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  1. No, it's not. The Daily Star is a national tabloid. It has a showbiz gossip page which focuses on high profile celebrities.
  2. I often worry about how people apostrophise decades. For example "if you can remember the 60's you probably weren't there" or "the 90's were all about loud ties and buckled boots" it's bull crap and everyone knows it but just because it looks better we stick with it.
  3. Couple of rogue apostrophes there. Sorry.
  4. There was good odds on finishing top 12(if I remember rightly) at beginning of season. I put a bit on but can't remember which betting site it was. I think there was a thread about it on here. Anyone remember the bookie?
  5. None of the joke suggestions made me laugh, except for John Terry.
  6. If we end up with John Terry then I'll take a break from putting any of my money into the club.
  7. I don't care about this thread either. I did care a bit and then stopped caring. I'm dropping this one post just to update you and my followers that I'm now leaving the thread as I have lost interest in it. This happens quite often, in fact I rarely read every post in a thread unless it's a really good thread with a bit of pzazz to it, you know a bit of spice to really get your teeth into. My favourite thread of all time? Sorry but I'm not going to give you the satisfaction mate. I'll just leave you to guess, and let's just say you'll be guessing for quite some time. If by so
  8. Treat us right Steve
  9. Lee could've come up with plenty of new clichés sitting at home but we won't actually know they're clichés until a bit further down the line, clichés need repeating and embedding. Relax Chip, you'll get your new clichés soon enough. Give the man a break.
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