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  1. I wonder if said belter realises that Barton is likely to be in court for at least a few days. Not just an "inconvenient" Friday before a game. I wonder if said belter realises that IF he is found guilty and IF he is given a custodial sentence he won't be picking a team, working on tactics, or taking training from HMP where-ever on a Friday (or any other day for that matter!) I fully exepect most of their in-bred morons to blame-shift like crazy if he is convicted (it is what they do!). In their deluded eyes it will be the fault of the governement, the criminal Justice system, the EFL, us "Gurt Teds", Steve Lansdown, Bristol Post, Barnsley, Wycombe Wanderers and anyone else not actually connected with the case. It definitely won't be the fault of their current manager, or anyone to do with Rovers even though their club has employed someone currently awaiting trial for such an offence.
  2. Yep a mid season trial for their manager could be fun! It has the potential to de-rail a good season or plunge a bad season into utter disarray (again). Is the "genius" that took over on a temporary bassis during the season just gone still there? - i seem to recall his record was crap for the 2 or 3 games he was in charge. More of that would do very nicely.
  3. They say that seeing is believing. I guess since they wont see many fans down the mem then their fan base really is unbelievable.
  4. All free transfers - surely not the sort of thing the 6th richest club in the world do? Maybe Wally has spent all his money on the Stadium opening in August
  5. Looked into Sam Finley background - Rovers are his 8th Club (including loans) at the age of 28 Played for giants like - Southport, Warrington, AFC Fylde, The New Saints (<---watch the saggies roll out "Champions League experience" there, conveiniently failing to acknowledge it was probably in a complete spanking on aggregrate in the first qualifying round!) The wikipedia article on him makes no mention of a transfer fee (at any time) just lots of "released" and "free transfer" Oh and I found this - not the most reliable source, but from wikipedia: In April 2020, Finley picked up an 8 match ban as a result of an investigation around a comment made to Rochdale's former Irish international Paul McShane, during a League One fixture on New Year's day 2020, regarding McShane's nationality.
  6. Agent lightyear teleports into Horfield.....
  7. Looks that way - I know it wasn't NTTDS that said it but this thread is Unan!
  8. Don't get me wrong I do agree we could do with someone with experience in the role ASAP, its very likely going to be the best way to success, and this off season the squad needs a lot of rebuilding - as I mentioned I was merely playing "devils advocate" in my previous post. I was just trying to give someone who accoridng to GMcG is clearly a bristol city man, and who has been thrust into a role (possibly reluctantly) the benefit of the doubt. People can swim as well as sink in these situations - if as you say agents are "not impressed" it may not be a good sign though.
  9. I agree, and to play devil's advocate a little bit: I'd imagine that if he was previously reporting to MA as part of, or head, of player recruitment - he was likely doing >a lot< of the preparation work, and MA then lead the negotiation process as the executive figure. Lets face it, MA did NOT run the player analysis software himself, or uni-laterally decide on players, or edit all the legal contracts (probably done by the club lawyer), or prepare cost and salary analysis (probably done by finance staff) - MA would have had other people doing this, and in many cases these people will still be at the club. Asumming Gillespy knows how to contact the finance and legal people - its not imposible he could do a job as part of a "team effort" until a new CEO or DOF arrives (hopefully soon). How many people here feel they could do a good job filling in for their boss? - I know I could. I also have four teams that work for me, and if I am away ANY of the four team leads are more than capable of filling in for me - its called succession planning and its how good businesses are run. I know that Ashton was CEO, and Gillespy isn't a CEO, but in terms of recruitment many on here felt a "proper football man" could do better, so i am willing to give the guy benefit of the doubt before doom-saying.
  10. I am not surprised by this - I think Kalas has been very good this season at this particular aspect of the game, and I feel that overall he has been good in most games (a whole season average of say 6.5/10?). Let's forgive him one or two poor recent performances and put that down as a loss of form. It's often headline grabbing making these kind of last ditch blocks (in the same way as Bentley making excellent saves) and Kalas has won MOTM a few times because of it. BUT the stats dont lie! our defense has conceded far too many goals, and while it has not always been Kalas' fault he has to shoulder some of the blame in this regard. I think part of the reason he has so many blocks and we have conceded too many goals, is as a defensive unit we are too passive and nowhere near proactive enough. We dont clear the first ball on corners, we let opposing teams have possesion too easily 30 yards from our goal etc. If he is here and playing next season I'd be much happier to see Kalas nowhere near this number of blocks if it means we are clearing danger before it develops, and therefore needing far less last ditch hero stuff from either CB's or Goalkeeper.
  11. If they continue at that level and the flyers get their arena could there be a case in the future where the gas would be ONLY the fourth best supported professional sports team in Bristol.
  12. Was chatting online to a Brentford season ticket holder mate at work today. He said the only goal they conceded in the last 7 games was a penalty. I am not sure we will get to 355 even!
  13. Nice! Of course The fewers honours include a watney cup and also being division 5 runners up - that's probably the equal of Blackburn's Premier league and Wigan's FA cup wins right?
  14. I am afraid I went and did something rather mean!! I decided to look into the facts behind this utter delusional gas logic - as we know facts are possibly the only thing they fear more than soap! A bit of time on excel and https://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/englandcontent.htm leads to a nice chart of 50 years of attendances up until lockdown in 2020 Green cells are the ones that would support their claim of being "bigger" for that season. They could possibly entertain having an argument with fans of Brentford, Wigan and Luton.... However, Brentford appear to be on a very upward trajectory and I doubt will fall to the level the saggies now find thesleves at for a long time. Luton have seen hard times in recent decades, but are on their way back and could well establish themselves as a championship outfit for a few seasons. Wigan (recent-ish Premier League team AND FA cup winners) have had problems and they may have attendances smaller than the gas when fans return but they will still be playing in the league above - The rest of the clubs mentioned are so far ahead of their tinpot outfit its bizzare they actually appear to believe this crap.
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