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  1. Many people in football have taken the challenge to obliterate the Gas, Darrel Clarke nearly did it and Joey Barton is well on the way lately signing up players on big contracts as befits the Basement Barcelona. The Rovers are like a stubborn turd that just won’t flush.
  2. What are you on about , he did a magnificent job at the Gas. Agent Little take a bow son.
  3. If Boxing is permitted then heading a football must be as well. Either ban both or accept that in life there are risks attached to everything we do.
  4. Sounds like Ivan Sproule’s goal v Southampton. We all thought that after running half the length of the pitch and with only the keeper to beat he’d sky it but to everyone’s amazement he slotted it. We all dream of a team of Ivan Sproules...
  5. I can’t really add more than what has already been said. Terry Cooper deserves much more recognition from the club. He brought us back to life and gave us our first ever Wembley final and a trophy. Without his titanic work who knows where we would be today. Add to that his quality on the pitch as player manager. RIP Terry and thank you .
  6. I hope they haven’t forgotten Taylor Moore in the cryotherapy chamber . It could explain why he’s missing.
  7. Reminds me of the phone call my friend made to her elderly husband. She heard on the news that a car was traveling in the wrong direction on the motorway that her hubby would use so called him to say , ’ There’s an idiot driving the wrong way on the motorway, take care ‘ He replied, ‘ an idiot? The world’s gone mad , they’re all going the wrong way ‘.
  8. We know , we read it on the official site. Best of luck to Mr Simpson with his struggle.
  9. Victimless crime doesn’t mean that there are no victims just that there are none forthcoming for a case.
  10. Where were the queues of potential buyers for the lad ? You can only sell what someone wants to buy. Shrewsbury don’t strike me as a hugely rich club so we can only get the best deal possible and look after the player and the reputation of our football club as a decent one for young people to join.
  11. His goal is to make us ‘ an international brand ‘ and money. We all know how revenue can be increased...
  12. No way , there would be Police posted in the road twenty four , seven .
  13. True and we made it to the old First Division with them.
  14. Bentley starting, does this mean O’Leary is off ?
  15. We are allegedly looking at a Bulgarian youngster , banging them in in his country , Bakov Denet , allegedly.
  16. Here they go again. A forward they were interested in preferred to go non-league rather than pull on ‘ da famous quarters ‘ https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/league-two-record-breaker-paul-5690921
  17. In the training videos Palmer looks like a man on a mission. Let’s hope he can finally add consistency to his fabulous skills. If him, O’Dowda and Semenyo up their games by just a small percentage then we could be in for an interesting season.
  18. And then got loaned out to Ipswich.
  19. Someone will get the hump at this comment.
  20. I agree , it’s not his fault that he fell out of the ugly tree hitting many branches on the way down. However, I doubt many people have an oil painting of the bloke hanging in their salon.
  21. From the title I thought he’d gone out on loan again.
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