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  1. Perhaps he's just stumbled across this thread?
  2. Football is full of cheating. You watch every game and every team. Every player cheats. How often do you see a player touch another's arm/shoulder/back and find that invisible button that switches the players legs off and causes them to roll around on the floor. Cheating to gain an advantage from the ref. It's encouraged in the game to cheat to get an advantage. Nothing will ever change.
  3. Love OTIB. I think back to the many match day threads (when he was playing) when fans would be commenting on him running around but not offering anything to the team or not linking up well with anyone. How views change.
  4. What are you talking about? Players who are still under contract now until the end of say June, can agree to sign for other clubs but not officially join them until their current contract ends. The new club can also announce it (like yesturday) before the player officially leaves their current club. They don't have to be free agents to do that.
  5. Neither of them come out of this looking innocent. If he never wanted to leave, he'd have found a way to sign a new deal. Given Fams recent performances (or lack of) he showed he wasn't the sort of player we want at this club taking up a salary anyway so good riddance (to both).
  6. I love how he tried to justify doing a runner by saying he couldn't commit to an extra year if he got them back up to the PL next season. "If I were to stay and achieve promotion next season the expectation would be for me to continue for at least another season and, sadly, that is not a commitment I feel able to make at this stage of my career." Clearly the Championship doesn't interest him. Why not just be honest about it.
  7. I can only dream for my Happy Clapper badge.
  8. Tell you what, this game shows just how much of a difference the fans make. Infinitely better than the fake sound.
  9. Definately needs a change but shameful that it's taken a group of ex players to raise further attention to this issue when the pandemic, football clubs finances pushing them over the edge and the whole ESL farce should have been more than enough for Football authorities to take charge of the situation. Disgraceful. And then you read on the BBC gossip pages over the last week a 33 year old rumoured to be offered for c500k a week post tax contract and of course Pogba's ever rumoured wage needs. They're a disgrace. And let's not talk about the Agents ethics. Football definately needs to be Governed correctly but unfortunately i'm not convinced anything will change. As soon as fans can be allowed back in, we'll forget all about this.
  10. Looking at the BBC teams are release a large amount of players. I know it happens at this time of year but is the amount clubs are releasing on the higher side than normal? Due to COVID/financial impacts on football?
  11. Time to draw a line under all of these released 'footballers'. Might do well at other clubs but they were terrible this season and deserve to be cut. No place for sentiment now. Thanks for the good times (you earned the pay then) but all stole a wage this season so I won't be missing any of them. Pleased that so many are gone to free up the budget for new FRESH players to come in.
  12. Again, another example of stupidity. Idiots.
  13. Why make 2 English teams/support staff and fans travel to another country to play a game during a Pandemic? Now it would've been SAFER to hold it here given our current low COVID numbers and progress on vaccinations (caveat that the Indian strain is causing concern so I wonder what the next few weeks will bring between now and the 29th?). MADNESS to play this abroad. If Portugals numbers increase and go back on to the Amber list (after the 17th), how easy do you think it'll be for fans and UEFA to change their plans or take in to account the Amber rules? I wonder how many fans that have COVID (without realising) or know and think **** it, will still travel? How many fans that do travel do you think will honestly take a COVID test when they get back? Minimum. How many do you think would quarantine if their test is positive? Minimum. I believe this risk is too great that this is just going to be another ridiculous decision (that could easily have been avoided) to spread cases between countries. We're so close to getting more and more vaccinated and then these IDIOTS decide to encourage teams and fans from the same country to travel to another country.
  14. MADNESS. It should have been played at a neutral venue here. Crazy decision during a pandemic to encourage 6k fans to travel abroad. Idiots.
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