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General Zod

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  1. I’m happy with Marley signing as long as he’s not our marquee signing and there are more exciting players to come. Feels like an ok squad player but not someone to move us forward. Played his best football in the league below and hasn’t really shown yet that he can make the step up consistently but no doubt is seen as someone easy to manage and will buy into the LJ way of doing things with little fuss. If we lose the 3 or 4 better first team players we expect this summer and replace with the the quality of Watkins it will be a long season. Nice to get the first transfer onboard but fingers crossed there’s much more to come.
  2. General Zod

    Former players turned fans

    Considering the number of local lads we’ve had in the squad over the years there doesn’t seem many who once off the payroll choose to spend their time watching us. I guess even when they were kids they probably spent more time playing than watching so don’t have the bug like the rest of us
  3. General Zod

    Former players turned fans

    I was wondering if our fan base contain any ex City players? I’m not talking about the ones that turn up at the Gate for an occasional corporate jolly or get a quote in the paper when we are doing well but are there any who, now their careers are over, join us in the stands for the ups and downs on a regular basis? We often say that players are City through and through so I’m intrigued if I’m likely to see any blasts from the past in the concourse when I’m waiting inline for a pasty.
  4. General Zod

    Treatment of disabled fans

    Unfortunately your view is echoed by those in power and most of their friends so these tax loop holes never change. Income tax is set at a percentage of income for a reason, those who do well pay more, those who do extremely well pay a lot more. Would paying the correct tax change SL day to day life and his spending power. I doubt it but I know if SL and the many others played by the same rules as the rest of us then the country would be stronger and after all, it was this country that provide him with the opportunity to earn his wealth. You shouldn’t be able to say I’m only happy to pay £x and op out of your obligation to society. It makes me chuckle that as a country we openly criticise and show outrage at those who play the benefit system for all they can get but turn a blind eye (unless you’re Jimmy Carr) to those taking advantage of tax loopholes. Vive la revolution.
  5. General Zod

    Yanny or Laurel?

    It’s like when Mark Ashton opens his mouth, some hear ‘progress’ others hear ‘BS’. I know what camp I’m in....
  6. General Zod

    FAO Dolly

    Because being a fan is like a drug and it’s a hard decision to stop going. Normally I just renew no matter what goes on on the pitch, promotion, mid table or relegation. This season, for the first time ever I questioned whether I wanted to be a part of it next season. I still renewed but I’ve never even questioned the decision before. Bristol Sport and the contempt us fans have been treated with from those in charge has taken away a big part of my match day fun and passion. I’m not stupid though, I know that with a shiny new stadium, the odd high profile cup run, Championship football and a wealthy city like Bristol, for every old fan like me that has had enough with Bristol sports evolution, a shiny new customer is waiting to take their place. This model works well until we are relegation or we see years of stagnation when the customers take their money elsewhere and the much smaller, disillusioned addicted fan base is all that’s left.
  7. General Zod

    end of season walk around the pitch

    Alternatively let’s clap them up until the half way point of their walk round and boo them for the rest. Seems fair to me
  8. General Zod

    Surprise on Sunday.

    Agree. I think next season we will see if the clubs ‘plan’ that was sold to us when LJ was appointed is the real deal or just our own version of the fable ‘the emperors new clothes.’ The ‘one for the future’ and increased in league position make the ‘plan’ difficult to argue against/easy to defend even if you have doubts Since LJ has been here there has been a reliance on the league 1 promotion squad with the majority of players brought in for big money being labled ‘for the future’ and with a couple of exceptions those brought in for the now underperforming. Well guys, with us probably loosing our best players in the summer, next season the futures has finally arrived. The ‘ones for the future’ have done their apprenticeship and should be ready to step up. I believe one way or another we will see with a degree of certainty whether LJ and his coaches are the real deal and whether Mark Ashton and his scouts are really moving us forward The time for sound bites and management talk will be over. It’s a real defining season for all those connected to the club. The emperors new clothes, will we see Steve Lansdown Standing there in an amazing new suit or clapping the team off in the nude.
  9. General Zod

    West Brom actually making move for LJ!?

    Don’t fall into the trap of measuring progress solely by league position. If we finish lower down the league next year the excuses will have dried up. If the clubs aim is to move closer to promotion year on year then I want to see a style of football being played which gives us our identity, which we stick to and which we can be proud of, a transfer policy which we can have faith in, a young manager and coaches showing that they are learning and have more than just unrealised potential and finally an effective plan b for when games aren’t going as the interactive tv and computer analysis told us it would. With some of the team selections in 2018, zero creativity football, disappearance of a number of fairly big money signings, reliance on the league 1 promotion team, consistently clueless away performances, extremely inconsistent at home, manager who doesn’t appear to have learnt lessons from last season and a coaching set up that lack the experience to help make big decisions I’m not so sure we should be patting ourselves on the back and praising a remarkable rise up the table.
  10. General Zod

    Get a grip

    I think a guaranteed top two is stretching it but it wouldn’t have taken much success in the window to guarantee a playoff spot as we were so far clear. Unfortunately I don’t think the club gave a thought about going for it during the window. We are stubbornly sticking to our long term plan of baby steps towards promotion when we were in a great place to gamble on an opportunity which may not present itself again for years. Walsh was bought as another one for the future, Diony was a try before you buy and neither was bought for instant impact. Kent was brought in for our promotion push but turned out to be pants. The trouble I have with this long term plan is there’s no visible timescale and accountability attached to it so there’s a danger it just gets used to justify poor performance and breeds apathy all over the club. Do we want promotion or is Bristol Sport/SL just happy to have an established championship team that is almost breaking even and not draining the Lansdown millions each year? Are they using the ‘long term’ philosophy to hide what the clubs ambition is really about?
  11. General Zod

    Get a grip

    As far as I can see we have a stubborn manager who isn’t learning/holding hands up for his own mistakes. A manager who has surrounded himself with inexperience and shown time and time again he doesn’t know how to get a team out of a poor run. A manager who only stumbled upon his best formation due to injuries and has shown us a very limited plan b. We have a transfer policy that isn’t working but it’s failure is hidden behind a the words ‘long term and for the future’. We have bought players after analysing ‘DNA’ but by all accounts have ended up with ‘the wrong ‘DNA/mentality / not enough leaders’ We have given up on our football identity since Christmas and the season ticket debacle and official response has showed me what Bristol Sport really think about us as fans and how there is zero empathy with the sacrifice needed to be a supporter in the modern game. I can’t argue that if we simply look and league positions, points and cup runs then it’s been a wonderful season. However if this is what we are holding up as a true measure of success, next year will be interesting as I’d be surprised if we hit the same highs again. Will all those who this year have reasonable justification to point to our points gained and league position as a measure of a successful season be unhappy next year if we don’t show an improvement, I doubt it and the justification message from the club will point to the talent we’ve lost in the summer, the quality of relegated prem clubs and that a youngster or two has broke into the first team The league points this year does not hide the fact that our form has been disastrous and we have been clueless from top to bottom since Christmas.
  12. General Zod

    The rebuild part 2

    Are we really seeing that? I really hope what I’ve watched in 2018 isn’t a reflection of the style LJ wants. We are no where near a finished article after 3 windows and with the potential of good players leaving and questionable success from our recruitment policy I’d say we have a long road in front of us
  13. General Zod

    I've just been googling Sean Dyche.....

    Agree with most of the sentiment. I feel I t’s probably a bit worse though as LJ probably spent 9 or 10 years of his career playing for his old man and his experience of different managers in general is non existent not just since he hung up his boots. Not only is he a young coach, he’s a young coach with a very limited references to call on when it comes to doing things differently. I believe he desperately needs experience around him especially to help with his in game management. I can’t see LJ or the club progressing long term without this kind of guidance. If he’s here for the long term I don’t understand why the club don’t insist on him having this sort of help whilst he’s learning the ropes. There must be someone he’s happy to work with. I just hope we are not waiting for Gary to call it a day and take up a director of football role but nothing would surprise me.
  14. General Zod

    Team For 18/19

    So opinion/consensus is that Pack, Flint, Bobby, Joe are good enough to be in demand and could move on, Famara is possibly a 20 goal striker with a full season and Baker is the best defender at the club. When you add to that the likes of Smith, Brownhill, O’Dowda, Durich and Patto who aren’t mugs at this level. To me this just highlights that the weak link and fault for our disgraceful and unchecked fall from the top 6 sits clearly with the coaches. If any part of the set up needs re evaluation in the summer it’s there. I’m not saying sack LJ but please let’s find the guy and experienced number 2 who he feels happy to work with and who’s critique/opinion he can accept, someone who he can talk through in play tactics/subs with and someone who has seen it all when it comes to loss of form. For me that’s the only way this club will move on no matter who stays or goes on the playing side.
  15. General Zod

    Successful Season and Looking forward to the future

    I for one will be glad when this season is over. I think we all need a break to get over our embarrassing collapse and get some positivity back. I believe that LJ isn’t learning from his own mistakes at a pace needed to be a successful championship manager and should be moved on but it isn’t going to happen. This helplessness is the bit I’m struggling with as no matter what happens you just know he’s here as long as he wants to be which can’t be good for the club. He split the fan base as a player and seems to be doing the same as a manager. Again not good if we all want to pull in the same direction. If he had to serve his apprenticeship with us instead of in the lower league he really does need to reorganise the coaching staff and find someone he can work with who has heaps of know how and experience to pass on. Any progress made this season has been wiped out in my mind by an inability to address the slide. If we are in it for the long run, progress really should not be measured by league position or points but I’m glad it is being used as I doubt we will be near this position next year and I look forward to the back tracking and repositioning of success measurables.