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  1. He wouldn't make it today. An academy coach with several UEFA qualifications would bomb him out for being too short.
  2. I remember that game as I worked with the steward in yellow , who to be fair didn't hide away when it all kicked off. Turncoat mind. I remember that game as I worked with the steward in yellow , who to be fair didn't hide away when it all kicked off. Turncoat mind.
  3. I don't know the figures, but I would be astounded if Peter Aitken & Julian Marshall were on anything like that amount of money. I seem to remember it being openly discussed in the press that Clive Whitehead had a 10 year contract at £500 a week (of course that doesn't make it true, but it was certainly mentioned often) so possibly the likes of Geoff Merrick were on decent money, after all, he had captained the club to promotion, but these players certainly weren't rich men and I think I'm right in saying they all went onto 'normal' jobs after football. Except for Aitken of course who still holds down a glamorous dream job.:)
  4. I think it was pretty personal to a lot of people. I was pretty surprised to see some of the post on here actually, with the possible exception of Garland, it was hardly superstar footballers and a couple in particular were true City legends and treate dpretty shabbily (and that's putting it mildly)
  5. Well no- it was Rovers who were the victims of the crime! Not that what the City board did in 1982 was a crime of course. Although some may say it was criminal
  6. What happened in 1982 changed football for all clubs. So I will continue to chip in and antagonise when appropriate
  7. Err, well Esmond was ripping his own club off, so there is ever such a slight difference there
  8. The 8 were dealt a fait accompli, they had no choice but to walk away. I don't think anyone could question that the blame for the mess lies fairly and squarely with the board of the time. Now money doesn't seem to be a problem, maybe your current board should make some charitable donation from the money they make selling shirts with the names on the eight on them. I'm not sure how Peter Aitken will feel about having his name on the shirt though
  9. Ferencvaros were 9/1, well at least I made some money , that was a ridiculous price considering they had already knocked out the Swedish champions. Celtic were pretty dominant throughout but Ferencvaros stuck to their guns well and Lennon may well regret not starting the game with a striker now. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Hungarian surprise a couple more.
  10. I won it last season, I have tried to find out about the prize money that was offered ( we all chucked a tenner in and I believe it was a winner takes all thing) I'm not desperate for the cash or anything but if someone can find out where it is I will happily donate it to some worthy cause
  11. Win a few games, they'll all be back
  12. You do realise you are on the internet don't you?
  13. When I first started work in 1981 we had a rep call on us who was called Donald Duck. He was an old boy, so to be fair to his parents he would have been born before the Disney character was created. He loved his name though as he thought it did him well in business as everyone remembered him. Oddly enough, I have a bit of a strange name meself and I also think it helps people remember me (which is handy in my job)
  14. Well, well, fancy a Gashead winning yer Fantasy League , does this prove we know more about football I do believe there was some money on it
  15. I would love to see an equalling out of football. Do you think City fans would be happy to see the disparity in payments to all 4 leagues disappear?
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