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  1. Loving the fact that France took Antoine Griezmann off & started their victory lap at 3-1 up, only to throw it away. Come on Switzerland!
  2. The commentary team only mentioned us once in the 1st half. Bring back Jonathan Pearce.
  3. Need France to beat Portugal so they win the group and go into the other half of the draw.
  4. Very good result for Wales in the circumstances imo. Switzerland were by far the better team for 70+ minutes of that game.
  5. If they play like they did last night, definitely! Both Wales & Switzerland would probably take a draw today if Turkey play that badly against them. Turkey are something of an enigma. Beat France in qualifying for this Euros, and beat Holland in World Cup qualifying back in March, so they must be quite good. But they looked dreadful yesterday.
  6. On paper this is a better Wales team than 2016. But this is a harder draw.
  7. In 2017 Sunderland were a Premier League club and Lincoln were non-league. Twitter has responded with great sympathy to Sunderland supporters
  8. Made the decision to watch Poland v Hungary on Sky Sports red button instead. Wasn't disappointed. 3-3 with 10 minutes left
  9. Beating number 1 ranked Belgium then losing to Denmark would be the most England thing ever.
  10. I remember a game (against Swansea I think?) where he was in the box unmarked with the goal at his mercy but Enoch Showumni decided to shoot from a tight angle instead of pass to him. I felt rather sorry for him at the time!
  11. I always smile at the fact that the FA Cup final is included in these lists.
  12. Agree to an extent. The fact that Talksport actually had the audacity to announce terms had been agreed with Hughton was pretty staggering. But journalists will always print something, especially in the age of clickbait. If they have nothing to work with, they will print unsubstantiated rumours instead.
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