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  1. I've always maintained that football is an entertainment business, but do understand that results do need to be ground out from time to time. I'm also mindful we don't have a pot to.....wee in, at the moment, therefore NP is creating the backbone to build and entertaining side from.
  2. I wonder what would happen to Ashton Gate if the Bears consistently get capacity crowds at home games? Would the board consider increasing the capacity even if City were still averaging attendances in the 'teens? In the past, the redevelopment has always focussed on the attendances that City have/require, but potentially the rugby could sway that decision in their favour.
  3. Seemed to me, that during the 80's, 90's, and early 2000s, the songs remained pretty similar all the time, and most people knew and joined in with them. You can pretty much guarantee that the only song that everyone will join in with now, is when the pressure is building up for us to score and the whole ground belts out "come on you reds". At some point, and I don't know if it was influence of trying to be like the European Ultras, or whether we just want to be seen as different, a number of new songs have been introduced that a fair few of our fans just don't know. For example, there's a song currently being sung with the words (or words to the effect) of "don't go out tonight unless your red and white..." - or something along those lines..........I've no idea about the rest of the lyrics. Then theres the other end of the scale where theres the most depressing chant, along the lines of "Ooooooh Bristol City, lala la la, oooo, lala la la oooo" over and over again. It's really flat and uninspiring. I sit in the middle of the South Stand, and believe it or not, songs do start off from there, but when they get to the singing section, I never hear the singing section joining in with them. Whether that's because they're currently wrapped up in their own songs I've no idea. It just seems to me that section is trying too hard to be different. I've no problem with the singing section and there atmosphere, they give it a good go, it just doesn't fit in with the rest of our fans.
  4. Nige uses stinging nettles!
  5. My lad is 11 now. Been going since he was 7, and our message to him regarding swearing has always been the same - It's ok to listen and hear swearing, but not to repeat it. Let's be honest, all of these kids are going to school, and the playground will be equally as bad a place if kids are copying what's being sung at stadiums, but the same applies to my son - it's alright to hear these things, just don't repeat. I'm more than happy for him to be street wise and understand things, but I just don't want him to act streetwise if that makes sense. The same applies to PlayStation games or movies that he watches - happy for them to have swearing in, but just not the grotesque violence, which is a whole different kettle of fish.
  6. Disagree with Holloway, based on the following... - LJ was given ample time. - We DID NOT have an identity, we went from formation to formation with random players...unless he's suggesting that was our identity! - Under LJ we went on our worst ever losing run in our history. At what point do you say enough is enough? And yet LJ was still backed. - Unfortunately come the end, we started finishing lower down the table, with the prospect of not being able to throw any more money at it. - The previous summer LJ said he knew the players required to take us to the next level, and to back him. The club did, and we went backwards. - At Sunderland he may be riding high, but what happens When the slump in form comes? We've seen it MULTIPLE times that he couldn't address it. From my pov, LJ was backed and didn't ultimately deliver, so sorry Ian....You're wrong in this instance.
  7. I'm hopeful that with Nagy leaving, and Moore going on loan, it offers NP the opportunity to bring in more of the players he feels we need before the transfer window closes. I think you're right, this is probably the correct starting point to judge NP because he'll start to mould the team more and more to how he sees fit, but this moment in time probably is ground zero where we have the basics of a side, but with plenty more to come.
  8. Isnt there a song about such a player.............Ivan Sproule - we all dream of a team of Ivan Sproule's, a team of Ivan Sproules* *disclaimer - I dont think he'd be very good on his own, probably someone like Rob Newman who played everywhere for us, or Lee Peacock who did similar.
  9. I'm not saying they're not in the frame, I'm saying that there is a lot less opportunity for them to prove themselves to justify being in the first choice eleven. Sure Kalas got a few decent comments from NP. but that was against a League 2 side. I would say, let's see how he performs against better opposition in the next round of the cup, but unfortunately, the team that played FGR have scuppered that chance of being able to put themselves in the managers favour. Kalas if anyone (and maybe Wells) would be the only two with a chance at Middlesbrough IMO, but that's based on their reputation rather than what they did at FGR. Janneh did do well to score twice, but what about the rest of his game? Did he do well enough to oust Martin or Weiman? I doubt not, especially if we read between the lines that NP reckons we didn't manage the end of the FGR game very well (which may include Janneh trying to score from our own area and giving the ball back) You are right, it is a little simplistic, but it makes sense rather than NP changing, say, four players from the Blackpool game with four players from the FGR game and then trying to justify those changes, which I don't think he could.
  10. Well, I think the team that played at FGR have made a rod for their own backs. I would seriously think that the team that played versus Blackpool is now NP's first choice 11, and all the others now need to prove they're better than that team. Unfortunately, going out the cup so early has hampered their opportunities to impress NP, therefore they've gonna need to be pulling up trees in training at U23 matches to make any kind of impression. I suppose the flipside to that, is that the 11 who started vs Blackpool know they cannot make a mistake otherwise that's their place gone. I dread to think what the ramifications will be if we don't cope well with the last 10minutes of a match again? One would hope that the message is being drilled into them over and over, and the fall out of a similar outcome wont be pretty !!!
  11. I see NP's signings as building the spine of the team, starting from the back, and why wouldn't he as an ex-defender. He knew he had a decent keeper in Bentley, but he's now gone out and brought in two new CB's (Baker and Atkinson), and two midfielders in King and James. I suspect if he had the funds, he would've brought in a striker also, but as it happens, he needs to flog someone to bring in that money. Nagy or Massengo are probably the two prime players to let go in my opinion because we can lose them without having to bring in additional cover, whereas if we lose Kalas, we'd probably need to bring in someone as cover. If we lose Taylor Moore, we may get away by not bringing in cover. Jeeze, maybe even a midfielder could cover as CB ! Overall, thats why NP needs 2 to 3 years. He needs time to bring in his spine of the side, and also then bring in the fringe players i.e. the wingers and full backs, but for the moment, the money he has only allows him to recruit two thirds of the spine.
  12. I wonder if it boils down to a lack of experience\know how\naivety from Janneh? Yes, he's scored two goals, but ultimately it led to us going out of the cup. Could it be that when Janneh booted the ball from our own area to try and score over the keeper, NP would've preferred us to play out properly by maintaining possession, and working our way up the field to take the sting out of things, but instead Janneh gave the ball away that allowed FGR to sustain another attack that they eventually scored from, which as I said, ultimately cost us the match. I suspect NP does want to praise Janneh for the good things, but equally he's trying to instil professionalism into our game, and if he hurts a few peoples feelings along the way, then so be it.
  13. I thought West Brom showed tonight that if you're well drilled in pressing and recycling the 2nd and 3rd balls, plus a little bit of decent set piece, you can trouble anybody. West Brom do have some decent players, but given what Barnsley did last season, it shows that you can go far with being organised. Thats the hope I'm clinging onto this season, that we're more organised and more street wise. Unfortunately, set pieces will still be an issue oh well :laugh:
  14. Let's be honest, SL was never going to be out of pocket whether AG or AV was developed. AV stadium = Ashton Gate sold to Sainsburys for millions AG stadium = Ashton Vale has hundreds of homes built on it making millions.
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