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  1. Shall we asume Jailbird Joey's "guarantee of promotion" means they must be targetting the top 3 spots? I thought i'd have a look at how far "behind par" they are already for this target as apparently the deluded fool keeps rolling out the same BS about promotion! Looking at http://www.englishfootballleaguetables.co.uk/final/indexftables.html It looks like most years you would need a minimum of 79 points to finish in 3rd in League Two - some seasons a little lower and in some seasosns it can even be in the mid 80's! They have "amassed" a whopping 7 points this season from their 8 games - at a rate of 0.875 ppg (for gasheads reading: divide the fingers on your left hand by your total number of toes). To guarantee promotion from here they have to collect 72 points from their remaining 38 games a rate of 1.89 ppg So even if they double their current performace they will still fall quite a bit short of the rate needed. That promotion guarantee is looking long odds to me already! His win ratio is over a much longer period of games - admittedly mostly in league One and not the basement where they now find themselves. There is nothing there either to suggest they are shortly going to flip into some sort of automatic promotion form, so Joey's insistence that they will gain promotion is looking ever more bizzare and Trunp like. His win rate, lack of results, crowd reaction today all suggest that rovers may have to sack him - but can they afford to do that? If they can afford to sack him maybe Wally should hide the cigars in his office in his desk drawer when he invites Joey in for a chat. If they cant afford to sack him and are hoping the court case solves the problem for them what state will they be in by that time. Whichever way this pans out there is plenty of life left in this thread.
  2. I have previously mentioned my deep admiration for the job Ben garner did there. I thought his "win" record would never be "bettered" for the red 75% of Bristol. Joey has done just that so far though! Obviously it is hard to "like" Joey; essentialy he is a nauseating thug, but he is gaining some begrudging admiriation from me for the job he is doing. Bettering Garner (from our point of view) while sigining a lorry load of northern has beens, and spoon feeding the dribbling masses at the mem soundbites like "promotion gauranateed" - it's almost too good to be true thus far! Their current plight is almost enough for me to wish he is not detained at her majesty's pleasu... Scratch that! I hope he gets locked up, but lets enjoy it while it lasts. If carlsberg did seasons... it would have him locked up and their team self-imploding into non league oblivion come early May.
  3. Brilliant thread! A McGarvey - someone who cares so much about their appearance they are virtualy incapable of perfoming the task they are given. I asked him to move these sacks, but he spent far too long worrying about getting his clothes dusty - a proper McGarvey that one
  4. Joey will teaching him the cigar technique next!
  5. Same, saw this thread had new posts in it, and said "oh no" to myself as i opened it fearing the worst Mods can we add - Back at City into the title just to allay some fears!
  6. Rovers NEVER had any credibility as a club or a fan base - maybe they should try building some first Being the Millwall of league 2 is a bit over-egging their own importance - I'd imagine most fans/opposition teams think their club is irrelevant other than being the next opponent and currently an easy 3 points if they dont get the aid of the ref (in fact they are far from being a cup final as Jailbird Joey thinks)
  7. I have only seen a few stats this season - but the feeling is from the first games that we are slightly more threatening in terms of efforts on goal than last season . Arguably that is to be expected as we were abject in the 2nd half of last season.
  8. You have got a good memory Netty!
  9. 6005 - capacity is 12300 You can see why they argue they need a bigger stadium - "packing in" just under 50% of their capacity for league games.
  10. Joey said the previous managers at the swamp were negligent and if they were doctors they should be struck off How does he explain this? P W D L Win% Paul Tisdale 19 5 3 11 26.32 Ben Garner 33 6 8 19 18.18 Uncle "Jailbird" Joey 21 3 2 16 14.29 Just for clarity that is a win percentage more than 20% lower than the absolute legend that is Ben Garner. Things may be poor for us at the moment but at least we are a million miles away from their current situation.
  11. Sorry to hear this - a true OTIB stalwart. I always thought his matchday thread posts were interesting, often delving into non-football topics or historical matches - though I do realise they were not everyones cup of tea! Not to put down the folk that do the threads now, but Saturday mornings on OTIB won't be the same without a good cup of coffee and a long read from @havanatopia summarised in a few words by @BigTone
  12. Thankfully even though most fans love a "good young one" being developed - I doubt the villa fans would CURRENTLY accept the club selling Grealish for £100M+ and replacing him with Alex Scott. I do wonder if we will be tested with offers for him in the not too distant future though
  13. You can work out what each is lifting throught the colour coding https://www.technogym.com/gb/olympic-training-plates-set.html
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