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  1. It’s a bit bigger than that, have you seen the size of the ******* bridge?
  2. If we go three down in the first five minutes I’m sure they’d let us pass it around at the back for the rest of the game to get our completion rate up.
  3. Last time I checked my bank account I must have missed the wage packet from BCFC.
  4. May as well get a record, 9 own goals before the whistle blows?
  5. Still care, but I hate it. Not been to AG for a while but it’s in the blood so still keep track. It’s a sickness in some ways. Have far more fun following my local non league team.
  6. Maybe you could ask SL or can’t he hear you due to your head being so up his ass?
  7. So how would you carve out just BCFC and Ashton Gate from Bristol Sport?
  8. Aw bless, keep tugging your forelock and doffing your cap.
  9. Only just bothered to find out the result, must be plenty like me.
  10. Sorry, I’ll dig out my foam hands...
  11. At what point have you ever heard a manager say ‘well we had a piss easy game against x team because they’re shite no wonder we won this one’?
  12. Ooh Steve and his money. Doff cap, tug forelock. Thanks guv. If you haven’t spotted that he’s the problem then you are truly lost.
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