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  1. That was in another dimension of time. Sadly no one will laugh at it there either.
  2. O’Leary not sufficient then?
  3. Mooted in the Post. I suppose we can’t blame NP for our wretched home form …
  4. Dont leave it too long or it goes hard.
  5. What about Forest who had been chasing the game for ninety minutes ? Surely they would have less energy ?
  6. Your ‘ love ‘ is a man? Well, why not ? We are all modern on this forum. Live and live that’s my motto.
  7. Does she still do that little thing when she wakes up ?
  8. Two shop assistants talking one says to her colleague, ‘ I don’t know if I’ll last the day, I can hardly talk with my sore throat ‘ Her friend confided ,’ when I had a sore throat I gave my husband a blow job and afterwards it was fine. You should try it.’ The next day the two girls meet and one is singing. ’ Blimey, yesterday you had a sore throat and today you are singing , what happened ? ‘ ‘Well, I took your advice but your husband was a bit surprised that you sent me’.
  9. Don’t they hit your teeth when you’re drinking?
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