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  1. I think what he's getting at is that you've been wildly backtracking and desperately clutching at straws with your flailing arms ever since your original comment and it might be time to just let it be lest you embarrass yourself further. Certainty not saying that is my opinion but I think that's what Mr Teeth is saying.
  2. About two years ago the incredibly skinny jeans were a thing for gentlemen. That fashion seems to have passed thankfully. Some of my London connections tell me that ridiculously massive jeans are all the rage in Shoreditch at the moment. That and crop tops for men. I always doubt that these fads will take off but then they go and become a thing. Good luck if they do fellas, you're going to look like idiots
  3. Shorts and socks only apparently. Good for him I say.
  4. Absolutely. Really feel for Saka, shouldn't have been put in that situation even if he'd volunteered to take it.
  5. Sorry but everything about this is complete bullshit. I think you should pipe down and go surfing or something.
  6. I used to know this artist/sculptor who fancied himself as a bit of a maverick when it came to condiments. In the pub or caff he'd go all crazy and put vinegar on his toast, salad cream on his sausages , that kind of thing. He'd always bang on about how he just lived for the day and how spontaneity was what set him apart from most other people. He'd say that part of his success as an artist was his ability to tune in to his raw emotions exactly at the point that he experienced them and then "just roll with them". I saw him put mayo in porridge once. I got chatting to his girlfriend at a festival and she told me that at home the only condiment he ever used was ketchup and that he'd put it on pretty much everything he ate. She said that they took acid one night and he spent two hours crying and telling her that he hated eating out with our group because he always felt he had to put on a show and all he really wanted to do was eat his food how he would at home.
  7. Sausage sandwich is mustard and ketchup Pies are mustard, gravy and mint sauces, and ketchup Bacon sandwich is ketchup Full English is ketchup and brown Beans on toast is brown Burger is relish and mayo Kebab is chilli plus garlic mayo Supermarket pizza is ketchup Takeaway pizza is garlic and herb dip Thank you for your time
  8. Let's be original. No offence banjo, but why sing this song? It would be embarrassing.
  9. Many ladies would really relish an evening with Patrick Berger.
  10. So just how is Nagy supposed to be pronounced? Have heard several commentators going a kind of "noidge" or "Noige". These ones have been mixing it up a bit. I always thought it was "Nagy"
  11. I signed him for City in a hugely successful couple of seasons on PES master league two years back. Helped take us to a Premier league title and a Champions League semi final.
  12. For anyone interested, there's a fascinating documentary about East London gentrification called "The Street". If you've got Amazon Prime you can watch it for free via a BFI trial subscription. A very good watch it is too.
  13. Today my friend in London told me that there's quite a big anti-fashion movement going on in the East of the city. It's basically wear whatever you want to wear, no questions asked. Apparently it takes about 2 years before the clothes and haircuts that are fashionable in Shoreditch filter down to the high street by which time the original trend setters have moved on and are laughing at the people buying into the old styles and cuts. So will be interesting to see how this plays out. He mentioned that hair products and shaped beards are very much out for men. He said that it's about not really bothering and that the preened look is being laughed at a lot. Not sure if he's got this right but he also said that there's a lot of mocking of men wearing tight t-shirt. Personally I like a man in tight clothes, but that's just a taste thing I suppose
  14. Nice to hear, although I'm sure you've always been on point just by being you. Also my London friend says the shaggy hair look's going to be big this summer. Bad news for barbers I spose. I was in East London recently and there was a lot of men with big trousers and big fringes. Soon to be seen here, you know what they say "Shoreditch sneezes and Stokes Croft gets a cold"
  15. Or perhaps stick a League 2 manager at Manchester City and see how they do. Doubt they'd be reaching any Champions League finals or storming premier leagues.
  16. Apparently the baggy jean is about to become the hottest new trend. Do you think that fashion conscious gentleman will go from the slim/skinny jean directly to the new wider look or will they opt for a straight legged regular cut to see themselves through the transition in what must be a testing time for both them and their families? The jury's out for me. I've got a friend who lives in London and all I'm hearing from him is that skinny jeans are dead. I must say it's taken some time but I suppose it makes sense. He also said that tattoos are on the way out too which must be a little concerning for our inked friends. If you have tattoo and love slim/skinny jean, how do you feel about this?
  17. I must say I'm finding this whole thing rather disorientating. I feel like I've been spun round three times only to be labelled an enthusiast.
  18. Finally got round to watching this. Brilliant and important television. Massive respect to Wrighty for making it good man.
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