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  1. Many on the 9:01 from temple meads?
  2. Yeah is London bridge safe enough or is it worth playing it safe and drinking in paddington or getting off at Baker Street?
  3. I'm afraid in the realistic world there is people that will want to drink alcohol at that time in the morning, enhancing what is already an exciting Derby day, that is why people want to know what sort of advice there is out there for us chaps who want to have 1 or 2 ciders before kick off in bars of the home team's city, whether that's Cardiff or Middlesbrough
  4. This is the trouble, fans are gonna be hanging around Cardiff central until 11:30-11:40 when they'll need to get a taxi to the ground, what are they gonna do until then, drink and sing anti Wales songs on the street, which will probably antagonise home supporters more than if we were given one pub
  5. Any update Julie? Hopefully there's somewhere for us to go once we get off the train. Is the Wetherspoons at Cardiff Central an option or not?
  6. Anyone know what the situation is with trains/pubs etc? Guessing we're all gonna get a police escort from the station, but will we be allowed in a boozer first? Julie H you been told anything?
  7. Bricklayers Arms for all you train lot
  8. All you train goers heading for The Terrace? 14 of us giving it a go when we get there at 12ish
  9. Railway outside New Street station heaving with City
  10. Anyone with the Modbro app know if it's on there tonight?
  11. When do tickets go on sale for this? Only a month away. What sort of time train should we catch and are they any decent pubs in Birmingham or in St Andrews? Cheers
  12. What train we getting and what burger van you all eating at or are the pies good enough in the ground?
  13. If you don't like the thread don't bother commenting. Drinking in pubs meeting up with fellow supporters is all part of away days. Johnson out.
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