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  1. This is absolutely devastating, if it's true. However, we need to get behind Fam and support him now, if Afobe is out. We need to play to Fams Strengths and that's getting balls into the back post. We saw against Stoke and Hull, that he's extremely dangerous if we put it in the right area.
  2. He plays like a seasoned pro, it's quite unbelievable. From todays game, quite late on when Stoke were looking for the equaliser. He held the ball in the corner, put his body in between two stoke men and won us a free kick! He's special for an 18 year old, no doubt.
  3. For me this season, I'm watching out for a certain Darren Bond. His performance last season at home to Derby, in what was a crucial game for both clubs, was not great IMO.
  4. I can see LJ going with this, but with obviously Palmer on the left and Eliasson on the right. I'd still like to see us revert to a back 3 though if possible, Boro cut through us a number of times with the back 4 before the international break. Albeit I think we could all see they are a good side, that have had a bit of a slow start, they've got a lot of players that can hurt you. However, we just look that extra bit solid with a back 3, but this obviously does depend on whether LJ thinks Williams is ready for a starting spot.
  5. 97Red

    Fifa 20

    https://www.futhead.com/20/clubs/bristol-city/ EA have done us dirty here not going to lie. Massengo 63!! Kalas 72!!
  6. 97Red

    Fifa 20

    I'll be first too admit I'm one of those guys that buy the game every god damn year! Despite it always being basically the same game year on year, with a lick of paint. The new career updates this year look pretty good to be honest. Player growth and potential is now based around player performances and in game morale, rather than having a pre set potential like in the previous versions. Hopefully I can get Massengo to 90 OVR or something crazy like that though
  7. Happy Birthday Steve! I don't think he'll read this, but thanks for everything you've done for Bristol City!
  8. I think we have done fantastically well so far, when you consider we essentially have an entire new spine. To get 10 points on the board this early, with all the new signings and departures is nothing short of brilliant. We didn't exactly have an easy start on paper either, what with the first game against in my view, the best team in the league in Leeds, then tough away trips to Brum, Derby and Hull. We were perhaps a bit unlucky at Brum as well! Credit to Ashton and Lee for all their efforts, their doing a fantastic job. This team will only gel further and get better as the season progresses
  9. My mistake! I guess it's a similar principle though, but with 3 central 'busy' players all linking and interchanging, all of which are very much box to box if you will. Instead of just the one sitting in front of the back 4. I think we have the energy in the midfield to shift across and get about the pitch for sure, just as I said previously, there maybe times when our full backs are left exposed, but as you said no formation is bomb proof and quite right there.
  10. The diamond although successful for teams like Liverpool, I think we'd struggle with, but maybe Lee thinks we have the energy and legs in midfield to cover the wide areas. However, it does rely heavy on your full backs, a position we aren't exactly overly strong in. Playing the diamond IMO, will leave both full backs quite exposed and we know Hunt and Rowe aren't amazing defenders. Stoke have been trying to play the diamond this season, and that hasn't exactly gone great for them! I'm all for trying to get all of our attacking assets into the starting 11, and Kasey for me has to start on
  11. Depending on whether LJ thinks Williams is ready, I'd like to see: Bentley Moore Williams Baker Hunt Brownhill Massengo Rowe Palmer Weimann Afobe If Williams isn't ready, then I think it'll be a back 4, with maybe Eliasson coming in for the injured Kalas. I don't think Nagy will be rushed back and considering how good Han has been, we needn't worry!
  12. He was my man of the match today. A very classy display. Some of the cross field balls he played were top drawer. He also defended brilliantly, with some fantastic tackles and blocks.
  13. He was superb when he came on, two absolutely brilliant crosses for the goals and was unlucky with a few others. He celebrated his assists in front of us like he scored. Fair play to Jack!
  14. With Kasey, Massengo and Williams now. Lee is building quite the team of hairstyles!
  15. I'm gonna try and save the OP on this one. Here goes.... We've got Nagy, WHO Adam Nagy I just don't think you understand He only cost 2 Mil He's better than O'Neil We got Adam Nagy There must be a filter on AN's surname but to be pronounce correctly with the silent Y.
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