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  1. It’s welsh hardly local not even from the same country!
  2. Ah fair play, I knew a girl once she was lez everywhere she even let me join in once or twice not sure if that makes her bi though!
  3. Which is the same as been discussed on other threads!
  4. Yes they all seem to think being debt free will last, but have seemed to have forgot that they are losing £3-4m a year so they won’t be debt free for long!!!
  5. Well that’s just you talking nonsense again, our striker with the best goals to game ratio at championship level is not Wells or Afobe but Fammy!
  6. No it’s the internet that means anyone could be ******* anywhere! Different places have different tolerance levels how dare you assume anything!
  7. Are you suggesting that City should’ve gone for him instead?
  8. You want to play Palmer at right back?
  9. Difference with the rugby where they go sign the best players in the world who earn £1m a year if we signed the best players in the world they would want that a week (not that we could actually sign the. At this level!)
  10. I would hope that if we appointed a new manager it would be one with a better with a better win ratio than little lee at championship level!
  11. Maybe he doesn’t want it plenty of people fall out of love with the fame and would rather do other things then waste time doing something they’re not enjoying!
  12. So how can a team that couldn’t afford £500k to finish the season, Afford to build a new stadium?
  13. Did we bring on Jim Brennan for Jim Brennan
  14. Dwayne sports franchise Amateur Football department!!
  15. I agree in part with what you’re saying but Scotty was with us when we were in league 1 for most of his career! So probably wouldn’t have been on a great deal of money! To do something for club servant like Scotty (player and kitman) is only right and fitting! as a side note most top level players who get a testimonial these days usually give their boy to charity!!
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