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  1. The man is a proper corporate snake - dealt with many of these over the years - complete c@ck and has Lansdown in his pocket
  2. Personally, although I don't know why really, I always thought he was a bit of a Bell
  3. I've said before Bristol Rugby is set up properly, the football club is not - top quality rugby coach budget football coach...
  4. Wow revolutionary that - no disrespect intended
  5. Agreed, however other teams seem to doing better...
  6. Maybe we need a coach coach.....
  7. Get him the f@ck out before he does some serious damage - absolutely shocking I fear a win on Sat will just paper over the cracks again
  8. My view on this for what it's worth isn't necessarily that they are not motivated, more frustrated with the way they are being asked to play and constant changes of personnel, systems and let's not forget the public flogging of some players either if they make a mistake, whereas the management don't seem to take responsibility for anything.... There is a pattern developing with LJ and his behaviour that is simply de ja vu of how is Father ended here. Either way something is not right down there and it can't be all down to players can it? I mean he's signed 50 of them ffs!
  9. But somehow lots of similar or "less" backed clubs have gone beyond and above us over many seasons now - I'm convinced that it's becoming a Bristolian thing to settle for ******* 2nd best all of the time?
  10. Top coach for the rugby and the progress is clear, The football well not so clear unfortunately....
  11. Diabolical performance - 1 step forward and 3 back as usual as for the new keeper well the less said the better
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