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  1. Ask any casual and they’d say that yes. Ask anyone who actually follows championship football and they won’t, other fans in this league are well aware of the quality we have and the amount of money we’ve spent! The anger isn’t because we are doing well in the league over the last few seasons. It’s because we were promised a manager with more experience and someone who can help take us to the premier league by our owner after Johnson was sacked, only for them to announce his number 2 who has been part of some of the most boring football we’ve seen! Our fans need to be more vocal about this but
  2. I know it's only been a few games but since he was dropped and brought back in I think he's been excellent. I was annoyed at the amount of stick he was getting when he wasn't at his best considering the only reason we were as high in the table as we were was because the first half of the season he was pulling out show stopping saves every game. Yes he's made a few mistakes, the defence constantly chopping and changing all season won't have helped. Would have loved to see him with a full in form Kalas and Webster at CB's. Benkovic looks like he's finding his feet now so perhaps getting him back
  3. Fam - POTY Dasilva - YPOTY Brownhill's goal v Cardiff - CM
  4. If this happens I’m going to walk to Steve lansdowns house and just scream in anger for 40 days and 40 nights. After that I’ll find some rocks to throw.
  5. This will decide how serious we are about promotion. If we get Hughton then it’s obvious we’re really going for it next season. Any lower league or untested manager will prove we’re happy in this league flirting with top 6...
  6. It has to be Hughton for me. He’s the manager that can do what LJ did best in making us an established championship team, so there would be no worry of us doing an Ipswich but more importantly can do what LJ couldn’t, and have us fighting for promotion and in my opinion, top 2. Jokanovic is a very close 2nd. I really hope we don’t go for an up and coming manager or someone who has done well in the lower leagues. It very rarely ever works for championship teams, we finally need to go big in the managerial department. Get someone in who has done it in this league before.
  7. I'd imagine its played at Ashton gate. I'd like to think people are smart enough to stay away, playing at AG is the best possible venue we have for quality of the pitch, social distancing measures and dressing rooms etc, LJ believes in the fine margins so our home ground gives us that little edge, despite no fans being there.
  8. Have I had a stroke or am I reading a different comment section compared to the actual article. What’s Maynard got to do with any of this
  9. I’ve not renewed because there is no known end date to this pandemic. For all we know there might not even be a finish to this season or a start to the next this year! Until I know it’s safe to do so I won’t be sitting in a stadium with 22,000 people.
  10. I too have held off on buying one and I'm so glad I did. I'm not going to buy one until I know whats happening, this season is in jeopardy currently so I won't be buying one for next season when I don't even know when next season will start. Things will get a whole lot worse before they get better, there's no certainty that this season will finish and the next start this year...
  11. 6 officially but I’m saying 7 as I couldn’t spell Iriekpen to save my life
  12. THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!! Up the gypsy king!
  13. Out, and not because of the last 2 results, because of the last 18 months of dross I've had to watch.
  14. A lot of interesting posts. Just want to make it clear, I want this club to be promoted. I want us to be playing the elite and holding our own. I don't want us to be a championship side my whole supporting life. I just found it amusing that the fans of the teams who got what they wished for in premier league football, missing the league they were so desperate to be promoted from. As others have pointed out, if we were to be promoted this season, I don't think it would bode well for us in the prem, however id be very happy for us to be a yoyo team like west brom and Norwich. Would always have s
  15. It's quite the price difference though, will I be refunded the difference?
  16. I won't be renewing in my current seat. I'm in the Landsown currently. First time being in there, haven't enjoyed it too much. Want to swap to the south stand, hopefully there might be an opening in S82. Which is where I had my season ticket when the new stand was first built, loved it there. Then they made it the family section and I had to move, haven't been able to get back there since!
  17. After reading something on twitter about how the Championship is the best league in the world, which is an opinion I strongly agree with, it was funny seeing the likes of Southampton/Villa/Norwich/Watford etc fans also agree and how they "miss" the division. Now that could be down to those teams being too good for the league and usually winning most games and ultimately promotion when they are in it. Which got me thinking, why do we as Bristol City fans want to be promoted? because if we are the likelyhood is we'll lose the majority of our premier league games and be favourites for relegation
  18. That was down to putting Webster in midfield, completely threw them. We need to apply the same intensity like last season, that won us the game. Start like we have pretty much all season and it could be all over for us by HT.
  19. Why add more strain to our pitch for the women? No offence but not enough people really cares about women's football. I may be wrong but when the new training ground is made aren't the women's home games being played there?
  20. Yes he would look better in that Leeds side. He’d be a whole lot better in a team that keeps the ball, has wingers constantly on the attack and players making the correct runs, all of which Leeds do and did for 90 minutes yesterday. Regardless of whether or not he’d get in the side is not the point I’m making but you’ve missed that point. I can’t be bothered to explain something so simple again so carry on.
  21. You’ve taken what I said too literally, and then made the exact point I was making. I wasn’t saying Palmer is good enough for Leeds, or that Bielsa would sign him. I was saying in that Leeds side he would be a better player than he would of been in our side yesterday. They were on the front foot, bossing the game and having the majority of the possession. It wouldn’t have mattered if it were Leeds or Barnsley that played like that against us yesterday, Palmer is suited to that style of play and not ours.
  22. No he wouldn’t, that wasn’t the point I was making though was it.
  23. Possibly. As are most of the players outside of the premier league. When you sign a player like Palmer you know what you’re getting, so you better have the right players around him and play a style that suits. If you put Palmer in that Leeds side yesterday he would of destroyed us. Put him in our team from the start and you may as well play with 10 men..
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