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  1. Hopefully he goes after all this. He red flagged Baku as well so it would end under race conditions rather than a safety car, so no reason he couldn't have done the same here if that was the motivation. Admittedly that was a faster section of track.
  2. About time you got something right
  3. Masi after the 2020 Eifel GP regarding the prolonged safety car on track: "There is a requirement in the sporting regulations to let ALL lapped cars through." But apparently that requirement went out the window yesterday.
  4. As a correction, been using 4-2-4, not 4-2-2-2 Not had any crashes but barely played lately because I've been covering shifts for people who had positive covid tests.
  5. My last 3 league games played were L'pool away, Arsenal at home and Man City home. Hammered 6-1 by Liverpool. Let in a 92nd minute equaliser against Arsenal but had double the possession and higher xG Then completely FM'd Man City. Equal possession, but they had 27 shots to my 4. 13 on target to my 2, yet came from behind to win 2-1.
  6. I used a 4-2-2-2 for promotion in season 1 (as well as funds from selling Massengo pretty much buying a new team) Only 6 players from our real squad played in my playoff final- 3 starting, 3 on as subs with 3 more unused on the bench. 8th in the Prem after 10 games in 2nd season Baker, Vyner, Atkinson, Scott, Benarous, Tanner, Pring, Williams, James and Semenyo all that remain from our real life squad (others like Palmer and Atkinson out on loan until I can sell), and of the remaining ones Semenyo the only regular starter, Williams is in because of injuries. If you are able to (unlikely in league 1) get a loan/loan to buy for Arrey-Mbi or Garcia McNulty Former is at Bayern, averaged a 7.3 in the Championship, latter is at Wolfsburg got him permanently for 2.9m, averaged a 7.24 in champ and on 7.66 in the Prem.
  7. or the pathetic pricks should stop trolling and trying to make other people as miserable as they are
  8. not even him, more been trolls on twitter, but anyone who trolls is a worthless *** regardless of where they do it add in that the moderators here do **** all about trolling, but i got a week ban for calling robbored one. this place is falling to shit and scum like Super are why
  9. clearly not, he's a pathetic ***** who fancies himself as a knock off robbored, trolling on threads he knows nothing about
  10. **** off you pathetic *** how ******* shit is your life that you troll on a forum? If Max had got ahead during the race, then I'd have no issue. It's the fact Masi broke FIA regs to manufacture the end of the race which gifted the win. It isnt even a Hamilton thing, I'd be angry with this regardless of who the drivers are. Like Robbo I support McLaren and Norris. You still havent answered why you keep lying about Hamilton though.
  11. Super blatantly just trolling now. not sure why people are allowed to just troll on here, but whatever
  12. it's entirely wrong, stop lying
  13. That's not true though. Literally every race he's won this season he's said about how good a job the team has done, including the people back at the factory. So why do you, as well as Super continually tell lies?
  14. Who has blamed Max? Twice now youve said that but everyone is blaming Masi, not Max Either answer with honesty or **** off and stop trolling
  15. If the title had been decided on track without anything else, I'd have been fine with it? Why are you happy for a blatant screwjob? answer that one instead of acting a ***
  16. **** off. A title was taken away from someone on the final lap and given to another driver because of regulations getting broken
  17. disgraceful decision off to the CAS then
  18. Not sure he'd count as an "expert" but Jake Humphrey who used to present (I believe) said he has a feeling it may get overturned
  19. Interlagos 2003 Jordan appealed a result and Fisichella and Raikkonens final positions swapped. Not equivalent circumstances, but a race result changed after the initial one was wrong because of stewards/race director
  20. I'll counter that with one of my favourite videos on the internet Can't really explain why i like it so much. Maybe its the group of penguins sounding like the aliens in Toy Story, maybe its the one that fell responding with what I imagine to be *ahem* "flip off"
  21. Mercedes have a every right to make their appeal when 2 FIA regs were broken, purely to contrive an "entertaining" end. Races have ended under safety car before, and they will in the future too. Don't think it would get overturned, but Masi has to go after this.
  22. He completely shut Toto down without hesitation though
  23. Masi's tone with Horner and with Toto couldnt have been more different either
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