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  1. Funny, one minute people are up in arms about the Super League saying how it'll destroy the English game. Then these sorts of deals (might) happen throwing crazy sums of fees and wages around and people suddenly want teams like this to bugger off to the Super League. In reality, what's more disappointing is it seems only the Championship down are impacted by COVID and the financial imapcts. Teams that live in the Ivory Tower Premier League can still behave like nothings happened it seems. Good to see the football authorities have used this last year wisely to actually do something positive and implement caps/sustainable financial fee structures across all leagues.
  2. I'm going bottom half/mid table (slight improvement on last season). It's going to take time for the existing players to prove they've turned a corner and the new guys are going to take a bit of time to gel/settle. Accepting there have been positives on and off the pitch so far, but lets not forget we were relagation fodder by the end of last season and easily the worst team in this Division. If i'm wrong and we do better, then i'm in for a cracking season and will celebrate happy. We do worse and at least i'm not going to be hugely disapointed. One thing i'll be 100% spot on predicting - OTIB is going to implode if we're not 5-0 up in the first 10 minutes against Blackpool.
  3. So the EFL punish Derby because they broke the rules (and I'm sure some would say they got off lightly) and then reduce that punishment because Derby don't like it. Then impose new, lenient, conditions.....wonder how long those conditions will last. Great message to send all the other teams. The EFL everyone. The Borris Johnson of the football world.
  4. I hope clubs that have had to make some tough decisions over the last year to keep their books in order (to keep within the rules) lose their shit if the EFL back down on this. Rooney needs to wind his neck in, accept it and plan ahead accordingly.
  5. Really, really hope the EFL don't reverse the decision out of sympathy.
  6. I was going to ask how the club were going to confirm how they'll manage any capacity restrictions if we've sold more STs than can be accommodated. Can see this getting messy Appreciate this is really challenging times though so I'm sure the club will try to do their best.
  7. I can't comment on their views (but the videos and reports I've read didn't mention Liverpudlians). I would say though that I have family that live in Liverpool and a lot of friends from there and they are some of the friendliest and kindest people I've met IMO.
  8. What's equally frustrating is the authorities- Police / FA etc coming out so quickly to say it was only a small minority that caused trouble and was quickly resolved - my arse. Clearly the various reports, videos etc from people there show it wasn't a small minority inside and outside the ground at all. Complete cover up of a huge cluster **** of a problem. They should have come out from the start to admit the error of policing, security and organisation fell well short of what was needed. Nothing changes though does it. How the hell they got their planning and organisation so wrong before the start is a laughable. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that a football final for England, in England and all day drinking on top of the problems with COVID in the last year might, just might, require extra policing and stronger security. Not really that surprising though when this country has a Government that are so incompetent at everything they do that that is the bench mark for others to follow. Don't get me wrong, the above doesn't provide an acceptable excuse for the low life scum that are a waste of human life and a drain on society who should be caught and punished. On a positive, its reassuring to see the majority on here angry by what happened too.
  9. Why not just spend the training time/effort developing your 'normal' keeper to make him the specialist? Appreciate the height might be lacking for Pickford but then brining on a 'cold keeper' just for penalties might result in the same problems we saw last night with Sancho and Rashford. Also, I don't think the keeper was the area where we have problems last night. I think Pickford did well.
  10. Don't give chav ********* like that an excuse for their behaviour. Seeing grown adults behaving like that is embarrassing. I think you're right about the COVID situation but just because the Government are completely incompetent at everything they do doesn't mean that adults have the right to do that (I know you're not saying they have the right). Idiots the lot of them. They embarrass this country and the sport. Is it any wonder other countries hate us and football is always tagged in the way it is.
  11. I like it. Not a great fan of the badge in the middle but I think it looks good overall. I like the 80s vibe of the material used.
  12. Idiots. I wonder how many now have read that article and will do something similar on Sunday.
  13. Interesting views that other teams do it, so its OK for us to do it too......Italians next. Masters at acting and deceiving the ref. Let's save this thread and see what the feelings about this topic are like after that game....just saying.
  14. What this says to me is clubs can now knowingly break the rules for £100k but they don't need too worry about points deduction or relegation. Precedence has been set now.
  15. THIS is the definition of Modern Footballers (unfortunately). Rob Atkinson may be the exception. My friend used to work for the FA and support the England under 21s and Under 19s travelling to games and tournaments. The stories I used to hear about players, how pampered they were at EVERYTHING and how uneducated and just plain stupid they were. Thank god they had a trade to rely on otherwise there would've been no hope.
  16. To me it feels like comments like this are made following interviews like Atkinson's becuase he came across well and just around the corner are more footballers like Grealish, Foden and Greenwood, those Spurs and West Ham players gathering during lockdown etc who's off field antics make footballers look like uneducated dip shits.
  17. Imagine how much worse that would've been if he'd made proper contact!
  18. Fair play to Maguire in that interview. Would've been so easy to get carried away with that result and his goal (and I wouldn't blame him) but he clearly wanted to get the message across that they need to stay focused, not get caught up in the inevitable media over hype (we've won the tournament haven't we?) and remain disciplined for the next game. Reset now, forget about this result and move on to prepare for Wednesday.
  19. And all this without Grealish. How have we coped. What a team performance tonight. Wow.
  20. Just letting the rain shower move over. No one wants to be struck by lightening in their first day!
  21. Kane is adding as much effort and contribution as Fam was at the end of last season. Definately time to take him off.
  22. That first half performance was so much better than the last 3 games combined.
  23. What the **** are you talking about? Being told not to sing it is not trying to erase history. Singing a chant about WW2 at a football match just because we're playing the Germans is ******* tin pot. Time and place - that chant doesn't pay any form of respect. It's meant to antagonise opposition fans (the vast majority of which I'm sure are hugely ashamed of their countries history). This is intended not to pay respect but try to stir up trouble. Lest we forget??? Chanting that at a football match does not show respect to the memory of the heros and innocent victims (on boths sides) of WW2. This is right up there with The Sun/Dailymail sensationalist headlines that will probably reference the Hun/ dad's army at some point.
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