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  1. Negan


    No, about 38 though.
  2. Negan


    No improvement football wise. Get he’s had a hard job but any manager that would genuinely have us moving forward would of improved us at least a bit in 2 years. Really hate to say it but I’m now Pearson out. He won’t go for a while yet but nothing I’ve seen from him makes me believe we’ll be any better with him in charge in 2/3/4 months time.
  3. Negan

    Cardiff v Brum

    Give it a month and he’ll be back to mediocrity. League 2/1 player at absolute best.
  4. It’s such a dead league. Be worth watching just for Barca vs madrid though.
  5. Yep that’s who I reckon it will be as well. I know someone has said you can buy JUST the football club but it would be stupid to just do that. I also think Lansdown, if he were to sell, would want someone to buy the whole lot and continue the Bristol sport project. We still need that arena for the basketball and other events built next to the stadium along with the hotel. I think the basketball would appeal massively to an American takeover along with the rugby, we’re pretty much a franchise. So much potential here, I think SL has taken it as far as he can. He’s done amazingly well at everything apart from that final step. Whoever would end up buying us has had pretty much all the ground work done.
  6. Well others aren’t spending the maximum and are having a lot more success than us. New owner with different ideas and philosophy might just be what we need to finally get to the prem, everything else is ready and waiting. Then again it could go completely pear shaped. Extremely risky move.
  7. Not sure if it’s been mentioned on here but I’ve missed this completely. Can remember him saying about new investors a while ago but first time I’ve heard of him saying he’d actually sell us… There will be a few on here hoping he does. How would you all feel if he did? The only people I’d imagine who could afford us, as it’s not as simple as just buying us, it’ll have to be the whole Bristol sport umbrella I’d imagine, would have to be someone extremely loaded. So definitely foreign investors. Man City of the West Country incoming https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0cldbsm
  8. Negan


    It was a weird one for Naismith. He both played amazing and terrible at fault for the first, they should have definitely had a penalty when he just got beat for pace and fell on simms and the 3rd goal gets done in the air but also made some crucial blocks, great tackles and lovely passes. He’s not big/good enough to be playing alongside Vyner and Atkinson. Desperately need Kalas back and for Wilson to start. Sykes is good going forward but can tell he’s a winger when needing to defend. Left plenty of gaps behind him, not ideal when it’s Vyner who’s behind you…
  9. Few good bits of link up play and decent attacks however a game is 90 minutes long. We seem to play well for about 9 of those minutes
  10. 2 and a half years of crap though let’s not kid ourselves. Everybody was VERY lenient with Pearson at the beginning because of what he had to inherit. However that excuse can’t be used anymore. Been here more than long enough to have made at least a positive impact. I’d say he has until the end of September to make genuine change. Won’t hold my breath though. Can already sense the beginning of the end now.
  11. Really hope we don’t wait that long if things continue as they are. Needs going a good month before the World Cup break.
  12. Got 2 fit right backs at the club that he signed and he still doesn’t play them, beggers belief. It’s not that Sykes played badly but there’s no need to play players out of position. Just can’t see this season being any different that the last 2. Be really lucky to stay up. Bentley absolutely awful for the first 2 goals as well. All that excitement and pre season momentum…. GONE
  13. I’m about another 2/3 shit performances away from being Pearson out. The football is still diabolical. He’s been here long enough now to at least have us playing well. We’re no different to when he took over. Needs to sort this shit out pronto
  15. Well depends what part of bottom half it is. If we're in the relegation zone come Christmas then yeah I'd imagine he'll be gone. If were 13th-17th then I think that's about right. For me this season he needs to have us more consistent and a lot harder to score against. If we're still leaking goals for fun and chucking away games in the final minutes then it'll be time to part ways and try someone new. Big season for Nige but I genuinely believe we'll be between 10th-15th this season. There's a few more things that need sorting and unfortunately it will take time, think Nige needs another 2, maybe 3 windows yet. Next summer, whoever is in charge, will be seeing A LOT of changes. I very much doubt next season we'll be seeing the likes of Bentley, Kalas, Massengo, Scott and Semenyo.. quite literally losing the core of our team and only 2 of them will see us get money for. So for that reason im praying Pearson has a decent season and is still in charge. We're going to need his consistency and leadership for what will be another transitional season.
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