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  1. I’m pretty sure he was a right back who was used as an emergency striker! And it work for whatever reason for a that season! But he was really a striker!
  2. I got a friend who’s claim to fame is that he got a blow job from Rose West! She was quite good at it too!
  3. If we take a honest look at ourselves and actually be honest we just aren’t that good! We overachieved at the last 2 tournaments even with the the relatively easy runs we’ve had! So if we analyse the starting 11 from the euro final and see if and how they’ve kicked on and if we use the common thought in club football that the Champions league is the highest level you can play! Gk Pickford! (Everton) Whilst being quite Solid Always looks like he has a mistake in him! Also playing for Everton he defiantly gets no Champions League football, (Hasn’t kicked on) Rwb Trippier (Newcastle) probably our strongest position depth wise but he’s gone from Athetico winning the la Liga and playing Champoins league to playing for Newcastle No Champions league (Hasn’t kicked on) Cb Walker (Man City) plays mostly RB for Man City he’s solid but like the a formation strength at Rb/Rwb gets shoehorn into the team at cb and doesn’t usually let us down plays Champions league football Cb Stones (Man City) been in and out of the Man City Team the past few seasons at one point looking like he was going up for sale but when given a run of games and be consistent he’s probably our most talented CB, Plays Champions League. Cb Maguire (Man Utd) he’s a difficult one last season became a meme and a bit of a running joke! His form was terrible and he is prone to clangers but was usually solid for England! I think if you pick on club form then there’s no way he could be included and it would probably do him good to step out of the firing line to recompose himself. next season no Champions league football. Lwb Shaw (Man Utd) was solid the whole tournament and scored in the final but a inconsistent season last year plus injuries means he hasn’t kicked on from then and that is likely to be his peak! No Champions league next year! Cm Phillips (Leeds) this is where we fall down most in terms of squad strength, Can you see him playing for the one of the best Club teams in the world? 26 years old never played European football let alone Champions league! Cm Rice (West Ham) never Played Champions league although does seem to have some ability! Lw/lam Mount (Chelsea) he’s a funny one a bit marmite! Like a lot of players of his flits in and out of games but is young has time to work his weaknesses! Plays Champions league! Rw/Ram Sterling (Man City) Great player probably should score more but is one of our better players! Play Champions league. Cf Kane (Tottenham) not sure I need to say much about him key player in our team! Plays champion league Football! now I’m not saying it’s the be all and end all but all the best players play champions league football and by playing the best it’s the best way to learn and improve! But you look at it objectively only 3 (Kane, Walker and Sterling) maybe Stones at a push are considered key players in regular Champions league playing teams so maybe we just ain’t as good as we think we are!
  4. From whose point of view you’d be surprised at the amount of players who don’t like football don’t like playing it just happened to ggo’s enough to go pro and make money! For proof you have to look no further than 3rd choice goalkeepers in the prem, never likely to play but will get paid very handsomely to train fitness eat well and be finished work at like 12:30ish everyday!
  5. Arent most of them by 24? if they’ve played in the top 2 divisions, not sure how that’s relevant? Being a millionaire young doesn’t make you any less talented, If you have the talent you have the talent! Being able to play one really good pass every 5 games or only being able to perform when Benik Afobe is playing isn’t talent!
  6. Some people (by that I mean like 2) have got upset on behalf of a group of rugby players (who don’t care and probably aren’t aware why this is even a issue, just like everybody else!)
  7. Or the no one in the video is offended by it most probably think it’s funny! its the I’m not going to get offended on someone else’s behalf because I’ve got nothing better to do! And yes none of it matters racism is a societal problem and can be solved by kneeling on a football pitch, it’s needs investment in education on the matter and lots of time as racism is no where near as bad as it was 40 years ago give it another 40 years it’ll be even better perhaps not perfect but who’s cares I’ll be dead! And as for COVID I’ve had it stayed in and isolated like I was supposed too and no it wasn’t that bad to be fair! In short you can’t solve the worlds problems by sitting behind a keyboard in forum for average championship side!
  8. Says who? you? you can’t please everybody so if only a handful of people complain but the vast majority couldn’t give two shits and this includes the players and staff in the video why is being made into such a big deal?
  9. People say that he hasn’t been given much of a chance for us but he has played over 60 games for us in 2 years! his head drops if something he tries doesn’t come off then is at best a passenger in most games or at worst lazy! On the odd occasion it does he can be masterful!
  10. What if the club asked the players how they felt about it before the tweet went out? And all the players are fine with it because they are not complete ******* misarable trout faced Quiches! then would it be ok?
  11. Are you only complaining because you wish you were in dressing room too? Sandwiches between the king of southmead and a tub of vicks vaporub? Rugby professionals are always banging on a bout their Rigs! Seems like you’re a bit of a Karen who gets offended on behalf of other people when in reality there’s nothing to get offended by!
  12. Do you include the Jewish people who while think it’s a bit stupid of him to use the word but are not entirely offended by? Should I be offended by people being offended? Where does it all end?
  13. So you’re saying because they’ve had better recent histories it’s ok they’ve almost bust?
  14. Portsmouth, Bolton, Wigan and notts County? For starters Cardiff got problems forest had them too?
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