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  1. Victimless crime doesn’t mean that there are no victims just that there are none forthcoming for a case.
  2. Where were the queues of potential buyers for the lad ? You can only sell what someone wants to buy. Shrewsbury don’t strike me as a hugely rich club so we can only get the best deal possible and look after the player and the reputation of our football club as a decent one for young people to join.
  3. His goal is to make us ‘ an international brand ‘ and money. We all know how revenue can be increased...
  4. No way , there would be Police posted in the road twenty four , seven .
  5. True and we made it to the old First Division with them.
  6. Bentley starting, does this mean O’Leary is off ?
  7. We are allegedly looking at a Bulgarian youngster , banging them in in his country , Bakov Denet , allegedly.
  8. Here they go again. A forward they were interested in preferred to go non-league rather than pull on ‘ da famous quarters ‘ https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/league-two-record-breaker-paul-5690921
  9. In the training videos Palmer looks like a man on a mission. Let’s hope he can finally add consistency to his fabulous skills. If him, O’Dowda and Semenyo up their games by just a small percentage then we could be in for an interesting season.
  10. And then got loaned out to Ipswich.
  11. Someone will get the hump at this comment.
  12. I agree , it’s not his fault that he fell out of the ugly tree hitting many branches on the way down. However, I doubt many people have an oil painting of the bloke hanging in their salon.
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