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  1. Alex Scott is certainly looking to be a very good player. Let’s hope he stays so we can appreciate his skills in a City shirt and, maybe, give us the stardust to help us into the Prem.
  2. You didn’t wanna take the M25.
  3. What league do Space play in ?
  4. We’re We when Oxford and Watford fans told us ?
  5. If a player has a choice of clubs is he going to be more impressed by those who actively scouted him over several games or the one who number crunched and decided that his were the best stats?
  6. Frankie is a top, top bloke with a positive energy and a great person to have around a club , like Scotty. He is nowhere near the best keeper , technically that we’ve ever had . His kicking wasn’t very accurate and he never dominated his box but did a job and saw off a number of pretenders for his place as our number 1. I wouldn’t have him back though as much as I love the bloke’s attitude and personality.
  7. I have nothing against his left leg …
  8. As I understand it Joey Jailbird needs planning permission to aggress someone but he must sell his wife first before buying some fruit. I could be wrong.
  9. Nonsense, he was a legend at Millwall … oh no , I am thinking of Teddy Sheringham.
  10. I certain that when we get to the Prem, perhaps not this season, that will be the very moment that parachute payments are ended.
  11. The thing is that this division is very tight, and very few teams dominate others. We have had matches where we should have won and didn’t so we have to take the reverse equally and enjoy it. I think we just need to hang in and scrape some results whilst the youngsters develop and NP brings in his own players and staff . This season, as has been said a multitude of times, is one of survival whilst Nige sorts out the huge mess left from the past. It’s not going to happen overnight and we need to get behind this imperfect team to help us towards enough results to buy us time.
  12. Evidently a bit short after Christmas.
  13. Ok,some of us are having to post when we are not at our best but we are prepared to do so, it’s a question of moral fibre.
  14. It was on the club post match , right at the very end of the interview he spoke of players not wanting to play when less than a hundred per cent and spoke of ‘ moral fibre’.
  15. Interesting end to his interview saying that certain players need to play through injury niggles but certain lack ‘ moral fibre’ to do so. Who is shirking?
  16. No one wants that but it hasn’t hurt a lot of clubs , today’s opposition included , to go down have a reset and on the back of promotion to the Championship ,with players used to winning , gone on to the Prem. I believe Pearson knows what is needed and will get us there eventually. This club has been badly run for years and it’s not going to change overnight. I hope SL sticks with him and he sticks with us.
  17. Remind me where Sheff Utd were last season and where the majority of our players were. Terrible conditions. Terrible ref. It wasn’t good but only the most optimistic fans would have expected a victory today. Those calling for Pearson’s head echo the frustration we are all experiencing but the bloke needs to be given time to mould his own squad. We need to stand firm. In spite of my ill judged comment on Baker’s, for which I apologise, I wish him a swift recovery.
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