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  1. I read the first pages and the tarmac is mentioned several times by different posters! What the **** is so special about that tarmac?
  2. I would like to know what’s wrong with cocaine and cider?
  3. BBC can’t compete with subscription based services and haven’t been able to for 30 years I thought everybody knew this!
  4. They ban or suspend anyone who doesn’t toe the party line over there! so if you don’t share the exact brain dead views as the mods you’re a goner! Seeing as they weren’t swimming in the biggest pond in the first place and you kick out all smart fish you end up with a load of goldfish who swim in endless circles forget their own name every 7 seconds!
  5. Been on there for years I’m Henbury Gas!
  6. Why you arguing with gasheads? A wise man once said never argue with fools because from a distance it’s hard to tell who’s who!
  7. Maybe he got mixed up with the Bears as they’ve sold 7000 so far!
  8. Watford are my dark horses! So dark no ones knows they’re in the competition!
  9. Clubs usually have it written into contracts that they managers get a years severance pay or until they find a new job! For instance we stopped paying LJ the minute he signed for Sunderland! Other wise it could be very lucrative being a useless manager getting sacked all the time!
  10. In Europe captains are see as players a collect a cup at the end of season not that important at all, all senior players should talk young through but to say a striker say (Kane as captain) should organise your defence because he’s captain is scandalous! Or vice versa!
  11. Why do we place so much emphasis on being a captain if you can’t play football without someone “inspiring” you to do so, then maybe you shouldn’t be a footballer!
  12. You did enough to comment on a clearly titled thread!
  13. James Coppinger he must be picking up his pension by now!!
  14. Although as plumber technically that’s a basin!
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