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  1. I dont know about that, but Timmy Abraham (who they were so excited to get on loan after we had Tammy) played for Newport.
  2. I'm fine with people having a different opinion. I dislike people like you jumping in on something I said in order to just slate people. I made a light hearted comment on Hugill's finishing to emphasise the sheer number of chances he had during the game. You jumped in to slate our strikers who have had poor service in 75% of our games this season. My previous comments on you still stand.
  3. More concerned by the performance today than the result. But I expected a lower midtable season before it started and still expect the same now. Obviously the quality of the opposition and how well they play can sometimes make our own performance look better or worse than it actually was, but first half in particular we extremely poor. WBA will be sacking their manager if they don't go up without a doubt, some of their players should be in the Premier League.
  4. I only debate with people who aren't a waste of oxygen. You actively sought an argument, you got one. Tbh I didnt know it wasn't a Tuesday game, I was just making a poor joke from the working.
  5. Are they new rivals to Sheffield Wednesday?
  6. The obsession on here about him and Johnson is insane.
  7. Of course it does. Go take a swim in some concrete boots.
  8. Which is why I was pointing out how moronic @City1970 was bringing them into it. Hugill had a boatload of chances and my post was saying "if Hugill could finish..." City1970 brought our strikers into it when they had absolutely 0 service.
  9. This is a thread about today's game, where I was making a comment about today's game. Ignore away, you couldn't grasp a very simple concept. *****.
  10. Ref's playing until we take the lead. Which will be about 3 years from now.
  11. But backed himself into a position where he cannot back to the same degree because we will go miles over FFP. If we had more room to spend we would, we don't so we won't.
  12. Which was itself responding to a post about this match. Cretin.
  13. What sitters have Weimman, Wells and Martin had today? Have you actually been watching the game? We've created nothing of note and didn't manage a shot in the first half. Hugill alone had enough good chances for 4 or 5 in just the first half.
  14. Someone suggested it was his attitude after the backpass- not busting a gut to make up for it- that got him hooked. With regards to the sub itself I'm not going to judge too harshly on it. Some players react better to a gentle arm around them, some react better to a kick up the arse, everyone is different.
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