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  1. It's quite possible I come across a more diplomatic bunch of Sunderland fans! I do agree with most of the points raised. Especially the continuation of last season's inability to manage a lead. The defensive frailties are still there, and they need to be addressed, and quickly. We can't be shipping 5 goals in two games against a promotion side and a team that finished below us last season!
  2. I spoke to some Mackems after the game and they genuinely couldn't believe they got 3 points from that game. Maybe 1 would have been fair, but who knows, on another day, we could have got all 3! Wishful thinking from our side perhaps! I said to them, we'll be seeing you in February in a good friendly manner. But, again I genuinely feel as if we deserved more out of that game, than we got. This might be the 10 pints talking, possibly, but when I sit down and think about it (clearing my young head as much as possible), we're only 2 games in, so talk of Pearson going upstairs is really knee jerk, in my view. Let's keep the faith for now, and see what happens over the next month or so. Sunderland definitely ain't going down, neither are us in my view. But something tells me there's a good chance we'll finish above them, and possibly Hull for that matter, if we can just get thing's to click. How many times under Lee did we find ourselves saying, how did we win that? Nigel Pearson has kept us in this division on a budget far less than his pedocessor, and in tough times as well. We owe him at least the first 10 games minimum, possibly more! Open to opposing views
  3. I remember the Blades fans last season had a chant for Gibbs-White. Think it was to the tune of Voulez Vous. Maybe could do the same for Mark Sykes? Ohhhhh Mark Sykessss Mark Sykes running down the wing Mark Sykes makes the city sing Mark Sykes is taking us to the premier league Watching him in pre season. I think he could be a really good player for us. I'll log off now!
  4. There's 4 of us, so £2.50 each shouldn't break the bank too much!
  5. CCFC v Bristol City | Coventry Arena Official Parking Off-site (coventryparking.co.uk) There are two car parks with spaces left, for anyone after a parking space. It's £10 so a little pricey, but saves the hassle off trying to find street parking, of which I heard is difficult to find in that area of Coventry!
  6. Anyone in the away end catch his song? I couldn't quite make out the lyrics, but knew it was to the tune of Magic - Pilot.
  7. We've played 7 games and have got 9 points, with a neutral goal difference. Tonight was another game we would have 100% lost last season. Yes we rode our luck at times, but the results and the performances are much better than last season. I know we're only 7 games in, but most fans would have taken 12th at the start of the season, considering the capitulation at the end of last season. Let's just see where we are nearer Christmas before we start even considering that Nige isn't the man for the job.
  8. I can't believe some of the people on here. You would think we were 10 points adrift, routed to the bottom of the table. Yes we were poor today, but it's quite clear the fixtures have caught up with us. Reading were the better team today and deserved the 3 points. Taylor Moore has the ability and the potential. He needs time, and his decision making will improve with experience. It's a long old season and we still have key players to come back from injury. Let's not write us off today.
  9. I'm debating getting EA play as well, and yes, you get 10 hours playtime of FIFA 21 and whatever you do in that time will carry over to the full game. I just think you need to uninstall FIFA 20, before installing FIFA 21 via EA Play. From watching a bit of YouTube last night, the gameplay looks even slower than last years, but I will reserve judgement until actually playing the game myself.
  10. Every year, I say I won't buy it and then I start building my team for the next game on the web app, and I end up buying it. I'm still waiting to see some gameplay for 21, but I think we'll get some of that later today, as EA play is out later on. That will probably help me decide fully on whether to get this year's edition. However, every game since Fifa 17 has been below par and I'm really hoping the gameplay this year is much better than it has been, for the last few years.
  11. 97Red

    Hip Hop

    I watched him live at the O2 academy up in Birmingham a few years ago. I'm a big J Cole fan and discovered JID through him. He's signed to Cole's Dreamville label. I've seen J Cole live as well. J Cole and Kendrick are the most lyrical and probably two of the biggest, in terms of new school hip hop. But JID along with the likes of Denzel Curry, Joey Bada$$ and Hopsin are some of the new school guys I listen too. A lot of today's hip hop is trap/drill and is more beat concerned, rather than being solely about the lyrics and 'the story'. The UK hip hop scene is getting bigger and bigger and there are some great UK artists that are up and coming. UK hip hop is my go to listen at the moment. There seems to be a lot of old-school heads on this thread, which is great to see!
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