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  1. If Leeds go down then maybe Ayling will leave=possible sell on for us. Everyone’s a winner.
  2. Another one that slips through the net . Pull yer finger out City.
  3. We need more ‘ nice’ dictators in my view.
  4. One of your better posts . worth repeating.
  5. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. He will be sorely missed. RIP
  6. You haven’t been to Delhi then . It is chaos . No one takes any notice of the signs or the direction of the traffic . Throw in Tuk tuks, cyclists, motorcycles,beggars and cows and you have total mayhem.
  7. Why would there be 100,000 Rangers fans in Seville when Celtic were playing ?
  8. We are mostly flying on EasyJet. Via Hartlepool no doubt.
  9. I remember an away day at Watford when our ‘ lads’ sang ‘ Elton John is a homosexual ‘ I mean I was shocked at the news . Bunch of morons.
  10. It’s a bit sad that in the 21st century that it’s deemed newsworthy. Good luck to the lad and all others who have the courage to openly be who they are. We only get one life.
  11. Strikes me like a Luke Freeman type of player. He is clearly not the finished article and maybe never will be but he has potential and on a free transfer it could be a good bit of business as competition for George Tanner or a winger if we change tactics .
  12. Liverpool,not exactly ‘ swashbuckling ‘ their way to trophies are they? Scraping through on penalties again for their second cup win. Fine margins or not it doesn’t scream all conquering Champions.
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