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  1. I think it's just one of those things people say.
  2. Haha! You got Cummingsed. Just when the scandal of your youth post dies down @TheReds is going to drip feed a few more clangers from your back catalogue to stoke the fire and expose you further.
  3. I'd just like to say, good old Wazza, I've always said he's a lot more shrewd and canny than people ever gave him credit for. He will have a decent managerial career. When he's done with Derby he will be off to a top tier club where he will further prove himself. I predict domestic silverware for Wazza within four years, not sure who with though.
  4. It would be highly amusing if he did say that.
  5. I believe RR was treated to an enforced holiday period to cool off and reflect. Good to have him back. Just don't mention Angela Rayner.
  6. Kilkenny. I saw him on Park Street once. He was walking up on his own, shouting and pointing at things.
  7. Hopefully by now you recognise our logo on the back of the lads' shorts.
  8. Poor little fans happy to give manual manipulator signs and massive abuse to players but cry when they get it back. Please don't use the phrase "grow a pair" again, it's incredibly annoying.
  9. Hopefully by now you recognise our logo on the back of the lads' shorts.
  10. I don't find them anything like reading Finnegan's Wake. The two things are completely different.
  11. Hopefully by now you recognise our logo on the back of the lads' shorts.
  12. Commentators have been apologising for bad language picked up from the crowd for as long as I can remember and I'm no spring chicken. It's not a "woke" sign of our times thing that they do this. I swear some people are just looking to be outraged by the latest hint of the dreaded and evil wokeness that is such a blight on their day to day lives. Commentators probably have to apologise for contractual reasons, I imagine the thinking behind it is that kids should be able to watch things like football without hearing bad language, before or after the watershed. As a side note back when I was a child there were few things as hilarious as when some bad language got picked up on live TV. It was like a gift from the gods.
  13. Why aren't the 2pm fixtures on any channel or radio?
  14. pitch invaders can't possibly have jobs?
  15. Well yeah he's having to step up more than he would without injuries but to say he hasn't been in any of the games just isn't fair on him.
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