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  1. Are the quote marks to imply he's missing today for a reason other than illness?
  2. Looks like the House in Ashton Court
  3. Having a scan of their Forum, quite a few seem happy with this rumour. 1 even talking about PL in 5 years It's true what the say, turds really do attract flies.
  4. Thanks all. I feel like we're getting closer to solving this one!
  5. Yeah, agreed. What he offered and his effort on the pitch at the end of last season has been a huge loss to the team.
  6. We sell a few of these out and we can fund an investigation!
  7. I think we've missed Nigel tonight. The sooner he's able and ready to come back the better.
  8. Yeah, Wells has a lot to answer for tonight.
  9. Bakers off injured! Pen Where's Wells?
  10. Oh I don't know, Stella Cooper has something about her... I'm going to Hell!
  11. Or a hell of a lot of pre planning by Fulham to fool everyone and waste a few seconds. It's all about the details you know. Seriously though, I agree with the OP, what a great gesture.
  12. Ahhh City's Fitness strategy of last season. That worked well.
  13. They could do a lot worse. Could be run by the Bristol Post media department!
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