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  1. 16m? Williams was 1, Bakinson under 1, Palmer 3 or 4. Don't recall Wells costing 10m
  2. It's one of those where it's fine during a game, say Man City vs Newcastle. But I'm pretty sure I heard it in a Man City vs Stoke or Swansea before! But outside of during a game it's a bit annoying if they say it assuming everyone means Man City, but then with context it's ok.
  3. Have home points become more valuable than away ones suddenly? I missed that rule change. It doesn't matter where the points are won, what matters is getting them.
  4. Ah, bollocks. We don't play them at home again until December.
  5. Well, it's for causing an incident. In either case, taking the engine penalty and avoiding the one for causing the crash is still undermining the FIA and shouldn't be possible (and this isn't just a Max thing, I can remember wondering about this when I was younger and thinking it was a stupid way the ruling can be exploited to avoid the intended punishment). Equally Hamilton could also take his engine change and drop at Sochi too, but if his is fine for a few more races then having to do it so Red Bull can avoid their drivers punishment is still a disadvantage to him because it means he is losing his engine being newer later in the season and having less wear, all to make sure Red Bull don't escape the punishment given to Max.
  6. If Red bull did that then the FIA should delay the 3 place grid drop because it would be a clear action to undermine the punishment for dangerous driving. Not sure if there is a precedent for this though.
  7. Hamilton was at blame for his crash with Button at Canada 2011, that's one off the top of my head. There will be others too. So take your own blinkers off. Although, after your words on taking the knee one does wonder if there's a connection.
  8. Earlier in the race Max squeezes Lewis and Lewis backed off across the infield. Verstappen lacks the maturity to make that kind of decision and expects everyone to move out the way of him. The longer this season goes on, the more of a bellend he acts.
  9. When I was posting the final whistle hadn't gone as far as I was aware. Cheer up grumpy guts.
  10. So today there is King vs Earl. Surely King is the only winner there, clear superior in title.
  11. He stood out massively in a demolition of Cardiff (u18s I think) last season. Absolutely tore them apart time and time again in that game Hoping he can be a regular for the 23s this season.
  12. There won't be any issues. It's just the media shit stirring. Only teammate Hamilton had a notable issue with was Rosberg. Alonso- nothing (not from Hamiltons end, but Alonso didnt like a rookie outperforming him in season one when he himself was in his prime) Kovalainen- nothing Button- minor argument over the crash in Canada 2011? As would be expected when teammates crash. Other than that nothing of note. Bottas- put over by Hamilton as his favourite teammate to ghve worked with a day or two ago, very clearly no issues there. Hamilton is now approaching the end of an incredibly successful career and while he will still want wins will be well aware that part of his remit over the next two seasons is to mould Russell into being the next champion, as his talent is there for all to see.
  13. Can't believe Huddersfield were allowed a band of players at right back.
  14. Just before Huddersfield dominated for a few years? Then Arsenal after them with Chapman instrumental for both sides.
  15. I've ended up covering 2 extra shifts this weekend so not really started yet, but will get it done tomorrow.
  16. As far as I can see he's posted a photo of himself in a City top and commented with an egg timer emoji? Anyone trying to read much into that is clutching at straws really.
  17. Cheers, was going to do scatterplots for the 18 teams who were Championship the season before from each of the tables, then a final one using average "churn" and average finishing positions. Mostly because it helps me see what's being shown more than a table alone
  18. So for your %s is a higher number more minutes from the previous season retained?
  19. One other thing that presumably plays a part is if the ball goes out for a throw in/corner/goal kick/a freekick is awarded, the ball is in that teams "possession" even if it takes 5 minutes for play to be restarted.
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