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  1. Hilarious as they flew out of the stands.... so we can generate this many cuddly toys for the childrens hospital from a 8000 attendance. What can you do at the Gate? Get someone to organise it and give to the other hospitals with childrens wards. It not difficult guys, 10 people around the pitch collecting them as they miss the giant open bin liner they are carrying around. Lets see what youcan do...https://twitter.com/thgorringe/status/1208468796954087424?s=20
  2. Rovers are asking fans to throw cuddly toys on the pitch on Saturday, and they will be donated to the children at the BRI I believe. I realise this could generate a lot of humour.... But that asides... Couldn't City arrange to do that at that the gate around a Xmas, new year Match, all for a great cause and puts both clubs in a good light.
  3. Important stuff this... I D L E S @idlesband Aug 19 Replying to Lee is a Rovers fan (kind of) and Jon supports City (kind of) and I (Dev) worked at the Memorial Stadium when i was at uni.
  4. Interesting how there are more and more decent stadia, which are less intimidating and the fig for away wins has gone up for I think the last 7 seasons - that's top 4 leagues. It's all very well knocking twerton/mem if u r a city fan, and I'd do the same but it's certainly worth extra points for rovers. I got dragged up to watch cov v mk Dons the other week, 9000 in a 34k stadium, it was practically a neutral match
  5. Oh dear!! Rovers were lucky for over a decade!!! Relax, it's just a sport.
  6. What do any of you know about the rovers team standard, you don't go, maybe you see the odd Highlight on TV. It's like me commenting on city, all I know is your doing pretty well and have a loaner striker who scores for fun. If we go up we deserve it, if your in the prem next season you deserve it. The only think for certain is that DC is a fantastic manager, motivationally, tactically, maybe Johnson is as well but it's too early for you to make the call. I think it's great that players that were conference standard have improved so much on a technical level, it's gives hope to a
  7. That's a nice pleasant post, is this forum supportive of violence? Get a life you fool.
  8. Well said. No way was i going to pay again, and in the same circumstances most City fans would have done the same. They actually only gave us the more expensive seats this time and not the open terrace,just to exploit the situation even more. Looks like they ended up making a lose on the day with the reduced attendance and policing costs and getting 0 points. Shame
  9. Just had a city player say to me that " our fans obsession with u is embarrassing ". Reads this forum. Brilliant, maybe you guys should give rover's a rest, 340 pages on ur own forum!!!
  10. 3rd party ownership is no longer allowed. We don't want clubs facing financial ruin!
  11. No. Who we let go is more of a test, are rover's still a selling club. Well, to a degree we r all selling clubs, but u get my drift.
  12. Why would he spend money and destabilise a winning team?
  13. Hahaha. That's jager speak, well jager, some cocktails and ale speak. God, messy. Enjoy the pre season guys, all rover's players players r getting contracts and we shall see what cash Wael is willing to spend. I expect there be more changes at your end and u can see wot lansdown is more obliging than last year. As for Taylor v Roofe. Anyone who thinks roofe is a better player is either from Oxford or a city fan with issues (all of you). Roofe is a luxury player with technique to burn, stick him in a struggling side and see what happens. Taylor is more and more
  14. Wer r goub up I say we t gpi. Up. We r goin up we r goub up. Not do RC in sote. Yyyyueerrrrrrree
  15. Sorry to disappoint, but the rover's stadium is as good as built. Owners value? - its the family and not Wael. I guess end of season transfers will answer that question. If our biggest signing is for 10k feel free to laugh.
  16. Talk to anyone who goes to both grounds. Actually its an interesting thing, and I think has it had something to the ground design. I recall going to the old open away end at the gate and you can here virtually nothing from your fans. A few weeks later we had you again, I couldn't get a ticket and went in the city end (East stand) I think. It was loud. I looked up at the stand roof and there was a metal drop down which would have stopped the sound escaping from the stand. A few years back when we were in the new away end, the one still used unless changed recently, we were losing and I wan
  17. For club that has no club song and whose fans can't even put their heads together to adopt or write one, its quite amusing seeing rover's chants/songs being criticised. Maybe you should talk to non Bristol fans who have been to both grounds and see which they say has the best atmosphere, but you wouldn't like the answer.
  18. What's the point of changing that video, totally pathetic.
  19. Someone posted this on a rover's forum, check out the crowd levels, was it not all ticket and they let anybody in? And the cars in the corner. And the polite clapping! Makes me nostalgic for something before my time.
  20. Sainsburys have won the appeal. But it makes no difference to rover's getting a stadium, starts in summer. Also now debt free according to companies house.
  21. what a funny lot you are, i post sensible thread and you go all aggressive on me. All this denial stuff, i spent pre season telling my city mates that you had no chance of a play off place, and they, like many on this board seemed to be in a parallel universe. Then there are the "Brendan Rogers", "moyes" managerial posts. Seriously!!! Anyway - Rovers owners value. It wasnt bought by Waed, it was bought by his family who are Billionaires. How much is he worth, i dont know, but your missing the point. Look at Swansea, Leicester, the structure of the clu
  22. 119 pages on the gas, come on guys, we have a result to talk about. 7400, bottom tier, crap day, against team with virtually no fans is pretty much what we got when we were there.
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