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  1. I believe all three players are involved in preseason training, not that that means very much. I still think that Largish Nige could get a tune out of them. He has employed tough love methods with quite a few players who have upped their games.
  2. Wouldn’t it be better to see City from England ?
  3. Good work Mr Ajax, thank you. My feeling from watching these types of match are that they resemble cup matches where either the energy and motivation overcome the skill of the established team or the ‘ underdogs ‘ are undone by a moment of superior skill which decides the affair. I think it is a big test of attitude for the team that is expected to win. As you say bring it on.
  4. He might need to stand on the roof at Ashton Gate.
  5. I am a bit disappointed to see that we play both Sunderland and Wigan in our early opening fixtures. Whilst they are teams from the division below they often make up for their deficiencies with extra motivation and energy.Also they are used to winning. I much prefer to play them after six to eight weeks when they run out of steam and the bubble has burst. So we will need to be on our game from the off to avoid dropped points. I don’t agree with Bristol Live that it is an easy start.
  6. He would have taken a pay cut to join us as well.
  7. Unlike quite a few posters I think KP actually tried too hard to impress. He tried the ‘ Hollywood ‘ pass often too early and was so desperate to play his part defensively that he often fouled the opponent. I would have liked to see him given a run in the team and the confidence of his manager so that he could build up the rapport with his teammates and affect the game more. As I have mentioned previously, Scott has taken his place.
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