  5. Shoreditch is a hotbed for the latest trends. Hackney, Hoxton Square, Shoreditch are where most trends start off these days. It's where beards first became a thing and now they're everywhere. So what's your look Nogbag? Sounds like you've got it down.
  6. Bumping because nobody's commented yet. I'm interested in your opinions.
  7. I have a friend who lives in Shoreditch, East London. He gives me info on latest men's trends which will inevitably filter down to the highstreets of smaller cities like Bristol. Here's the latest ins and outs... Ins Massively baggy jeans. I've highlighted this before and we're already seeing them worn in places like Stokes Croft. Combat trousers, like we used to see in the late nineties. Statement/slogan bandanas. So a bandana with a single word on the part that covers the forehead. Vests. These are hugely on point at the moment and my friend predicts that even in the coming winter months we'll see fashion conscious men wearing vests without another layer/jacket. A smooth shave. Sorry all you beardies out there, your time is up. Big trainers with huge tongues. Outs Beards, as mentioned above. Apparently they're now considered to be way too common and are being laughed at in Shoreditch. Tassled shoes with no socks. Skinny jeans. My friend says they've been dying for years but now that they're heavily stocked everywhere from Peacocks to Sainsburys they've become particularly embarrassing. Tattoos. Bit of a tricky one this as they're notoriously long term so it's a hard pill to swallow for our inked friends who also care about being up to date fashionwise. According to my friend, tattoos are a victim of their own success and are considered way too mainstream now.
  8. Sweet Jesus H Mary Christ mother of Moses what the hell was that?
  9. Thanks. A good, detailed write up, but I don't think we were as bad as you make out. Yes, on another day we lose this but we had our share of making them think and causing problems. I know it's turning into a cliche but we would've took a massive beating if last season's team/management turned up for this one.
  10. Yeah I could cope with that, probs a bit like tangy toms... Nasty
  11. Jesus Christ that's got to be a fake. Please say it is
  12. Same here. Also I'll never understand how there's room in the Monster Munch range for roast beef AND flamin' hot flavours, they're far too similar. Seems crazy to me.
  13. I'm still waiting on mine, hopefully turns up tomorrow!
  14. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. Blue is salt and vinegar, cheese and onion is green. It's only Walkers who do it the other way round. Look at Discos, Hula Hoops, McCoy's, Pringles. I could go on....
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