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  1. BLM is not an ‘organisation’ it has no leaders, no members. It is just a statement of fact.
  2. I am, just a shame Morrissey turned out to such an ass. Ruined it for me. Marr on the other hand is a lovely bloke.
  3. He should have just had a megaphone.
  4. Is that even legal? Must be I guess but a bit bizarre.
  5. Unfortunately it being us we’re attempting that in the Suez Canal.
  6. What’s all that about. I’m not playing Call of Duty. Why do I get badges and crap on here? It’s not a competition. edit Ffs I just got a new one for this post as I started a conversation. Stupid idea.
  7. I imagine SL won’t have the option, Pearson will decide to leave slightly tarnished but not critically so.
  8. Err no. I support the idea of the club and it’s history. Doesn’t mean I’m going spend my hard earned when I dislike where we are at the moment.
  9. Mate, I’m with you. Over 40 years for me so only a young’un. Started following my new local team Worthing. Contributed to improving the ground and have seen them ‘technically’ get promoted twice, but no all results scrubbed and go again. due to lockdown. The Super league has cheesed me off too. Just pissed off with the higher echelons of football. Never thought I’d say that with City in (old money) Div 2. I’m not sure what’s missing for me but something is.
  10. It would have been done by now. Who’s decision it was we may never know. I just can’t see it.
  11. I agree, I just don’t think it will happen. I reckon Pearson will make the decision himself to depart.
  12. You’re in dreamland, Pearson, Shakespeare and Walsh? Not a hope.
  13. Pearson will not be at Ashton Gate next season.
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