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  1. I don't particularly want VAR as I feel it doesn't really help with the game, however if it was to be introduced I'd rather have it that a team has 3 chances to ask the referee to view the VAR rather than every single decision automatically going to VAR.
  2. Find it annoying, not just on OTIB, but in real life conversations when someone says "Lansdown needs to get the chequebook out", when they obviously don't realise we're hampered by FFP. Also annoying on match threads when someone says "we're totally comfortable here"...and we then go on to concede a minute later. I'm not superstitious in every day life, but I definitely go looking for blame when we concede or lose, and so those superstitious traits come out of me more often than not.
  3. I'm not having a dig, but after reading all the initiatives that City already have in place, how far behind FGR are we? I understand they're Vegan, and their shirts are made from bamboo(I think?) - but what other initiatives are they leading the way with, that City could adopt? I'm genuinely interested where we lag behind in comparison?
  4. Good to see the oldest football club in Bristol getting a win
  5. One of the best and undersung songs imo. I love it !
  6. Indeed, in the first minute of the game he was the furthest player forward pressing their right back! Continued to do it all game.
  7. As I previously mentioned, I'd rather spent £18m of the £90m parachute payments in buying infrastructure for the long term. Of course this approach relies on us getting to the premier and not spunking loads of money on second rate Premier players. With regards to the flats, it's the long game. No one is saying it'll happen straight away, patience and agreement with the council could be the answer. To me it's all about maximising as much as possible rather than be defeatist and say it can't be done. I'd rather try and fail rather than not try at all. I don't wanna be like our neighbours and just settle for bring one place higher than than us. I want us to be the very best we possibly can.
  8. ...and do you know the irony? I wouldn't be happy to move if that happened to my house either!! (but I would have a price, and I wouldn't live forever either)
  9. I'm not talking necessarily about the here and now, but looking to the future and having a long term plan. The club should consider buying the houses under a proxy owner IMO and then renting them until such a time as they see fit. Ultimately, the owners of the houses wont last forever, they'll move on, pass on, get moved into retirement homes, passed down to relatives who want to sell etc.. There's also the fact that club could potentially seek a compulsory order for purchasing the last one or two houses? I don't know the legalities of that, but it could be an option. My point of view is that we should be playing the long game. What I've read on this thread is right, we don't need over 27,000 seats at the moment, but if we hit the Premier league, we may do, especially if we're there for the long haul. I don't buy this Bournemouth model where clubs can get by on the financial rewards of being in the top division. I go to football to be entertained, and the bigger the stadium and the more fans, it all adds up to a better experience in my eyes. I don't think to myself, oh I'm sat in a 11,000 seat capacity Bournemouth stadium, but I'm enjoying myself because the club is making money through sponsorship - I want the buzz of a big crowd and atmosphere.
  10. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts as to what the blockers are for making this realistic rather than a fairy tale?
  11. I both disagree and agree with you. I don't believe we've built to the maximum of our capability, however I do feel finance to do so would be very high, so in some ways you're both right and wrong. Nothing is insurmountable with the right ambitions(and money)
  12. Talk of buying the houses for £15million is nothing compared to the parachute payments that relegated clubs get from the premier league, circa ~£90million. We wouldn't need to redevelop the Atyeo unless we make it to the Premier league - and if we did, I'd like us to follow the model that Burnley did when they first made it to premier, and bank the money for club infrastructure rather than blow the money on players. If we get relegated, so be it, but at least the long term plan is in place then. Longer term, the Atyeo needs to done properly, and that includes pulling down the houses to build as big as possible (a proper large single tiered identifiable home end). The Dolman and\or flats are coming close to the end of their lifespan. Maybe a deal could be done for the flats to be relocated as affordable homes\council tenants on the housing project that Steve Lansdown is building in Long Ashton to enable the Dolman to be rebuilt bigger (and in a different style to the Lansdown), and maybe a style that doesn't have roof supports preventing wrap around tiers. Finally, I thought the South Stand was built with expansion in mind, but they dropped the prospect of executive boxes and an internal mezzanine floor at the last minute, but I thought it was designed with those in mind. And Ultimately, I believe it's only a handful of houses in Raynes road preventing us expanding the South Stand a lot higher and bigger. Yes, to summarise, money is an issue, but not so much in the Premier, and with SL's backing it's a lot more doable. I just hope we don't go for a half-baked option, and we look to do it properly.
  13. ...does anyone have any idea of when the lease comes to an end?
  14. Is Wickes still operating down there, or is it now a derelict building? I know Planning Permission is being sought for the basketball arena, so if it's granted then Wickes would need to be knocked down, so I'm wondering if it's not being used now, why don't they pull it down and charge for parking until PP is granted?
  15. Does that also include Tommy? He seems to have completely dropped off this forum!
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