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  1. Must be time to rethink this 3-5-2 set up. Looked decent against Walsall but I'd rather us set up like we did against Tamworth and just have a go at team from now on, from the outset.
  2. Come on lads please don't throw this away...
  3. Probably. We're falling like a stone, cannot believe how poor we have been over the past few years. Different managers, different players...like I said, cursed.
  4. I swear this football club is cursed.
  5. So frustrating. Another miserable result on the cards by the sound of it.
  6. Although some are bemoaning the use of stats, these stats are 'blind' to what type of chances these strikers have had. Therefore, to say Baldock misses more 'gilt edged' chances is irrelevant when comparing him against the likes of Wells etc. How many 'great' chances have others missed? Yes it's frustrating, but Baldock is definitely good enough for this league, and shows passion and commitment too.
  7. Gas equalizer coming up surely? Just to make this evening that little bit ****er.
  8. Like the look of that. Not sure why we would 'get destroyed'. We have to start having a go at other teams and dictating the way we want to play, as opposed to pandering to other teams. Much better than shutting up shop and hoping to sneak a win.
  9. But that's football isn't it JT? Yes on paper we should be 6-0 up, but we all know that's not how it works in the cup. I watched a much lauded MK Dons team who SoD thought highly of scrape past Dover Athletic yesterday.
  10. The players know what they are capable of and what is required of them. By all accounts we've played some terrible football under O Driscoll-there isn't going to be a drastic change after one week.
  11. Let's hope it doesn't turn into the 'upset' that ITV are probably hoping for!
  12. Didn't he say in his book that he *would*, if offered, manage City? I'm talking 'favourite' in terms of public perception, Hollowhead-out of work Bristolian ergo he's likely to be in the running for the City job.
  13. Love him or hate him, he must be current favourite for the job.
  14. If that's the case, then I fear this team might not be good enough for League 1.
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