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  1. 1 hour ago, phantom said:

    You are obviously entitled to your opinion but it's a shame how you focus on all negative points.

    You need to research how clubs that have been letting fans in already, that explains and proves your points are incorrect.

    You surely realise that there's staggered entry times and points, people will become checked on arrival and show ID to prove they're the person who purchased the ticket.

    It's good that smaller clubs have been testing and trialling it but I'm still not convinved it's safe enough to justify the risks (or the costs to the club). Clubs might be able to stagger entry times and check IDs but that doesn't completely remove the risks of the virus spreading as per some of my examples. I'm not convinced it can be policed safely throughout.  This isn't a model where every club is the same and therefore testing it at a few clubs lower down the pyramid means it'll work and deliver the same results at every club. 

    I know you could argue the risks are the same as walking down the street or through Cabot Circus where there are lots of people not socially distancing (which is probably already a contributing factor to the numbers increasing in itself) but the difference here (imo) is for the sake of entertainment, the Government and Football authorities are willing to turn the tap on to increase the spread of the virus.  Feels wrong at this time when a vaccine hasn't yet been rolled out.

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  2. I'm not comfirtable with this idea at this stage.  Allowing large groups of people to gather just doesn't seem sensible until they are rolling out the Vaccine and just opens up a whole load of risks that just aren't worth it.  This feels like another Government initiative badly thought out and no doubt will be badly implemented, leaving it to the clubs to interpret and pick up the pieces.

    - Creating safe distancing when in your seat is possible in principle but this is heavily dependant on fans being robots sitting in their seats and not mingling - but then how and who polices this during the game if some fans decide to mix or walk about?   Can you imagine the reactions towards stewards approaching fans asking them to sit in their seat and keep apart from each other. Or even some fans challenging other fans - i can imagine there would be carnage.

    - I don't believe distancing is possible moving to/from your seat, e.g. under the stands for example before/after the match, at halftime, to go to the toilets/food/drinks etc- again, who/how would this be policed? Can you imagine the cost/risks to do this? And as per the above, the fan reaction at being policed?

    - If facilities are open, how do the club manage the staff working on match day to ensure they are also safe and tested and have sufficient staffing levels? What does the club do if staff are tested positive on match day, e.g. replacements?

    - Again, with facilities, who is going to police the queues to make sure people keep apart? not going to happen or happen well.    We've all seen how busy it is at half time, even with reduced numbers it would still be too busy when you factor in the amount of space needed for a queuing system.

    - It's one thing trying to manage some fans turning up on match day having been on the pre-match lash in pre COVID times - can you imagine the poor stewards/Police that have to do that plus factoring in safe distancing rules once in the ground? No chance.

    - Then you have the process of chosing who attends/making it fair/policing fans coming from different Tiered areas - oh and the big one - relying on fans to stay away if they are feeling ill on match day (but they've 'won the lottery' being selected to attend the match).  Guarantee there will be some selfish **** that still goes to the match whos ill becasue they'd prefer to take the risk just to watch live football. Thats all it takes.

    I'm sure there are lots of other risks (and extra costs i'm sure the club don't need) too but you have to ask if it is all worth it? Personally, as shit as it is not being able to see City live and how having to make do with horrible emtpy stands during games, i'd rather stick with this approach at this stage with a Vaccine possibly just around the corner rather than risk peoples lives.

    (Apologies if my spelling is really bad)




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  3. 8 hours ago, zombie said:

    Officially globally famous now we’re on FG 😁

    Not the best episode, even if I’m in it 😉

    It is new(ish), saw it 2 weeks ago. Season 19, episode 4 - Cutaway Land. If anyone wants to check it out.

    Funnily enough watching the new one right now. Season 19, episode 6 - Meg’s Wedding.

    Next time you're in one of those horrific work 'break the ice' meetings when you have to give a random fact about youself - you can tell them you've appeared on Family Guy :thumbsup:

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  4. Anyone else just watched the new Family Guy?

    Pretty sure they just played an insert clip of the City bar celebration scene from a few years ago when it went mental.

    If you were there - you've finally made it and can say you've been on Family Guy.....gigady!

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  5. I think the expectation this season would be to just keep us in the Championship given what's going on right now. Once things 'get back to normal', e.g. fans being allowed in and income streams improving, then I think targets/expectationsre playoffs and promotion will be set.

  6. If we're going to do a lockdown properly and try to tackle the Virus seriously then it has to be suspended - as does all sport.

    Unfortunately this Government couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery and if its true that schools and Universities stay open regardless then this next lockdown is only a half measure and won't work. 

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  7. 27 minutes ago, maxjak said:

    What is the problem with Alfie?  At Holden's press conference, our resident journo Gregor asked "Has Alfie had the exploratory op yet?"  "Yes" says DH   "Do we know when he will be back?" spake mighty Gregor "No we don't know how long" says DH.   So then Gregor asks ""Do you now know exactly what the problem is then?"   "Yes" says DH.   End Of!!   So WHAT is the Pheckin injury?  ..............Why didn't Gregor ask?   And why didn't DH expand on exactly what injury Alfie has ?  Is it too much to ask, and to be told what injury he has sustained?  Why all the secrecy?   Ridiculous.

    I guess Dean doesn't want to give specific details out to the media as it gives opposition teams weeks/months away tactical knowledge that helps their plans and thats an advantage we don't want to give. At this stage it keeps the opposition guessing when we might have our best defender back and therefore makes their planning a little bit more tricky. Every little tactical advantage helps - and we need lots of help at the moment.

  8. On 21/10/2020 at 11:00, Old Rascal said:

    Had the first 2 home matches this season refunded, bonus, as I am still fighting for last seasons!!

    Club are refusing to refund me directly for last season, as they claim to have refunded an obsolete credit card (which I warned them about) back in the summer?

    Exactly the same thing happened to me with last seasons ST refund. I kept calling the club saying I hadn't received the refund. They kept telling me it had been processed some weeks before. Eventually I rang the CC company to see if there was anything they could do/see their end and it turned out they'd received the refund and applied it to the obsolete card. Funds were sat there and would still be unless I'd instructed the CC Company to transfer it to my new card - which is with the same CC company. Unbeleivable the CC Company didn't auto transfer it to my active card.  Might be worth ringing your card provider if you haven't already to see if they can do anything? 

  9. I'm not sure dropping him is the answer either as that runs a risk of being interpreted as punishment or singling him out. At his age and ability he needs coaching and constructive development to help him improve on last night. 

    Resting him if he's exhausted (not suggesting he is) is a different reason to leave him out otherwise we run the risk of putting too much expectation on him this early and knackering him out.  

    Things will get better in midfield once Walsh and Williams are fit and ready and will give us more options (the only silver lining after last night).

  10. 37 minutes ago, Nibor said:

    Our players shouldn't be doing that and our fans shouldn't be defending it. It's cheating.

    Completely agree. Don't worry though. Those same fans on here defending it will suddenly have morals when it gets done to us and we end up dropping points. They'll be on here moaning about cheats and how it needs to be stamped out. 

    At the moment though it's ok, as it's us doing it to other teams.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

    Offended, filing a lawsuit as I type!!

    They seem quite complimentary of the effort you go to with these :thumbsup: 

    Love the photo they've got of you working hard on your pre match report too 🤣

    Time to share your spreadsheet analysis of contracts and City's finances to seal the deal. 

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  12. I think this could be a really good opportunity for him to get his mojo back (ala Paterson). It's a loan so if he does well there, we can either recall him in January and have a new player on form (if we need to and can utilise him in our system/instructions) or sell him come the end of the season and free up the wages. I'm assuming Swansea will be contributing to his salary so that is also a bonus to us at the moment. 

    Let's be honest, with the season so far, it didn't look like he was going to get in to our starting 11 regularly and given his age and wages, he should be starting regularly somewhere. 

    Good luck Kasey. No doubt you'll score on your debut and Otib Will meltdown.

  13. 1 hour ago, Davefevs said:

    Without seeing full proposals it’s difficult to judge.


    Says a Liverpool fan ;)

    In all seriousness though, there are lots of questions in the detail about this which will need answering.

    On the face of this article though, I wouldn't want to be one of the 2 teams relegated when this new system starts and Parachute payments are cancelled. 

    I do like the idea of an annual fee paid to the pyramid although I'm sure there will be some more specific clauses that benefit the PL - nothing in life is free.

  14. Young. Got potential. Getting match experience to develop. 

    He won't be 10/10 every game (or a 7, 8 or 9) otherwise he wouldn't be with us. But this opportunity is a perfect one for him to grasp and develop. If it doesn't work, we move on. We as fans have to learn to give our youth a chance and not write them off so quickly - especially not after a game against a good PL side.

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  15. 49 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

    Worth a read.  


    I feel sorry for the clubs and the lengths they have had to go to to prepare implementation of standards which are intended to keep fans safe only for this Government to scuper their plans.

    Unfortunately, while the efforts Colchester have gone to are commendable, they aren't able to account for the actions of the fans who do attend. While most fans probably will adhere and are careful, there will always be some that just don't care and and don't stick the Colchesters measures putting others at risk. 

    I don't think pushing ahead with plans to allow fans back in is the right thing to do given the increase in rates right now.

    The questions then become how are some clubs saved from total collapse or should they be?

    It's a mess made even worse by the Governments inconsistent decisions causing so much confusion.  Give it another 2 or 3 weeks though and we'll be in even strong lockdown rules when the Government see these latest (pitiful) measures won't slow this second wave - largely because so many people have given up being careful already. By that point the question of whether some fans should be allowed back in will be a much easier one to answer.


  16. This is hugely frustrating (and damaging to clubs/sport) but i understand why given the numbers are increasing. I agree it's the right thing to do, however the situation is made harder to accept when there are so many inconsistencies from the governments rules.

    Unfortunately though we're in the middle of a pandemic and now in a second wave, so it would be crazy to encourage fans back in - even if in smaller numbers.

    Clubs might be able to demonstrate they can sit fans apart in the stands but unfortunately people aren't robots and some just don't get it and are likely to move around to sit closer to each other (I doubt the club will pay marshal's to police it so therefore i don't beleive it can be managed safely). Add in getting to and from the seats where clearly some fans won't (or can't) socially distant and suddenly the ability for this to be done safely reduces even further to the point where actually this could make a situation worse.

    Unfortunately there are too many people that have taken the piss since lockdown relaxed and the reality is this has contributed to making it worse for everyone (it's so frustrating for those that have been careful). Yes, I know the Government have made a shambles of this too but bloody hell, most people know what socially distance means and should take responsibility for their actions and not blame others. Unfortunately we live in a society now where people need to be handheld through life and it's always someone else's fault.

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