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  1. “City release adult lifestyle collection” After reading the title of this thread I was half expecting a box set of nipple clamps, gimp masks and other such erotic paraphernalia.
  2. I’m not sure what’s more pathetic. The writing on the sheet or someone asking for it. Pretty sad!
  3. I enjoy half a dozen Rich Tea with a topping of butter. Rich Tea are the Bas Savage of the dunking world.
  4. Reassuring to see that Sunderland, like every other club has a contingent of knuckle draggers. TBH I didn’t have a clue what they were saying but their grunting suggested discontentment.
  5. Oddly enough I was a goalkeeper at junior school but ended up being a right-winger through teen years as I was probably fairly quick and strong. I played all the time but never took it that seriously. Had a couple of trials with div1 sides but simply wasn't quick enough for that level. Discovered girls, ciggies and beer about about 16 and that was that really. As a lifelong city fan I'd have loved to score a goal on 90 minutes at home that took us to the promised land. Actually scoring on 80 minutes instead of 90 probably would have been better as at least some people would still have been in the Dolman to see it.
  6. In fairness the Dolman is virtually empty ten minutes before time. It’s magic as you can watch all the game and by the time I reach the car the traffic has cleared.
  7. My god! What a refreshingly honest assessment of where we are that is not wrapped up in new age positive “Johnson’esq “ BS. I’m looking forward to how the club evolves.
  8. I’m not sure I’m allowed to say the following in our politically correct times but I’d defo shag Dooley.
  9. Maybe the game is up. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/mrs-browns-boys-ratings-bbc-deal-b1779463.html
  10. I’ll definitely second the comment “Mrs Brown’s Boy”. It’s complete shite. I’ve yet to meet anyone who thinks it’s good. Usually I’ll watch some of the shite that the wife and youngest want to watch but “Mrs Brown’s Boys” we’re in complete agreement with “can we switch this shite off”.
  11. NP should be given the same opportunity as other applicants. I’d be against handing him the job by default because : He’s not been able to motivate the players He’s pointing out the blindingly obvious regarding structural and staff issues Maybe his ship has sailed. Very few managers are long-term successes over multiple clubs. May be his best before date has passed. Don’t get me wrong, he’s genuinely a candidate but I think too many think he should be just given the job. Why? I’d prefer we went through a exhaustive recruitment process to ensure the right candidate is appointed to take us forward, not another yes man like LJ or a copy of the farcical Holden appointment.
  12. I fully expect SL to ensure a thoroughly and detailed process is undertaken over a couple of months to identify the roles required and the right candidates appointed to those roles that are able take the club to the next level. The reality is we’ll probably take 2 months over the appointments only to discover, as if by magic that the perfect candidate was hiding in a broom cabinet at Ashton Gate all along.
  13. I think the appointment of Holden sealed Ashton’s fate. If Ashton was the person to back Holden then he should have left because the whole process was a sham. If Steve Lansdown told Ashton that Holden should be appointed then it would have been clear to Ashton that his decision making ability and his days were numbered. I’d like to read Ashton CV and what he regards as successes during his time here. From the outside I’d give him a 4 or 5 out of 10, I.e nothing great or horrendous happened.
  14. Bloke sounds like a complete bellend. Part of me says everyone should have a second chance and the other part of me thinks his second chance should be elsewhere.
  15. His frustration is obvious. The manager is always the scapegoat and fans default reaction is always call for the manager to be sacked when questions of commitment should be asked of those on the pitch. How many of our match day squad are “winners” and have a winners mentality. Probably not enough sadly As for frustration it goes beyond the other players on the pitch. If I’m a player at Bristol City who wants to “win” I’d be frustrated at the lack of ambition and recent shambolic recruitment process that resulted in Holden’s appointment. I don’t blame Holden at all but if the club appoint another rookie, especially anyone previously associated with members of the board then it will further alienate the fans.
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