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  1. I assume and I could be wrong it’s because he played Association Football which got shortened to Soccer!
  2. Do you get annoyed when people call us City as well?
  3. Now you mention it, it was tad salty!
  4. They did it in south Bristol for a bit until the city under cut them and set up slim to win! Same thing but cheaper and you occasionally get some City coaching too!
  5. Up the Jersey Bulls! I’ve been loving the milk they’ve been producing and now they play football too!
  6. Problem with that is that’s college football so most of the people in the crowd are students! If some of the pensioners in the dolman started doing that there would be popped hips everywhere!
  7. I read that like a puff piece about how good I am with bits about City and rovers chucked in! And the bit about City was nonsense admittedly I know little about Rovers plight other than their shit! but he mentioned His time at Grimsby their fans hate him, then goes off tangent about what he’s been doing in the lockdown! Blokes a prize *****!
  8. Not that often he suffers from a condition that runs through his family which makes far more prone to muscle injury!
  9. Not really we still have 4 fully professional football divisions of which we have been to the top flight before it’s just got fancy name! There’s still relegation from it they still play football although admittedly the rules have changed like the offside rule every season nearly and the back pass rule was brought in!
  10. I mean we were runners up 100 odd years ago! I know it shouldn’t but it winds me up even when the declare Alan shearer the top goal scorer it’s like they forgot about Jimmy Greaves who again I wasn’t alive to see play way before my time and he’s not even just a little bit in front he’s still like 60 odd goals in front!
  11. I mean I’m to young to remember it but we have been there! Just because it got a fancy new name it’s still the top flight of English domestic football!
  12. Roma will do well this season there 1st eleven is strong! Pellegrini is some player as long as everyone stays fit they will do a lot better than last season, also Mourinho will have them a lot more organized defensively!
  13. Looks like he’s playing with a Pring in his step at the moment!
  14. http://storage.proboards.com/5848383/a/c6fIyvbPPO3AI60KH0Wl.gif dragonfly Fans' Favourite 38 minutes ago Quote If one looks to the South, who on Earth would want to destroy BRFC? Who does Agent Barton really work for?
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